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birth classes or hypnobabies or????

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Last time I did not do any pre-birth classes or anything even though I wanted to I could not find any in my area that I wanted to go to. This time I was thinking about and have done a little bit of research into the hypnobabies, one that I think is called the pink kit, and hypno birthing. Am I missing any others? What have you mamas used? What ones do you think work the best? Any pros or cons or thoughts on this at all would be.extremely helpful. Thanks mamas!
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Last June when I was in transition with my son, my midwife said she was often unable to tell I was having contractions but for the sweat that would appear on my upper lip. This will be my fourth Hypnobabies birth. None have been painless, but they have all been glorious. 

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I'd also love to hear people's thoughts on hypnobabies vs. hypnobirthing (or yogic birthing). Both are offered here, as well as Birthing From Within. I'm leaning towards one of the hypno ones, but am a bit unsure which one so far...

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I used hypnobirthing with my son, I haven't done any of the others, so I can't compare them for you.  I was in labor for over 24 hours before I even went to the hospital, and when I got there, the L&D nurses were shocked that I was at 7 cm because I was so calm and collected.  I thought the book was great and really helpful.

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There's tons of info online about the difference between hypno courses as well as here on MDC. Maybe someone in our DDC has experience with both, but if not the info is out there! 

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I'd really like to do Hypnobabies this time. The only instructor within three hours drive was taking time off after her own birth when I wanted to take it before. I wasn't sure about the home course.

Has anyone done the Hypnobabies home course? It could end up being my only option this time too.
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I bought the Hypnobabies home study course when I was pregnant with #1, I liked it enough to use it with all my births.  (Yes, I slept through a lot of the tracks, but they were great for helping my insomnia!  redface.gif )  I've never given birth without it so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I was happy with my births.  Parts of them were intense but overall they were enjoyable and I'm excited about doing it again!

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All I've used is the home course. An instructor doesn't appeal to me one bit as it's all internal work. 

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I haven't used hypnobabies, but practiced similar techniques in my own labors (well, my 1st, the other 4 labors were weird and I didn't need any techniques).  I actually took Bradley classes with my 1st baby, and LOVED them.  My instructor was also teaching some of the hypnobabies techniques, though I don't think she realized it (I don't even think it was around then).  She suggested that we pick a tape or CD (that tells you how long ago, LOL), of music that was enjoyable and relaxing for us, and that every day we spend at least 45 minutes practicing relaxation to this music.  During the practice, to have our partners help us identify areas in our body that were tense, and for them to gently touch that area, and that was the mother's signal to let go and relax that area.  We were also taught a technique for getting through the contractions that was immensely helpful to me.  When a contraction began, start going through your body piece by piece, beginning at the head, telling yourself to relax.  You go very slowly, and by the time you get to the uterine area, you are about at the peak of the contraction, and by the time you are to your toes, the contraction is over.  It was a huge help during that labor.

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I like Hypnobabies and use it during pregnancy and used it during early labors. The only thing I don't care for is that they tell you not to use anything else. I also use the Pink Kit and honestly would never prepare for a birth without using it. I think it goes well with Hypnobabies.

The Pink Kit is all about practical skills to use during labor - skills to soften, create room, and help baby be born. There's also a lot of info on breath, touch, effective communication with your labor support, etc. all my births have been great but my Pink Kit babies were fantastic.

I like Hypnobabies for all the relaxation and mental preparation during pregnancy. I will use both again this pregnancy!
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I did Birthing from Within last time, but my MW would like me to try Hypnobirthing this time.  Is hypnobirthing the same thing as the Pink Kit?  I guess I have to do some research.  :)

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