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Sleeping with dreads...

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My dreads are 2.5 months old. Just starting to dread up now that I have stopped waxing... They are frizzy at the roots but definitely tightening up. I just hand roll them daily and try to tolerate the frizz! I am just curious how people sleep with their dreads. I have been sleeping with them up I a bandanna "Aunt Jamima" style. I thought it would control the frizz but not sure it even matters. If they are damp from the shower I sleep with them free and it feels so good! Better for my scalp I think! Any ideas? Thanks ladies!
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Hi keylimecutie! I have no info to share but wanted to post to bump your thread up for attention. Maybe someone else will have some experience to offer. smile.gif

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Well first of all NO WAX! Never wax! It never comes out and will stay in your dreads on the inside and mold/mildew. Yucky. I would check out the dreadlockssite.com and check out the section on maintenance. Also, you really don't need to handroll either. Handrolling breaks hair and is just kind of a time waister because whatever you do comes undone the next wash. The best thing to do for your dreads is, separate, wash them every three days with ACV and baking soda, and let them be. I know it's hard. My dreads are about four months. You just need to learn to embrace the mess. They will tame eventually but only with patience. As for sleeping. I just let mine be free, but you can put a wool sweater on your pillow or put them in a tam and that is suppose to help them naught faster. If you ever feel the need to tame frizz, the best way is to buy an aloe plant. Use the aloe to tame frizz. It's rather sticky like gel almost and works great. It comes out when you wash, and nourishes your hair. Hope this helps. Good luck on your dread journey. :)

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I just dreaded my hair! Way crazier than I thought it was going to be but I like 'em. Of course, this is day 2. I'm trying to figure out a care plan. Seems everyone has their own ideas about care. I wonder if maybe it depends on your scalp preference as well. I was advised to use shampoo and wash as frequently as I needed to. Pre-dreads, I washed once  a week with baking soda and that was about all my scalp could take. Also palm rolling was advised to "shape" the dreads. 


Also, I need a new bike helmet. Anybody have advice on that?




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I just wanted to comment.  Yay Mama-locks....aaahhhh, I am really wanting to do dreads again!!!!!

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