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I have a friend new to Cincinnati, pregnant with her first, looking for birth options. She would like a birth center, would consider a home birth, and is currently seeing a doctor. Despite being a home birth advocate myself, I think perhaps a better option for her than a home birth would be to have support, during both pregnancy and birthing, from a doula with a lot of health/herbal/birth experience (e.g., a cpm who also does work as a doula type of support). I don't live in Ohio, and it seems that finding natural options is tricky there. Help!

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I am a CPM/monitrice/doula that lives 2 hrs east of Cinci. I know several Cinci doulas  & midwives.  Have her pm me marlenecpm@frontier.com or 740-710-1218.

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I too live in Cincinnati and there are no birth centers in this area....unfortunelty. You can check out one in Dayton about 45 min - 1 hour away. Called Family Beginning Birth Center....this was referred by a doula. My sister in law gave birth here and they were great. An awesome facility you can check out the reviews online. Also if you are interested send me an email, my mother-in-law is becoming a doula and is working for free right now to get her credentials. She is amazing and was a birthing partner to her 2 daughters and family memebers. Also birthed 6 children naturally. She is extremely educated! Best of luck.

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Family beginings is good, as stated,. Dr. Horlacher is great, Dr. Wall (Wahl?)  pretty nice too. & they have some awesome CNM's. Just want, for the record, to say it is not a real, (free standing) birth center, it is a wing of the hospital where they do natural births, any risk factors & you have to go over to the over side of the hospital. Still a good option, if you don't want a homebirth.

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