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Can we started a high risk tribe in our DDC?

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Any Momma's out there very high risk?  For whatever reason?  


*waves hand*

I have already been seen 3 times and had one scan.. I will most likely be on a 2 -3  week Ob schedule.


Although I am an MDC momma at heart.. birth is very very different when you must be followed/micromanaged by doctors...a lot of the informed choices we have worked so hard to learn about and educate ourselves go out the window when Momma has chronic health issues.


Thank you :)

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at this time I am not high risk but twice I ended up with Pregnancy induced hypertension. This usually happens at the end and the babies weren't induced that early (2 weeks max) but you never know what will happen

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I am considered high risk just because of my age.  A little stupid if you ask me, but we will see how this goes...

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I'm getting conflicting reports on my high risk status. The OB that delivered DS said I would be considered high risk for future pregnancies, but the midwife I picked for this time says I am fine. My DS came 4 weeks early, precipitous labor, had extremely low blood sugar, and was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome. This time, we will be seeking extensive genetic testing due to an increased risk of lethal trisomies (DS, Trisomy 21, is the most common and not life threatening), and my midwife this time actually seems to know WTF she's doing, unlike the midwife that dropped the ball my last pregnancy.
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I was told today that I am high risk because I'm carrying twins. I live in a rural area and I'll have to go to the city for fancy ultrasounds and get more regular ultrasounds. Also, my two week appointments will start when my second trimester starts, which is way sooner. In the third trimester, my OB wants to see me once a week. I've always had super healthy pregnancies before, but this time Im really going to have to watch blood pressure and GD. I've never had either, but apparently they are more prominent in twin pregnancies. So, no caffeine, salt, and very little sugar for me.
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I will join here too.  I have several strikes against me...age, I will be 40 when this one is born...I have Factor 5 Lidens disorder which is a blood clotting factor so I will be on blood thinner injections starting soon...and I had GD with DS 1. Just a few things to deal  with, on top of a high stress level with starting a separation from my husband...aka baby daddy.

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Ya me too, high risk due to age.  I am pretty sure I would be in that category anyway due to my "unexplained" recurring miscarriages

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I don't consider myself "high risk", but we will be doing pretty extensive testing to check for congenital heart defects, since my last child was born with CHD's, and recently passed away from another undiagnosed heart condition.

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So so sorry Mandy.  My heart goes out to you.  Sending you good vibesgoodvibes.gif

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Thank you Kelly!

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