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Pouting- no homebirth...

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This is not a new revelation, I risked out of homebirth after my 3rd child (I had #1 and #3 at home).  I had hemorrhaged with all 3, but the 3rd was severe.  I had my 4th in a hospital, and it was a wonderful birth where I was left alone, and my baby was left alone, and all was well.  But, one of my best friends is due just a couple of weeks before me, and she will be having her 5th homebirth (I got to catch the last one thumbsup.gif).  I really wish I could have another homebirth.  Part of it is nervousness that I am in a new area, with a new midwife I don't really know yet, and I haven't been part of the birth community (and haven't doula'd at all here) long enough to know for sure about this hospital.  I only know that I've been told by several that it's the only hospital to go around here if you want any kind of say in how your birth goes.

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I'm sorry you don't get to do your homebirth, and being in a new area is so scary. Can you tour the hospital and ask questions about how they will treat you? I do find it encouraging that people say its a good hospital though. Hopefully you get to have the birth go as close to what you want as possible.
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I am going to try to tour the hospital soon.  Most people don't do so to closer to their due date, but I need some reassurance, so I'm going to try to in to in the next couple of months.  Then I'll tour it again with my husband later.

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