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waldorf in utah

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there seems to be a lot of interest in waldorf schools l have 5  of our 7 children go through waldorf here in Australia, The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner school at Warranwood.

We might be moving to Utah and wanted to continue in a steiner school

what would the next step be to generating interest?? public didplay or information day etc....??

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I don't have any suggestions for you but thought I'd bump your post up for attention. Maybe someone else will have some info to share. 

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Melisa who owns http://waldorfessentials.com/ lives in Utah and runs Waldorf meet ups :)

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We once had a nice Waldorf school going here in Salt Lake, however the kind woman who started the program up and left with not much notice unfortunately. There was a church on foothill that hosted it in their basement, that could be a good start to find out the history? http://web.archive.org/web/20080622193518/http://sevencanyonsschool.org/ theres a snapshot of the old website! :) 

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