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18/6 Chat thread

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:) Good Morning!


Hope we are all well! And that this weeks brings us one step closer to super dooper 2nd trimester energy and wellness!!!


DarkBlue- I think we must be twins!! You were seriously sick with blood too???? What the?!?!dizzy.gif I hope you are feeling better now?????


Eandko- Glad you are back, and that you are feeling better! And the trip away sounds fantastic! Can I come next time! What did you and your little one get up to? :)


AFM- pretty quiet here. Am searching for new jobs, and have been offered a few new modelling ones (life modelling- will be super fun with bump!!!) which I am excited about! My energy seems to have come for a visit, and yesterday I ate 3 meals!!! AND snacks! Thats the first time in 2.5 months! 


Hope we are all well, and the weekend was delicious!!

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Travelmumma- I'm so glad you are feeling better and better.


 I've been trying to eat a lot, too. It's just hard! Yesterday I had some swelling in the morning. NOT cool! I think it was the combination of only having coffee, no water, and being outside in 90 degree heat before noon. I came home and had two protein shakes and put my feet up. It's too early for that crap! ack! 


Who is super excited to have this baby around Christmas? I was at a candle store last week and was so close to purchasing a peppermint candle. I can't wait for that season to roll around, and it will fast! Can you ladies believe it's mid-June already! 

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Purposeful- I can not believe it is so soon!!! It just feels so bizarre!! To think that Target etc are going to be putting up Christmas decorations soon makes me anxious and excited lol!!

I keep telling everyone that this baby is NOT going to arrive on Christmas day! I want to eat!!!! So S/he better have dropped by then and made some room for roast!!


Urgh feet swelling! Yes!!! My feet hurt so much I cried the other day. I kept saying to DH "can we just cut my feet a little bit, just to let out some blood?"- it just feels like I have way too much blood in my feet! Lol

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Should be a fairly quiet week here. No appointments for once! I'm hoping for some pool days as I am loving the pool right now. It feels so good to just float. My joints love me afterwards. We might do a park day since my son's best friend is going to be there this time.


I think I am still in the "Am I really pregnant?" mode LOL. Christmas woIn't start feeling close for me for at least a couple of more months! But I am very very excited to have a Christmas baby:) I love Christmas! Of course I'll need to step it up on my shopping and shipping. No last minute stuff this time. I gave birth to my first two babies at 36.5 and my third at 36. My last daughter was born at almost 39 weeks though...but still don't want to be caught unprepared. 

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AH!! I just had to jump on here and add something!!!

joy.gifAlbi just wiggled soooo hard that my husband felt him for the first time!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif


Insane!!!!!!! I did not expect this so early!!!!!

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Travelmumma-Seriously, the thought that you are my long lost twin has crosssed my mind. I'm better now, although my throat is still pretty wretched from puking. And FYI Honey and lemon whilst awesome STIIIIIIIIINGS :(

Woohoo about Albi!!!!


Purposeful-I am so glad that I am not the only one really looking forward to the holidays this year. In my mind there is already snow on the ground :) Gingerbread and new baby cuddles here we come!!!!


My kiddos are up to mischief in the kitchen with homemade playdoh...there are glittery crumbles EVERYWHERE and you know what? I just don't mind :)

Hope all is well mamas!!

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Hello ladies! We got back late last night from vacation (my brother got married on Saturday in Michigan and it was lovely), so I'm super tired. It also took until today to realize that I'm 13 weeks tomorrow!!! Officially, definitely second trimester, and I'm so happy about it. I also realized that a number of people mentioned feeling movement around 14 weeks (even though that's somewhat early), and I can't believe that could be here so soon! I'm seriously going to freak out when it happens. I've already gotten a bigger bump in the last week, and it looks like I've now gained a full five pounds for my first trimester (which is great, since I'm small to begin with). 


travelmumma, sorry to hear you're still sick, but your nurse story cracked me up! That's totally something that would happen to me! I love that you're knitting a hat. :) The one I'm making in the video is called "Aviatrix" and it's a free pattern -- super cute. I actually ended up giving that hat to a friend for her baby shower, so I need to start another one!


purposefuldoula, I hadn't even thought about the fact that the Christmas "season" will be here very soon! It is so strange to think about. I love Christmas, and peppermint, and all that fun stuff, so I know it will be hard for me not to buy lots of "Christmasy" stuff. It's also fun to think that this will be our first Christmas season that will (most likely) include snow. 


