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bottle strike at 5 mos.

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ds has decided he no longer wants a bottle.  (woh and pumping)

he is not particularly angry about it, either, unless dh keeps trying to give it to him once it's rejected. 

today dh tried a faster flow nipple, no dice.

he's tried:

different positions


feeding him outside




dd did a similar monkey move about this age, though she decided bottles were awesome and boobs not so much.

ds is nursing just fine, though he is a good sleeper (sorry!) and isn't at this point nursing all night long.

when he refused the bottle yesterday he did not eat ALL DAY LONG until i got home. 

i'd not be so freaked out about it if he was an all night nurser, but that doesn't seem to be happening. 



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5 months can be tricky because there are many factors, including texture of the nipple.  You have tried a lot of things, it seems like something would work.  I have to agree with you about not worrying if he was a nighttime nurser but to go all day and then not nurse all night is a lot.  You didn't say what type of bottle you are using, but you may want to try one that reacts more like the breast.  I found that breastflow bottles worked more like the breast.  Is his daytime sleep patterns changing?

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he seems to be sleeping during the day about the same.  we've tried:

playtex (with slow and medium nips)

breastflow (which dd loved but he hates)

and dr. brown's. 


and he's reverse cycling.  i woh, this is killing me. gah!

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With the reverse cycling he may be showing his preference for nursing and connecting with mom.  That can be hard if you are not used to baby waking up to nurse a lot at night.  Sorry don't have any other suggestions.  Just be assured that everything has a season and that baby's are always changing so this too shall pass.  You might try a sippy cup during the day.  One of my babies thought that she had to have whatever her older sister had (even at 5 months) so we gave her a sippy cup with just a small amount of expressed breast milk (about an ounce or two) and she would sip a little and that would satisfy her for a moment.  Best wishes.  Let me know how it goes. 

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My daughter reverse cycled when she was a little older than yours.  It feels strange, doesn't it?  My dd was perfectly cheerful all day at daycare, she just turned refused whenever the daycare offered her my pumped milk. She even refused my husband, who came home from work far earlier than I.  I worked 15 hours every day, so it's not like she had a lot of night to do her thing.


I was lucky.  She slept in the family bed, and I learned to sleep while she nursed, so I didn't lose much sleep.  I kept track of the number of wet diapers, and that reassured me that all was well. 

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