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Resource list?

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I noticed that this forum doesn't seem to have a resource list - which I think is sorely needed!!


So, let's get one started.  


Do you have favorite books? websites? newsletters? for raising teens?  If so share them here and let's start compiling an awesome AP/NFL Teen resource list!!

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I loved Grace Llewellyn's Teenage Liberation Handbook.

Re college educations, a couple of posts on a recent thread mentioned some of my favorites:  College Confidential (www.collegeconfidential.com) and Colleges That Change Lives (Pope).


A fellow LLL leader told me, decades ago, to just keep all my Ilg & Ames books, add 10, and bring them out again when my kids were teenagers.  smile.gif

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Thanks for posting this!  Can we make it a sticky when it's complete, or don't we do that anymore?


A while ago there were some great suggestions for books on sexuality, etc.,,,,would be great to see some of those posted here.


A very dated book that I liked is "Get Out of My Life, But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall?" (think I have that right).  I initially couldn't get past some of the references to how kids "used to be disciplined" (not the author's suggestion), but I actually found that the dialog was pretty real, and the main idea to not take things personally was so helpful.


 Also key for me was the idea that we shouldn't despair when our kids push boundaries, ie break curfew by 1/2 hour, for ex., because the boundaries really do help hold them, even if it seems they are imperfectly adhered to.  Not sure if that makes sense, but it felt important to me :)

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Our Bodies Ourselves - an old favourite. I haven't seen the latest edition, but I understand it's been updated a fair amount


Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls - Mary Bray Pipher - I have mixed feelings about some of it and I think it's a little outdated almost 20 years later, but it's a standard read for parents of daughters


Teen 2.0: What Every Parent, Educator and Student Needs to Know About Ending Student Turmoil by Robert Epstein - again, I have some mixed feelings about some of the writing, but the basic premise that teens are seeking and capable of assuming responsibility is a good message.


Can I just say that I wish someone with better writing skills, a willingness to submit to the editorial process and a little more objectivity would take on a re-write of The Teenage Liberation Handbook? There's a lot of good information in it, but my own opinion is that it's badly written and very badly edited (not surprising since it's self-published). I found the overall narrow-minded hectoring tone was really off-putting. I also wondered a little about her food obsession - clearly she has her own issues to deal with.  Anyway, I recommend it too, because I'm not aware of anything better. 

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A while ago there were some great suggestions for books on sexuality, etc.,,,,would be great to see some of those posted here.


I dont' have a teen yet (my ds is only 9), but I work with teens & their parents.  These are some of the recommendations I give to my teen clients and their parents about sex and relationships. 


For parents:


Ten talks parents must have with their children about sex and character


Third base ain't what it used to be


Sex and sensibility: The thinking parent's guide to talking sense about sex

Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask): The Secrets to Surviving Your Child's Sexual Development from Birth to the Teens


For teens: 


Scarlet Teen website.  This is an AMAZING site! 

S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College

Changing Bodies, Changing Lives  (written by the authors of Our Bodies, Our Selves specifically for teens about relationships & sex)

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These are great!  Thanks!  Keep 'em coming!

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For pre-teen girls, this has been enormously popular:




I got this for my daughter when she was...10 y.o.?  She loved it and passed it around to her friends until they all got their own. 

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Raising a Thinking Preteen by Myrna Shure is my favorite parenting book for this age. Her website is also good:



I like Growing Up: It's A Girl Thing by Mavis Jukes as a guide to puberty.


As my dd has grown older I find myself using what I read in Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless.  It has a more positive tone than the early years books and has helped me remember to frame things as what I am willing to do for my dd (rather than too her) without feeling like I have to argue, threaten, or take away.

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I am so excited about this list!  I never realized that there were so many resources out there for raising teens!

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Could folks also post websites for parenting teens, or for teens themselves?  I would find that really helpful.

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Originally Posted by Holland73 View Post

Scarlet Teen website.  This is an AMAZING site! 


Thanks for this! 

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