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Am I pregnant?

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I'm unsure if I'm pregnant but these are my symptoms:


* I had my period about 2 weeks ago but it was really light and only lasted about 3 days

* Husband and I had immediately started having a baby(No condoms or any other birth control method like the pull out method)


* My boobs are kinda tender and my nipples are super sensitive and red

* I'm feeling some cramps but no spotting

* I'm craving only certain foods - BUT lately(like this morning) I'm hungry but feeling nautious so I'm kinda afraid to eat

* I get emotional - Like MORE than usual. Crying at odd moments and being extremely cranky some of the time too

* I'm tired all the time. I could have enough sleep and still be exhausted during the day

* I get constipated sometimes(Yes I know its embarrasing to talk about)

All these symptoms I've been feeling for about a week - week 1/2. 


So I want honest(no too harsh) opinons on if you think these are legit sure signs of being pregnant or not. I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet and my husband wants to wait to see if there are more sure signs(to him) that I am.


Please help me :)

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Well, I would go to the dollar store and get a test for $1.  That way, you are not really wasting any money.  I hear that walmart also has some tests for super cheap.


Anyways, sounds like some of the symptoms I get from ovulation.  Could be either one.... or random symptoms.

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Definately get a cheap test.  Is a very light AF at all normal for you?  If so it could just be O symptoms.

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Anything's possible.  The only way to know for sure is to take a test.  Every woman is different.  Some women still have bleeding while they are pregnant that can look like AF. 

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