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Mothering through morning sickness

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I am pregnant with baby number 3. Yay! But I am sooo sick with this kiddo and feel like I can't do much more than the basics for my older boys at this point. I am generally a very active and involved mother and my kids (who are 2 and 4) don't get whats up. So does anyone have any tips or activities they can suggest for how to stay engaged with my older children while little bean is growing? I am hoping/ expecting that I will soon feel better, but in the meantime I would love your advice!

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Originally Posted by gentlymade View Posttips or activities they can suggest for how to stay engaged with my older children 


Drop this as much as possible, get past this difficult stage, go easy on yourself.

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I am past the sick part but what I did was try to set my son (5) up with a variety of stuff he could do on his own.  A palette with paints, a wet rag, brushes and a few large blank poster boards.  Water and toys in the kiddie pool, letting him fill it with the hose and water the garden could occupy a few hours.  Stamps/stickers/glue/popcicle sticks/googly eyes/pom poms for crafting.  Window markers.  He would sit with me and practice lacing or felting while I did hand-sewing stuff while we watched movies or episodes of the Wonder Years.  Low-key picnics on the front lawn.  Don't feel guilty about letting a single girlfriend take them for ice cream or over to her house to watch cartoons if you have one available.  I had offers I didn't take people up on on days when I really should have.  Make sure you're getting your rest and don't feel guilty about it.  My partner would come home from work and take my son to the pool, then park, then video store almost every day when I was feeling bad so I could get a nap in.  He'd bring home a tired, worn-out from play and sun child and we'd make 'pillow land' on the living room floor and pass out together to a family movie.  Google maps, paintbrush, and webcam are the only computer tools I allow my son, but let me tell you that kid will sit and video himself making funny faces for an hour if I'd let him. :)  Above all, don't feel guilty if dinners aren't as healthy or aren't eaten at the table, if laundry piles up, or you feel like a lame mommy because you just want to lay around all day.  You'll feel better so soon.  I felt really guilty for not taking my son on walks or turning him down when he wanted me to have a water balloon fight or whatever, but now at eleven weeks we're back on track, taking nightly walks, reading Greek mythology, studying nature, decorating onesies and tank tops with funky iron-ons, etc.  And he got his water balloon fight two days ago.  What was beautiful about me laying low for a few weeks is that it really was a teaching opportunity for my son.  I watched him display empathy, felt very proud of him when he would insist that HE bring me my snack and water instead of me getting out of bed, when he would bring over my hairbrush to brush my hair or randomly scratch my back or rub my shoulders.  He didn't resent me for not feeling well, he would say, "I'm sorry you're a sicky, Mom".   Just express how you feel and accept help and it *will* get better soon...

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Thanks this is very helpful! I think they really do understand more than I think. It is just hard not to feel guilty. My youngest son brought me his blankie this morning and said "this make you feel better". So sweet. I think giving them the opportunity to help more is a great idea.

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I am hit with 8week morning sickness as of yesterday.  I couldn't get breakfast down, then went to teach yoga and puked on the way to get food.  I feel like I got behind with the eating the day before and now it is really hard to get back on track.  Ice water, protein(yogurt, meat and almond butter bars), fruit so happy it is fruit season :)  But just trying to put a little something in your mouth every hour and I sleep with food next to the bed but seriously mornings are rough.  Good luck to you and soon this will all be behind us..also fresh air helps so I even take snacks to the smallest park I know and rest on the grass while the kids play. 

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