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Need advice/information. 5 month old has had 2nd UTI due to tight foreskin

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I am the mother to four sons. My first son was circumcised due to my ignorance at the time. My other 3 sons are not circumcised. My youngest two are 5 month old twins. My smallest twin had a UTI at 7 weeks old. They did an ultrasound and VCUG to rule out any anatomical defects (they found nothing other than a kidney that was inflamed due to the infection). They suggested his very tight foreskin might be a cause. It was pretty red and inflamed at the tip.

He is now facing another UTI. The tip of his penis and foreskin are all red and inflamed again. Again, it was suggested that the foreskin may be causing the UTI's and circumcision may be an indication. I do not want to circumcise my son nor do I want him to have these repeat UTI's and keep having to go on antibiotics. We tried some other natural remedies such as homeopathy and d-mannose to no success. Can anyone please advise about some alternatives?

Thank you!


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Hmm... well, lots of fluids are good, but I assume he's nursing like a fiend so that's already taken care of.


I'd say take the antibiotics to end this infection and make sure you run the full course. Perhaps the second infection was just a fluke? I guess you'll find out if he gets a third one.


After the current infection is ended, you have to focus on prevention. Does he spend time sitting in the bath? Does he spend time diaperless? You're not retracting the foreskin, right? (just have to ask)

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First I am sorry you are dealing with no only a sick child but Dr's who are not up to date on the foreskin. The foreskin is not related to UTI in any way. As you know the foreskin is supposed to be tight at your ds's age. Even if it looks a lot tighter than any of your other boy all that means is that his looks different than theirs. It is that way to keep out germs and infection.

I am assuming you know that you should never retract him and that no one else should be doing so? Because that alone could set him up for not only foreskin infections but allow a UTI easier access to develop

Do you know the type of UTI germ he has from the cultures?

The tip of the foreskin will often become red and irritated due to simple diaper rash so that isnt an indication of UTI. The only way you will know if it is a UTI is to have a culture done of his urine. I cannot stress this enough a red foreskin tip does not point to UTI or even infection in most cases it is usually just diaper rash or possibly yeast.

I can provide you with several medical links that prove UTI and foreskin are totally unrelated. If your ds was born premature that alone will make him more likely to get UTI. Though at this point he has only had the 1 and the red foreskin this time.

If I where you I would contact Marilyn Milos, RN and founder of nocirc and see if you can find a Dr. near you who actually knows what he/she is talking about in things foreskin related. Here is her information. She really is great about talking to people and is more than happy to help.

NOCIRC(Maralyn Milos)
PO Box 2512
San Anselmo
CA 94979-2512
Phone: 415-488-9883
Fax: 415-488-9660
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thank you! His UTI at 7 weeks was e.coli.


I got good news a few hours ago...his urinalysis didn't show any signs of abnormal rbc's, wbc's, yeast or bacteria. We'll get the culture results on Monday. I'm still showing the pink spot in his diaper though and the urine stain is pinkish.

Yes, my twins get immersion baths. Honestly...with me. This has been our habit since it has been the easiest way for me to get myself and them bathed. Should he not be getting immersion baths? I have used  baby wash in the water. I guess I've thought this is only a problem for girls.

They get a few minutes of diaper free time everyday. Should they not or is this a good prevention practice?

We only pulled back on the foreskin a few times...enough to see his urethra hole. They had to do it when they inserted the catheters the first time he had the UTI and had to get urine sample and a VCUG done.  We are not retracting it. On a daily basis, I don't even touch it. I will call the person you mentioned too : )

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I am glad he dosnt have a UTI though not surprised since he has no fever or other indicators. For the red foreskin use a good barrier cream and put breast milk on there during diaper changes a few times a day and see if that helps.

Baths are fine but you need to make sure to rinse everything off really well after. You might consider holding off on using stuff in the bath for awhile just in case he is sensitive to it.

