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Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? I think he/she might be able to advise you better but I will say after seven pregnancies and deliveries, every pregnancy and delivery is different. The only thing that stayed with me was precipitous labor. Had it with everyone one of mine. 


Good luck!

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Butterflymom! Congratulations!!! :) Just saw your post in new posts.


Obviously I don't have much experience in that area BUT when I conceived the first time (and it ended in an early miscarriage) I was coming off 4 years of heavy drinking and partying. And I had at least one or two early miscarriages (chemical pregnancies?) after that as well. Of course everybody is different, but I would definitely think it would be a great idea to cut out alcohol a while before TTC to give your body time to really store up its energy for generating a child, rather than spending it on recovery. Though I also ate like crap and didn't sleep whereas you eat well so it's probably a different kind of situation.


As for overactive letdown, have you heard of the book Mother Food? It is a fantastic compilation of how diet affects breastfeeding as well as which herbs and supplements can be helpful for each issue.

I hope you get a BFP soon when you start trying!

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Get your Vitamin D Level checked.  D3 deficiency can lead to PTL.  You want to sun/supplement to a blood level of 50-60 ng/ml.  Here's a blog article I wrote that may be useful:



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