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Sticky and thick mucus discharge?!

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Hi ladies, sorry I'm gonna get kinda graphic but I went pee and noticed a thick string just hanging when I was done... I wiped and it got stuck on the tp, it was a thick mostly clear, kinda yellowish, mucus string. The first thing I thought was omg this looks like a part of the mucus plug (I'm 19 weeks). I had also been having some minor pain/cramping/tightness in my lower abdomen. Midwife said to not worry- could just be a change in my discharge, but she did say to drink more water and take two dropper fulls of cramp bark.

I'm mildly worried cause my uterus feels kind of sore, I've been having a very annoying, sharp lower back pain and I also found some more of the mucus stuff in my underwear- it was a very thick ball about the size of a dime... Like the texture of a gummy bear almost!

Any thoughts? I cant find anything online... Anyone has experienced anything like this?

I also kept thinking baby hadn't been as active today but just now it started flipping and doing lovely little flutters smile.gif
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Well, movement is good!  :)  I had some thick CM a few weeks back (around 15, I think?) but it seems to have gone away.  It alarmed me at first since I never had anything like that with my first two but once I got back on more water, I was good.  

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I have ton of mucus discharge of all types.  This has been the norm throughout all of my pregnancies.  I sometimes get that string you are talking about, along with a thick glob in my undies.  I am like a mucus factory during pregnancy, producing copious amounts of a wide variety of types lol.gif  I am sure it is fine, but always a good idea to check in with your mw, if for no other reason than to put your mind at ease.

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Sorry y'all are dealing with this but glad I'm not alone! ;)


I'm going through more panty liners then before I was preggers!  I've also had to buy huge amounts of extra undies b/c it's not uncommon for me to change them 2+ times a day.

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Thanks mamas! Great to hear it's not uncommon smile.gif so far so good today. Except for a terrible fight with SO greensad.gif unrelated tho. *sigh*
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