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Breech Labour?

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Hi everyone, 


I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and she is currently breech. I started to lose my plug on Wednesday. I saw my midwife who did a VE and said I my cx was mid to posterior and only about 1cm dilated (which she would expect given I've had 3 children already). I had a heavy bloody show on Thursday so got checked again and cervix was still in the same position. Baby is still sitting up very high and hasn't engaged. Since Thursday afternoon I have lost more plug and I've been having very irregular contractions, they never get closer than 10 minutes apart and they aren't lasting very long, (30-40 seconds). I don't think things are going to progress because the baby isn't applying any pressure to my cervix to encourage things along. I don't want to go back to the hospital to have them tell me nothing has changed since Thursday (feel like a bit of a time-waster) but I am finding these contractions so draining. I'm due to go to the hospital on Monday morning for an attempted ECV. 


Does anyone have any experience of a breech labour? I'm just wondering if these irregular contractions are par for the course. 

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It's now a week later. Has baby's position changed?  smile.gif

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