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Excess gas??

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Why am I so gassy? I went through this once and thought it was the probiotics and digestive enzymes so not sure if it was or not but I stopped both. Eventually it went away. Now it's starting up again. It's not painful, just always there and smelly!
My diet is pretty good, I think. I've cleaned it up a lt since dd has eczema and still can't figure out what's triggering it...so my diet consists of mostly fruits veggies and meats.

Can leaky gut cause gas? How about parasites? Can parasites cause leaky gut? Can all these make one ultra flatulent?
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Do you drink coffee? Sometimes that causes me to have gas.

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fruits are a big culprit, as are peas, oats, and legumes. Do you eat much of these foods?


Meat is easy to digest and doesn't cause gas.

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