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need motivation to start working out

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I have never been this heavy in my life - I am around 147-148 right now- and it is starting to depress me. Meanwhile I have done nothing to change it. I got the 30 day shred dvd and have not tried it once.  In my defence (to myself?) I had an injury I was working on healing up which is starting to feel better- so n some level I am timid to jump into it. I take walks every day but don't really get ANY cardio. Is the 30 day shred ok to just jump into and start or should I sart with something milder? I can't really get to a gym and there aren't any proper gyms with varying workouts available to me. I Am feeling ashamed of my body which sucks but sort of stuck in a rut of not sure how to motivate to change it. IT seems like a huge endeavor.

Any tips for getting started?

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Wanting to transform your body requires dedication and consistency. One of the reasons people give up before they reach their goal is because they dont see immediate results. I havent heard of the 30 day shred dvd but if you can focus on cardio activity 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes you should see solid results. Nutrition is going to play a big part in losing weight/toning up.


If you need more help or advice feel free to visit my website - thenuwavefitness.com or add me on AIM (aol instant messenger) so we can chat instantly. Username -nuwavefitness


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I've found livestrong.com to have some useful tools that aren't too involved and easy enough to feel motivated to make better choices.



I'll use their free tools  - myplate to keep track of what I eat and put in whatever active stuff I can manage.  Personally, I like seeing the graph move around, and just getting reminded at how many fewer calories a cup of grapes is vs. 5-6 oreo cookies (or something shy.gif) is a helpful reminder.  Helps me notice and balance out my habits a bit, even if I don't use it all day long and only get in a few days a week.



Haven't used the shred dvd, but I actually think SIL has a good friend who's done those and had awesome results, so shrug.gif.

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The 30 Day Shred DVD is GREAT.  It doesn't take long to do, so it's easy to stick with it.  I noticed a difference in the first week.  I think Jillian Michaels is a bit of a bully in her workouts, but they are very effective, so I get over it!

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