Back to the feeling movement thing -- how many weeks were you when you felt something? I'm super excited but also curious what the average is...

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Christmas must not start in Montana as early as it does for all you gals!  (thank goodness)  We're still waiting for summer here! 


I'm 11 weeks now and don't get morning sickness, but as I've gotten closer to the end of the 1st trimester, my other aches and pains have abated and I'm feeling pretty good - so now of course I'm worrying just the tiniest bit and looking forward to the next midwife appt for another heartbeat listen - still 10 days away.  Our midwife found the heartbeat at 9 wks with the doppler, so I'm sure all is well - but this in-between period of quiet is a little stressful anyway.  The past few days though the bloating has been worse again, so I'll just have to hang on to that discomfort as a good sign!;)  We're also waiting until after this next appt to tell the kids, so it's going to be a slow 10 days. 


Going to go make rhubarb crisp now.  xo

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Travelmumma - So glad you are feeling better. It sounded like you were havig a really rough itme!


Purposefuldoula - I've had the same problem. With the heat, if I don't stay hydrated I get sick. I've tried so hard to cut out caffeine, but then I get a headache.


Speaking if headaches, I've had one for 4 days now. I'm sure it's a combo of allergies/sinuses and a pulled muscle in my neck. The extra stress from my DH being gone the last couple weeks has probably aggravated the muscle a bit. There is a trip to the spa soon to help melt it all away - AHHHH yeah. ;-)

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I kind of disappeared for a while, sorry! Everything is actually going really well. We went on vacation, and work has been a little nuts. I'm also starting to have some anxiety about daycare for two infants, and going back to work. I'm not going to get the midwife team I wanted because they no longer take twin pregnancies, but I'm really happy with my doctor. I also have a perinatologist, and both patiently answer my 5,000 questions, and I haven't been pushed to take any unnecessary tests.


darkblue and purposefuldoula--I am so looking forward to the holidays. My anniversary is December 18, and with babies due between Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, it is just one more reason to celebrate. I'm not usually into silly holiday clothes, but I am looking forward to dressing up the kiddos, and baking with them when they get older. Autumn and early winter are my favorite time of year! Even better since I'll be on maternity leave so I can shop and cook if I want with the extra family hands helping out.

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Kel, I'll take some of that rhubarb crisp if it's out of the oven :-) Madis81, I had a lingering headache last week too. For me I think it had something to do with fluid intake. I'm trying to drink a lot more water now. Glad to hear the M/S is generally subsiding for most. There is so much to look forward to over the winter holidays! A couple days ago I was thinking about how summer solstice is this week, and that by winter solstice, baby will be here :-D

This second trimester thing rocks. I feel like myself again and have clean laundry to show for it. And holy protein, batman. After weeks of gagging at anything but nut butter, I cannot get enough chewy/hearty/meaty protein. I'm still waiting for the insurance referral to go through so I can make an appointment with the midwife clinic I plan to use. Hopefully there will be good news when I call again tomorrow.
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Thanks so much on last week's thread for the comments regarding baby movement, they really helped me to relax.  I think we're back on track now, feeling sporadic movements that may be just a bit stronger now.

I'm glad to hear that, in general. we're all beginning to feel a bit better from time to time, woooo hoooo!  It does seem like a two steps forward, one step back process, doesn't it?  Although my nausea is almost completely gone, I'm still fighting off the sour taste after all meals, it's just nasty.  I've tried brushing, lemons, gum, gargling with soda, looking into zinc deficiency etc.  Ginger tea does seem to help, and I've just tried some ginger chews, hoping that they help.  This sour thing is new to me, and it's gone on for weeks, yuck!  I'm also still taking every chance I can get to lay down, and maybe nap a bit.  

We're still waiting for summer here as well, but the thought of a holiday baby does sound wonderful.  I love love love holiday baking, and it seems like the perfect time to nest!  I'm seriously already getting excited for Thanksgiving food!  

Next week we're taking a cross country flight to see my sister and her family.  I'll admit, I'm nervous about a red eye flight with a 14 month old.  I've heard very conflicting ideas about giving kids benadryl for flights and it makes me nervous.  I'm hoping she'll be so tired she'll just conk out.  

So sorry some of you are experiencing swelling!  I'm sure I will after our flight too.  I have also been trying to up the water intake since I feel on the verge of dehydration all the time.

