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Potty Training Accidents

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Hello Everyone!

My son (Trenton) is two and nine months and for the last three months he's been completely potty trained. No accidents what so ever during the day or at night. In the last week he has started having accidents. At first they only happened when he was upset. (I told him no he couldn't have something he started screaming (he is two after all) he had an accident.) So it happened once then two days later again and now everyday...They have progressed to where he now has them if he's too busy playing. For example my mother runs a summer camp out of her dance studio and he was playing with the girls before he would stop and run to the potty now he just wet himself and when I asked him what happened he said he did pee pee on himself and when I asked why he said because he was too busy. So even with that I thought well he's two he's just not focusing. But just tonight he has peed himself twice and we are at home doing nothing and there is no reason for it. He doesn't scream or say he has an ouchy or it hurts or anything.


So my question is...Is it just he's two deal with it or should I take him to the doctor? We go to a group practice and some of the docs are great and some not so great. He is uncirc if that matters at all.


My mom had three girls and she said we never had this issue and so I don't know if it's a boy thing or what.


I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been keeping his routine as the same as I can. Things have been a little stressed the last couple of days at work, but that's just cause we are switching gears to summer. My mom said maybe he is picking up on the stress but this started before that so IDK.


And while we are at it I taught him to sit while peeing, but when do boys learn to stand and pee? (Asked my husband and he gave me this blank stare.)


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I don't have a whole lot of advice on the regressing, because I don't have any experience with it. But are you sure he's not been aware of your pregnancy. I know it's early but that might be something.


On the peeing standing up. Ds 1 peed on the potty sitting until he was probably 3 yrs old. He was a neat and clean when he peed and he even wiped up the potty, now at 6 yrs.....not so much.

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It sounds to me like he's regressing temporarily. I would just keep going with consistent potty routine. This may be a time when he needs more guidance or reminding until he gets through this. Taking him every hour (or whatever his timing tends to be) would probably prevent some of the accidents. I think saying "it's time to go potty" is more effective than asking sice that leaves the door open to a no and a puddle a minute later. Another tactic is to incorporate potty into transitions: "we will go to the park after we go potty" for example.
With standing to pee, it isn't really necessary to teach this young. Many boys will just emulate daddy but it's best to keep him sitting until he is done pt so that he has many opportunities to poop while sitting on the potty to pee.
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Thank you both so much for the info!

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