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Potty training, she insists she has to poop but It's not happening!

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I should start by saying this is week #1 and things are going great! DD is 2.5 and is peeing consistently and asking to go every time. Last night she pooped, after telling us she had to, and we made a huge deal out of it. Tonight she hadn't pooped all day, and is normally a regular girl...so at bedtime she kept saying she had to poop. Well after literally 1.5 hours of her being on the flush (her choice, we tried to get her to get off and go to bed but she kept wanting to stay on) she still hadn't pooped. We ended up putting her to bed, she was crying saying she has to poop but just won't go! DH is with her now trying to get her to settle, since she is way past bedtime...ugh! I don't know if she really needed to, or if she was just trying to get out of bedtime and I felt so torn! Anyone have any advice for helping her with #2? We tried everything we could think of....but are willing to do anything to keep a normal bedtime and still have her use the potty. Words of wisdom anyone?
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Any chance she could be a little constipated? My DD skipped a day or two recently and I cut out dairy and amped up fresh fruit and veggies for a few days and she went right back on track. I recommend you look at her diet to see if she could use more fibre and examine if she is drinking enough water. If its hot outside, she needs more water than usual since she probably sweats a bit.
While delaying bedtime is not unheard of, 1.5 hours on the potty really isn't that much fun so I doubt it. Was she pushing at the time? Two thoughts: 1, demonstrate pushing and ensure her feet are planted firmly on the ground or a sturdy stool and 2, when it's bedtime, let her be on the potty but don't make it fun so she won't be as tempted to stay if she doesn't have to.
Hope that helps. Good luck.
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My daughter will say she wants to poop any time she feels like having the fun of sitting on her potty and having all of her favorite books read to her...and having the ABCs sung repeatedly...and being called a "good girl" over and over.  She will in fact poop on the potty every time she really needs to (almost!), but she doesn't ask for it for peeing.  She just pees in her diaper.  I think the reason is that sitting there for the length of time it takes to poop, then getting all the books and praise, is just too wonderful for her, where, by contrast, peeing takes only a second and is less dramatic in terms of my behavior.  I realize that this is my fault; I should have engineered a way to make the potty enjoyable without being the only show in town. 


Might you be making it similarly irresistible?  I know the previous person said 1.5 hours is a lot, which it is, but I am sorry to say that my girl would sit that long if I could stand it.  I just call it after a while and put a diaper back on her, which is a major bummer for her.  So anyway, maybe try to find a way to make it comfortable and pleasant yet semi-boring.


good luck!!


ps.  I also wanted to point out that when she did poop in the potty, you guys made a big deal of it, which is totally understandable on your part but also probably totally addictive for her!  Poor sweet little thing.

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Thanks for the advice! We have had 2 more successful poops since I posted, and she asked to go both times. Instead of giving her books etc, we just sang and talked, and she was motivated enough to stay on. Both times it happened within 10 minutes or so. There was one time yesterday (just before nap time, the little monkey!) and she was stalling again. We actually took all her toys away and went in the next room so she was by herself. This didn't seem to bother her being alone, she sang to herself, but got off on her own much sooner (without a BM).

The other thing she is doing is peeing, then coming off and saying she pooped to get the reaction....since we made such a big deal of it. It's so hard to know how to react, since we are so happy she is finally training, but we definitely want to make sure it continues to go well. Thanks again for the replies smile.gif
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My guy is currently sitting on the potty--where he's been for an hour...sigh.  We are running into the same thing--and he won't get up of his own volition until he's actually pooped...no matter how long it takes.  


And, in the past few days, if he poops in his diaper he tantrums and has an absolute fit.  I actually think we are going to wean b/c he often poops while nursing (he only nurses in the morning and before bed) and the benefits of nursing have been totally usurped by the tantrum that results from pooping.  


Well, I'm off to try to get a diaper on him so we can get out of the house...

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This morning she pooped in the tub. Awesome. Although she kept yelling MOMMY! I POOPED IN THE FLUSH! Ummmm nope! But close....sigh.
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He insisted on taking the potty to the zoo with us...and then used it!  Woo-hhoooo!  OP, so sorry about the tub poopage!

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