The pink stain and pinkish urine stream can often be a sign of dehydration in young babies. I remember freaking out and calling the ped. when ds was a baby because I found pink in his diaper. The Dr. was absolutely no help since he said he might need to be circed for it eyesroll.gif When I went to the MW for a checkup I mentioned it to her and during my exam the mw in training was kind enough to change ds and it was there again and she told me it was called "brick dust" and that it was from dehydration. I started nursing ds more and it went away. It is very possible that your ds might be a bit dehydrated at times especially if it is hot there. I am going to assume he is bfed and say to up the nursing and possibly add a bit of water if you feel comfortable with that. Just be careful not to overdo it since babies can get there electrolytes messed up if they drink to much water.

Please do call Marilyn she really is great. and best of luck getting to the bottom of things.
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It's been 110 degrees where we live....

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Do you think he might be a bit dehydrated? At that temp it sure wouldnt take me long to become that way.
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Yea, thought of that too. Nursing him lots (both of them) and trying to keep my fluids up for them.They had each been getting one supplement a day but my baby in question has been refusing the bottle the last few weeks. I know breastfeeding is supply and demand but it's been hard for me to nurse them both and meet their needs. I'm nursing them most of the day, so to nurse him more *almost* seems impossible. We've been also offering small amounts of water with probiotic in it.

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I cant even imagine trying to keep up with both and it that hot and them growing so fast. Him refusing a bottle could very well be causing him to be a bit dehydrated. Offering water is a good idea I think.

How about posting over in the bfing forum if you havnt already and asking for ideas on how to get more hydration into him since he is being a bit stubborn on taking the supplement.
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I just found thees images on google of brick dust Ds's wasnt nearly that dramatic thankfully or I would have faint.gif
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Yea! I saw some of those photos too. Scary looking, aren't they? Well, the color is right. Hubby agrees it was a few salmon dots with pinkish urine around. The dots were more pea-sized. It's got to be unsettling to any parent when you open a diaper and see anything like THAT. I got him to take his supplement today as well as a little water with probiotic powder in it. He's so cute. He only wants to be fed with love, so sweet. I had to put his cheek next to my breast to latch onto the bottle. I'm also nursing him like a mad woman, on demand of course. I just can't seem to barely keep up with these guys. I have two older children too. It's very challenging to keep up wth everyone's needs.

We'll get the culture results tomorrow. I'll post an update.

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I have 2 intact boys ages 5 and 2. When i has my oldest my MW told me " The only tool you need
to care for an intact son is a ruler, to smack the hand of all the uninformed physicians and others
who come near." There are many ways to collect clean urine other than catheters. Even if a
catheter is used dont ever allow any retraction. No retraction is necessary.
Any retraction at such a young age will most likely resukt in some tears to the foreskin.
My 5yr old still has a very "tight" foreskin and to expose his urethra would cause him
great pain and i am sure tears.
Also something Ive found with both my sons ive noticed any soap in the bath water
be it baby wash or shampoo always irritated and caused the red tip.
Immersion baths are fine i always allow mine to sit in warm water for as long as they liked.
Just try no soap. I recently became a No Poo mommy so it has been 4mnths since i have used
shampoo on my kids tho i still use it myself. And i just wash thier hair with conditioner.
And i wash hands, feet, bottoms,ears with soap on washcloth. I always keep soap away from genitals
And thus has helped immensely with any red tips.
Also breastfeedig will help with the UTI your antibodies help in so many ways.
If your on Facebook i woukd suggest liking Lactastic Mommy your BFF
(breast feeding friend) she is awesome. Also try to contact your local La Leche League
They are all that kept me sane smile.gif my 4month old has never had any formula! And i owe alot to Lacfastic mommy!
I did supplement with my older 3 greensad.gif which for mw ended in them all preffering bottle flow to BF
so maybe its good he is refusin supplements. Just try to relax and sit and juat feed them. I am sure with twin
5 month olds you feel as though your always nursing but it does get easier.
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