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Eye colour?

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We've been told that baby's eye colour is apparent by everywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years, so we have no idea if they'll change still. My girl has the prettiest, clearest blue eyes and we're wondering if they'll stay blue or change. My DH and I both have green eyes, my step daughter has brown, my mom and DH's biological father's both have light blue eyes, my dad has green eyes, his mom had brown eyes...so no idea what the genetic likely hood is.


Wondering what your experience with baby's eye colour changing? When I was pregnant, I dreamed that she had dark hair and blue eyes, and currently she does!

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they probably would have other tints showing up by now if they were going to dramatically shift.

dd's got progressively more brown than mossy green, but all those colors were present and hers were no longer clearly blue by 3 mos. 


this baby still has light blue eyes, too, though he now has a dark iris ring, which i also have.  i think his are probably going to remain blue, too.


my eyes are clear & blue-green-ish and dh's are amber brown. 

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I think Hildare is right.  I was obsessed with whether or not DD1 would keep her blue eyes (to match mine) and the research I found at the time suggested that by 3-4 months they start to change away from blue if they are going to change.  DD2 has blue eyes also and I just assumed they would stay that way.  The whole thing is baffling because DH has dark brown and brown should dominate blue...  but it's looking like both girls look more like me than DH, eye color and otherwise. 

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My first has brown eyes, his were always dark from birth. Like a darker greyish that turned brown pretty quick. Ds2 had light blue almost stone grey eyes, very light and clear. They are a bright blue today, just like my DHs. Ds3 has a mix between the two. I think they'll either be green or brown.
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I think it's fun to think about this too! DS1 has blue - very pretty blue eyes, ppl comment on them all the time. DH and I both have green eyes (his more hazel). DS2 seems to take after his bro which I love since they don't look much alike in any other way:)

Mothering › Groups › February 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Eye colour?