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Bottle help

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I was going to post this in breastfeeding but I don't think it belongs there...


My DD is EBF and rarely has a bottle, once when DH had are first date night post baby, and once for dad. We've tried since then but baby refuses it. I waited to introduce a bottle because of latch issues the first 4 weeks. I stay home with her so its not that big of deal currently, but I want to start doula-ing in a few months and she'll need to be able to take a bottle then (she's 4 months old).

Any tips? I've heard that a soft tip sippy cup can work pretty well, any experience with that?



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My DS was very fussy about taking the bottle, so I know how frustrating it can be. I have a few questions: Who gave the bottle on the times when your LO refused? How long had you been gone? Was it fresh milk, frozen/defrosted or refrigerated milk? What kind of bottles have you tried?

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She's refused my DH for the bottle. I think it was defrosted milk. We've used Avent bottle with their wide neck nipple, phillips bottle with the drop ins and natural latch nipple, and a comotomo once. I think the nipples might be too big or firm for her.

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Have you tried the milk after it's been defrosted? A friend of mine has high lipase in her milk and it gets a soapy taste to it when it's been frozen, but not when it's fresh. 


We tried a bunch of bottles too, I think like 6 kinds. When I say WE I mean, my DH. DS fought the bottle really hard for a long time, but in the end it just took him realizing that he was too hungry to fight it anymore. There were a lot of tears but eventually he took it and now they are both pros at bottle feeding (but mama is always best!). DS especially fought it if I was only gone for a few hours, but by hour 4 or 5 when mama was still gone, then it would work. 


You could also experiment with practicing with a sippy. My 10 month old still doesn't get how to use his, but I have friends whose babies were pros at 5 months. 


I know you'll find something that works, good luck! 

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Does the milk have a high lipase if its only been refrigerated? Maybe I'll pump some today and refrigerate only. Any nipples and bottles that work better then others?

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I don't know too much about it, but I've heard that milk with high lipase can get that soapy taste the longer it sits out. Some people don't notice it for a day or two of sitting, and some notice it right away and have to scald the milk before storing it. Here's some more info on it: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/lipase-expressedmilk/

If you think your milk tastes fine, then this isn't the problem.


We just did trial and error for bottles, being sure to always use Level 1, slow-flow or newborn nipple (so they don't get used to the fast flow of a bottle and get bottle preference). Eventually my son like the Born Free, but I think all babies are different. Good luck.

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My daughter never would take a bottle, and not for lack of trying. We bought every bottle and nipple we could find, tried different people giving it, different positions, formula and breast milk, nothing worked. It didn't matter how hungry she was, she would just scream about it. We found other methods to get breast milk into her if I wasn't around (which ended up being not very often since it was such an ordeal to get her fed without me.) Here is what worked for us in case you can't get the bottle to work:


In a pinch we would use a syringe (the ones that come with the new infant tylenol are bigger) and would give her like 10 of those in a sitting. She didn't hate it like the bottle. Probably around 4 or 5  months we found that a cup often just worked better. My mother-in-law would sit her on her lap and cover her with towels (it is messy!) and just let her drink from a regular cup. A lot ended up on her lap, but she happily drank as much as she could. Starting around 6 months she got the hang of sippy cups. I started with the kind for small babies that has almost a bottle like nipple, but is a little different and has handles. I filled it with a little water, and let her lie on the floor and mess with it. She would get herself all wet but she liked doing it herself, and eventually figured out the spout. Now she takes any liquid from it. She also likes the ones with hard plastic spouts. At 8 months she  still isn't huge on taking breast milk from antying other than the breast, though will take some. If I have to leave her I put formula in it now and she drinks that just fine. Gets her a little iron too. And once you start some solids it will be easier to leave her because she can have some snacks to stretch the time between feedings. I know some people eventually get their babies to accept bottles when they originally refused, but we never could.

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we're in the throes of bottle refusal/strike, though ds took it fine until a few days ago.  have you tried different bottle/nipples? 

dd liked breastflow, but this baby likes playtex natural/medium flow. 

usually if they refuse a bottle then they'll take a cup.  also, our little ones are almost the same age (feb ddc!) so you can probably do solids coming up pretty soon, and babe can go longer periods without nursing.  so you won't necessarily be in the same fix when you start your doula work :)

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Both of my babes took this bottle- DD because she was finicky and it was the twentieth one we tried and she actually took it. DS was using it 2-3 times a week just so DH could feed him. The top of it is silicone, and you pour the milk in from the bottom. They are great for home use. There's no real way to heat the milk inside the bottle because water will go into the milk, so not great for hauling around in a diaper bag. But, if you are thawing the milk from a freezer bag and pouring it in the bottle, it works great.

In order to get DD to use a bottle, we actually dipped the nipple in breastmilk each few times we put it in her mouth until she would finally just suck on it everytime.

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Adaline'sMama - I've seen those ones on Amazon before and was curious. I just got this one in the mail and will try it this weekend or tomorrow. http://www.amazon.com/Lansinoh-mOmma-Feeding-Bottle-Ounce/dp/B006YPTWHC/ref=pd_sim_ba_10


I think the nipples are so large for her on the normal bottles. I have a super fast letdown, and she chokes on my milk regularly, so maybe she gets frustrated how slow the stage one/slow flow nipples are...

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Update: I spoke too soon. Something about this post prompted me to order a really expensive bottle from Amazon (the comotomo) and DD took it! I have been trying so hard for 8 months to get her to take a bottle and she just took this one. I have done breastmilk and formula now, and she took both just fine. We've done two bottles a day for a few days. I guess maybe people are right - you just have to find the right one. In our case, we had to find the $17 bottle :-)

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Woo Hoo! That's great! 

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So I finally tasted my frozen milk a couple weeks ago and it tasted just like soap, so I do have a high lipase. Now I don't feel so bad about not building a huge freezer stash when I had a giant oversupply and could pump 5 oz in 5 mins.


I only have 3 bags in the freezer, thinking about making soap with those. :)

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Glad to hear you got the lipase thing sorted out - I'm interested to hear whether your DD is more willing to use a bottle to drink your milk that hasn't been frozen.


I can totally feel your pain, BTW. My DD would only use the nipple type that had been introduced to her in the NICU - of course it was a type that you can only buy in 144-count boxes, so I spent the first few months of her life in mortal fear of losing one of the 2 nipples that I had! (The same thing happened with her beloved NICU pacifier!) I could have gone back to the NICU to ask for more, but I never wanted to step foot in that place again!!! We tried many other bottle/nipple types and none were accepted, so I just held onto those 2 I had from the hospital for dear life! Luckily, I stayed home with her and we rarely needed to use a bottle, so it was just never an issue.


Funnily, when she weaned unexpectedly at 18 months we went through a transitional period of giving her milk from a bottle, and she LOVED the bottle! She was totally fine with those previously rejected nipples, but at that point the little 5 oz bottles just weren't cutting it. I got a couple of 8 oz sized avent bottles with stage 2 (3 months size) nipples, and she was happy as a can be with those. She still uses them to drink water during nap time.


I'm expecting #2 now and have been thinking about the bottle issue again. I've excited to see this new Lansinoh bottle - that's a new one to me. I'm tempted to get one for the new baby. I was also considering the new style Avent bottle.

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