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How do you prevent and handle eczema flare-ups as an adult?  Have you found that cutting out things like wheat, dairy, citrus and soy have helped?  What about nuts and sugar?  I'd love to hear how you've dealt with eczema as an adult.  Thanks!

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My best friends dh has suffered horribly from excema all his life.  He finally had food allergy testing and tested sensitive to glutens.  It really seems to have made a huge difference in his flare ups.  Also doing high doses of fish oil seemed to help.

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Have you tried DermaSilk?  It's a range of therapeutic clothing that has been proven in clinical trial to prevent the itching and redness in eczema. It's used by dermatologists for children and adults with severe eczema and approved by the NHS for use under prescription but you can buy on-line at www.dermasilk.co.uk It's may not seem as cheap as creams but as it lasts and lasts until you wear it out, the long term cost is actually less, but the main thing is that it really works.

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