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Momma & Lil~  Yes, see my previous post below:


I have gone to 2 different cranial sacralists and I chiro that specializes in children.  I had her assessed for tongue tie and had a posterior tie clipped (which didn't make a difference because she isn't latching-- if she was maybe I would have noticed a difference).  I have tried nursing her every single way except for on my head-- in the tub, when shes sleeping, when shes awake, when shes hungry and not hungry, happy, sad, with a nipple shield, with a SNS-- I could go on and on....  I've scoured the internet for other ideas and posted to differnt groups.  I have attended LLL meetings.  My friend who is nursing attempted to nurse her-- she freaked out just the same.  I've talked to her about her birth (which was unmedicated and fast and went well I think).  I am probably forgetting something.  Anyone got anything else


I didn't notice a bit of difference after the cranial sacralists or the chiropractor.  Even after they both assured me that they had it all figured out.  They also all had completely different explanations for my DD not latching.  Sure would be interesting to do randomized, double blind, controlled studies on that.  Wasted a bunch of money on those appointments.  Not trying to sound mean, but I wish people wouldn't pretend to know the answers when they obviously don't.  And I'm not skeptical of all body work.  On the contrary-- I'm a yoga instructor, went to massage therapy school, and I'm a Reiki practioner.  Sometimes though I meet different practioners, etc, and it's a little questionable. 

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Sorry I missed that one, Hun!


FWIW I had a ton of CST which did not help, but, when I saw a different one it helped a lot. It does sound horrible that they would assure you they knew the answers...how could they? I'm so sorry you are going through this.

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