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I am a virgin and I have the smaller version of the Diva Cup. I have no problem inserting it, creating the seal and whatnot. It is when I remove it, I experience pain like none other, I have vomitted in the past. It's ridiculous, I would like to save money, the environment and insert better products that chemical tampons and such into my body, but every time I remove it, I feel I am giving birth to a mini baby :] Any advice? 


PS Usually I rock it back and forth, or side to side and then half way out is when the pain comes and I have to breath in and usually man it and pull it out quickly, and sometimes it doesn't come out right away OUCH!


Also for when the flow is lighter does anyone have any recommendations? Thanx!

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do you break the seal before pulling it out? since it creates a mini vaccuum this might be your issue, you want to break that seal so you dont get the pressure when removing it.


For lighter flow, you can get different cups, there are a few dozen different kinds!! Here is a chart that compares the sizing and flow capacity of all the cups


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Are you pulling the cup by the stem? I cut the stem right off mine and pinch the 'bowl' of the cup with my finger and thumb when removing it which breaks the vacuum and enables me to tilt the thing and slide it out first one side then the other.


I imagine if you are pulling it straight down without breaking the seal and then the cup coming out in an O shape that would be pretty uncomfortable!

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I've never used it but if you aren't able to resolve it with the suggestions here, maybe try cloth pads? I switched several years ago and they are significantly better than disposables. 

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Cloth pads sound helpful except that I have a heavier flow during my first three days. And I tend to wear thongs :] Unless they make cloth thong pads, I might not be able to use them I would think. I will have to check. 

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How do you break the seal, yes I was rocking it, but I believe that is what was causing my discomfort, it was coming out in an O shape

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Thank you, the chart was very helpful!!!

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to break the seal I always use a finger to move the rim of the cup, kind of squish it into itself to an extent, usually you feel when the seal is broken. It takes some expirimenting.


Glad you like the chart! I used it to decide which cup to buy (i have 2 fleurcups)

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Thank you, I will keep you posted if I have any questions for next time. :D

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I hope all the good advice here fixed your problem with the cup!  I was going to second the suggestion of cloth pads for light flow days (that's what I use throughout my period)--I know that some people also wear them with a cup as added protection (like a pantyliner--for example, Gladrags makes thin pads for use as pantyliners or light days pads).  Though I don't know if anyone makes thong pads! :)

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Thanx! It works I wasn't breaking the seal properly! I am very thankful for your awesome help!

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