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Free school lunches for homeschoolers?

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I NEED the $10 internet service, or I'm going to have to go without for the better part of a year and with 5 homeschool kids that do half of their work online that's going to be impossible. But, my ISP says you HAVE to have an actual approval letter/form for free school lunch in order to get the service. We receive food assistance (SNAP) benefits, which automatically qualifies us for free school lunches (this did not sway the ISP on needing the approval letter).


  1. Can I apply for benefits despite being a homeschooler? Similar to how you can do extracurriculars through your school if you homeschool?
  2. Also, can you apply/qualify now, or only after school starts?



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To clarify, I do not intend to actually use the school lunches, just get the letter.

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I would call the school district office and ask them.

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I have a reminder set to do that tomorrow. I'll post back here with anything they say. Apparently they receive more funding for every child signed up for free lunches, so I would guess that if there was any question they would err o the side of approval rather than denial...

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DO you homeschool with a charter school or online school?   I homeschool and my kiddo takes some classes, one of the criteria for scholarships if the 'free lunch' program however they have other forms you can use as well.  The local school district will not sign off on free lunch forms unless the kid is actually enrolled in school and receiving the benefit so we just used the other scholarship forms.  I would call the ISP back, get a supervisor or manager, explain that you do not have kids enrolled in public school and what other forms can you send them?

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I do not charter or online school. We're mostly unschoolers.


I called the local school this morning and left a message. The secretary called me right back and said she honestly didn't know. She advised me to call the food services dept. I left a message there, too. I don't know if I'll make any ground there, but I will try Zebra's suggestion, tomorrow when there are likely to be knowledgeable supervisors around. You're always such a wealth of ideas Zebra. Thanks!

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Could you get a letter from your SNAP worker stating that your kids qualify for free school lunch?

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Hmmmm... Hadn't thought about that. I've sent an email. We shall see.

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