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Brought DD2 home on Wednesday

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So last Wednesday I posted in the false labor thread about how my BP was up & I was hoping it would prove to be a short term thing & go back down. Nope. Next morning it was even worse and I had the headache, so they didn't even attempt to induce. DD2 was born via c-sec at 7 that night. She was a week & a half further along than DD1 even though she was smaller (4lb 1oz vs. 4lb 6oz). So much for the ultrasound the week prior that put her at 4lb 10oz. eyesroll.gif

The next day she was down 10.6% of her body weight, so she spent the next few days in the isolette, only coming out to nurse (which she took to right away!! Very much a relief after pumping for DD1 for almost 2 years!). She did have to stay in the hospital a couple extra days & was fed via bottle when I wasn't there, but since we've been home she is 100% breast fed. joy.gif That makes EVERYTHING so much easier!!

Even the fact that I ended up w/ a c-sec instead of a VBAC isn't throwing me quite as much this time. I am very much mourning the fact that I will never actually give birth normally, but this one doesn't feel so much like a betrayal, if that makes sense. Probably not.
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Congrats on your new little girl, what a peanut!  Sorry it all happened in a fast, I'm sure somewhat scary, rush.  I'm glad you are both doing well though and she is nursing like a champ!   That does make things easier.

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Congrats on your new arrival Okapi! That is awesome! It does sound like it all happened pretty fast and was a bit scary leading up to it. So glad to hear that you are home and little girl is doing great with breastfeeding. 

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Congrats Okapi! I'm sorry to hear about th missed VBAC opportunity but, believe I or not, I DO understand what you mean about being more "at terms" with it. And YAY for an awesome nursing relationship!
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Congrats Okapi on the birth of you babe. I am sorry you didn't get your VBAC. I totally understand the feelings of mourning the loss of never having a natural birth but being more at peace with a needed c-section. I too had hoped for a VBA2C with my DD2 but was also at peace with having to have the repeat section in the end. I also feel that this has helped with my healing and bonding with DD2.


So happy to hear the nursing is going well. Enjoy your peanut :)

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Congratulations!  I'm so happy for you that nursing is going well, it makes other things so much easier to manage :)

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Missed this.  Congratulations!  I hope you have power right now.  Do you need anything?

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many congratulations! so glad that your LO is home and things are going well.

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