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Hi ladies,


I haven't been online much lately. With the nice weather my little man and I have been spending lots of time outside. We also just got back from a week's vacation at a rented cottage. It was very lovely.


I'm fully recovered from my surgery, and had an ultrasound last Friday that showed a beautiful, healthy, growing baby! It was so amazing to have seen a little gummy bear at almost 9 weeks and then an actual baby at almost 13 weeks. I feel so blessed to be continuing on this journey and I hope to get on here a bit more and get to know you all a little better. My nausea is starting to subside a little too. I'm down from 5 pills of Diclectin a day to 3, and only feeling slightly queezy in the evenings.

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So glad to hear that you're surgery went well and that your little bubs is thriving!  That's wonderful.  Also, glad the nausea is beginning to let up, and that you're able to spend time outside joy.gif

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So happy to hear all is well with you mama!!!!

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joy.gifGLAD to hear you are going well Mumma!!! SO happy your little gummy bear is growing into a little bear!!!!!

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Glad for the good news as well!!