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Anyone else feel 8 or 9 months at only 6 months?

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I have a small frame, am 5 foot 6, and am ALL BELLY. All belly, nothing else. And my belly is HUGE.  I'm about to tip over. I bet the neighbours are making wagers on when it will happen. Or else they are plotting to see who can tip me over first.


And my belly, or rather my pelvis HURTS and my hips, too. At times it feels like my back is going to split. I can't be on my feet for too long, and i can't bend over to pick stuff up. Sometimes i feel like i'm being smothered. If i feel like this at 6 months, am i even going to make it to 9 months? Seriously, i am kind of scared. Everyone assumes i'm about to give birth any day. When i say September, their jaws drop.


The pregnancy, as per my midwife, is perfectly normal and low risk.


Anyone else feel 9 months already??? Oh, i am in desperate need of commiseration. Not that i want anyone else to be feeling my pain, but you know what i mean.

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I hear ya. Today is the start of my third trimester and my body obviously took that literally. Part of feeling huge comes from being huge. I started out at a good weight but I just gain a lot when pregnant so I'm already up about 30 lbs. The hip/back pain has been around for a while and chiro adjustments have helped but the pelvic pain is taking over now. Maybe I just have pregnancy amnesia but it seems so much worse than with DD or maybe it is chasing/carrying around a two year old that is making my joints feel like they are about to explode (Sidenote: Isn't regression supposed to happen AFTER the new baby comes, why does my 2 year old suddenly need to be carried everywhere and nurse ever hour!). Actually, I'm trying to convince myself that I'm feeling so big/tired/PREGNANT because we've been gone for two weeks doing lots of sightseeing and traveling and sitting on a plane just got me all out of whack since that would be something that should end but I really don't think it is going to be any better staying at home. But I also happen to have really bad first half of pregnancy ms so I feel like if I could survive that for 16+ weeks, I can do this too. At least babies are cute, right?

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Same here. I won't post pics of my belly, for instance, because I feel as though I'm just way too big for how far along I am. I'm only 5'3" and I have a very short torso, so there's nowhere for baby to go but out. It's kind of depressing, but at least I know that baby boy is healthy and everything's going well, so I should try a little harder to put my vanity aside. Blah lol. 

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Yeah I'm uncomfortable at times too. I feel so much better in the water. I think I will spend a good bit of time at the pool this summer! At the park the other day a guy asked me if I was having twins. I said nope just one.. and he actually said "oh... wow!" I didn't mention that I'm not due for a few more months..
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YES, YES, YES. I am so there. I literally don't know how to get through til the end of August. If I could just sleep a little it might help, but hah. The babies are at almost 3 lb each right now. They are going to get so much bigger, and so am I. I try not to complain too much but sometimes I just lose it and cry because I'm so uncomfortable and not even close to having these babies.

I hope the pool helps (public pools open this weekend and I went ahead and ordered the inflatable fishy pool for the backyard. I could not care less what the neighbors will think).
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People have been thinking I'm 9 months for a few weeks now. I really do look like I could be. I had posted some belly pics a few weeks back but took them down to edit them to be smaller pics. I will repost those and be brave and post some current ones too. I'm looking back at belly pics with DD and I think it will be fun to compare. 


The larger belly is making bending at the waist near impossible, but squatting is better for my back anyway :) But sometimes I'll just have my kids pick up what I need off the floor or lower shelf :P I do feel extra tired. With the kids on summer break from school, I have been sleeping in until 10am and sometimes later. And later on I will usually take a nap for half hour. 


MadiMamacita, I also loooove the water. That's where I'm headed with the kids soon. With my car out of commission that's how my day usually goes. Wake up at a leisurely hour, have brunch or lunch, mosey on over to the pool for a while. Then I come home, the kids are more relaxed and play more quietly while I clean up and get dinner together. 

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I don't know how much weight I've gained, but oh. my.  My belly is SO different this time around.  This baby is "due" on DD1s birthday, so I have done this exact pregnancy time frame before and unfortunately, I can compare notes and photos.  WIth DD I was on my college cycling and triathlon team, this time I am a full time WOH mom with two little ones.  I was in good cardiovascular shape when I got pregnant with #3, but I have noticed that my abdominal wall is just destroyed.  I work on my feet, and by the end of the night I am literally holding my belly and pushing the abs together.  This weekend I got a support belt (sexy, I know) and WOOHOO it made me feel like a million bucks!  I have people asking when I'm due and when I say "Sept" they're eyes get big and they generally say "wow."  Last two times no one could even tell I was pregnant until 8 months along.  Ah well.  It would amuse my if this was the smallest baby.  Guess I have to wait and see!

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Faliciagayle, what kind of support belt did you get? I have this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WFY16C/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00  but unfortunately it just seems to make my hips hurt more, no matter how I try wearing it...

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I have this one:  http://www.destinationmaternity.com/Product.asp?Product_Id=198590113&MasterCategory_Id=MC32


it fits well, really adjustable, and very supportive.

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Thanks ladies for sharing and commiserating! I think i'm in the market for one of those belts. I actually had 2 pretty normal feeling days but today i'm back to being unable to walk. i wonder how much baby position has to do with this.... And what i eat in a given day maybe......

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