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How long can I ttc after miscarriage - CYTOTEC

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Unfortunately, I found out last week at almost 9 weeks that our baby had no heartbeat and had stopped growing a couple of weeks prior.  I did not want a d&c and opted for the cytotec.  Everything has passed excpect for some minor bleeding (u/s confirmed) and I am wondering when we can ttc again.  Also, when can we be intimate again?  I didn't know if the cytotec would have any lasting effects if I were to get pregnant again right away, etc.


I feel it would be healing to be able to ttc again.  If we are practicing "safe sex" and a sense it will be a reminder that I'm no longer pregnant as well.


Any advice would be much appreciated!



Mom of twin boys 12/18/03 and my baby boy 8/17/06

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I had a D&C my GP said wait 2 weeks for sex. 

The hospital said after all bleeding has stopped.

We DTD on day 10, but I am on bc. I went on day 5 like the instructions said. 

If I were TTC again, I would atleast wait one cycle. 

I have heard the post mc lining can be thinner,

and if there's any chance of infection it would be horrid to have a pregnancy and a uterine infection. 

Also I think your HCG levels have to come down so that the next one is sticky.

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I was told to wait until I had a normal period before TTC after my m/c with misoprostol.  I think we waiting several weeks after the m/c was complete to have sex, but I had gallbladder surgery a week after the miscarriage and had to recover from that before I was ready for sex.

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I had a cytotec miscarriage as well. I was told that we couldn't have sex for several weeks because of the potential for infection or scarring. I was also told not to try again until after my next natural period. 


Unfortunately for me that was a year ago, and while I did take 6 cycles off TTC for career reasons, that still feels like a long time to unsuccessfully try, and I am (perhaps irrationally?) wondering/worried if cytotec had some sort of lasting impact on my lady parts hindering my ability to conceive.


So anyway, I'm interested in hearing how things go for you on this. The cytotec was VERY painful for me physically- like seriously painful.

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This website has some TTC after loss boards that might be helpful as well.

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Have there been a lot of cases of women with probs getting pregnant after cytotec. I also used it for a missed miscarriage. The first time I was pg was after about 3 months ttc at age 30. The second time was the following cycle (miscarriage for 1st). Then, cytotec, tons of bleeding (40+ days, bad reaction), then breaked from ttc for about 4 months, then ttc 9 months before another pregnancy, but it was ectopic. Finally had success (with follicle stimulation and then iui) about 9 months after that. After dc1, got pg with dc2 after ttc about 3 months.
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I was told I don't need to wait after cyotec.

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