This weekend is our half marathon, ugh.  What did I get myself into?nut.gif


P.S. travelmumma- SO glad your DH felt Albi!  How wonderful for you two (three)!!

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Originally Posted by darkblue0729 View Post

Travelmumma-Seriously, the thought that you are my long lost twin has crosssed my mind. I'm better now, although my throat is still pretty wretched from puking. And FYI Honey and lemon whilst awesome STIIIIIIIIINGS :(

Woohoo about Albi!!!!


Hahaha (to twins thing not stinging throat) perhaps we should start a thread called "How much do DarkBlue and TravelMumma have in common?" Lol

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Sorry to be a serial poster.


I just need some calming down from people who have BTDT and are going to do it for the first time too.

Im having  freakout :( This whole thing is so so hard. Being pregnant really isn't fun. I haven't slept properly in weeks and I can barely eat happily.

And I just feel like I am in for a rough trot for the next year. Soon I am going to be giant and hot and sweaty and smacking peoples hands away from my own body. Then I will be getting no sleep, crying out of distress at a new born not latching properly, crying because my boobs are bleeding, crying because my bottom is still sore, crying cos I feel guilty we aren't having sex...

It just feels way too hard. Like I need a break.... But I know that I will never get one for the rest of my life now!!!!


Im sitting here crying, and I just wish wish wish we all lived closer! bawling.gifbawling.gifbawling.gif


I just don't know anymore

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I am 15 weeks so, but my 1st appt still isn't till next week now. Yesterday my midwife was out sick so it was pushed back again.  I feel great though, tired but that is cause of the 50million other things with the older kids.

Still didn't really tell waiting for my 1st appt which seems to never come

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travelmumma- it may not be what you want to hear, but I had those same exact feelings when I was pregnant with DD, even though I had a stellar pregnancy with no problems, and they lasted until I got into therapy when she was almost 18 months old. I may have been a different case, because it became apparent that I was dealing with residual issues from my childhood. I have found that this time around I am so excited about the pregnancy and having a newborn, which is a pleasant change from the dread I experienced starting with the positive test last time.

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travelmumma -- first of all, i think you need a huge *HUG*.  it's going to be okay...it really is.  you've had such a rough time of it these last few months, and i know that it's hard to see past the hardships of the moment, but it *will* get better.  soon you and your husband are going to be feeling Albi moving all the time, and it will make it seem so much more real and exciting.  i haven't BTDT, but i have lived long enough to know that there is a lot of wisdom in the expression "this too will pass".  i think once you hold your LO for the first time and look into his/her eyes, all these struggles will feel more than worth it.  and sore nipples, diaper changes and lack of sleep and sex are temporary inconveniences when compared to the wonder, beauty and love you are about to experience.  you have first smiles, first words and a lifetime of hugs, cuddles and getting to know a fascinating little person ahead of you.  


we're here for you, though, when you need to cry and fret and just empty the load that's weighing on your mind.  



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tm - I've been sitting here crying this morning, too, if that makes you feel not so alone;)  Hormones are crazy in pregnancy, especially early on while you're still getting used to them, and I think things will mellow out for you soon.  You'll be able to eat more easily and you'll sleep better and you'll be able to relax and take a break and you won't really be giant that soon! - that's actually not until close to the end - 2nd trimester is the best part and I think things are going to ease up for you.  Lots of babies have no trouble latching on, plenty if not most mama's boobs don't bleed, and babies do sleep and you'll have breaks then, too.  You're going to have lots of breaks and it's going to be fine!  


Being a new mama is hard, but you have your dh to help you, and it only gets easier and better.  Just make sure to drink lots of water, go for a walk every day, breathe deeply, read something soothing before bed...  hugs from someone else who is having a hard time.  xox    

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~hugs~ I think it's totally normal to be stressed out when you aren't sleeping well and eating well in general, much less when your life is going to change this much. The first trimester stinks!!! :D I hate feeling sick, hate it with a passion, but every single time! The second trimester was fabulous for me last time (my first) and I felt on top of the world. Do try to walk every day, and pick clothing that breathes if you think you'll be hot. As for people touching, I only had that happen a couple of times, and both were people I knew, so while it was a little awkward, it was kind of like an awkward hug. You'll get the latch, which means your boobs won't bleed. My biggest tip is to let them dry a little after feedings. Wet nipple + feeding pad *can* make things bleed when you have to rip that thing off. Yes, I learn the hard way, lol! Your husband will be okay with no sex for 4-6 weeks, and that's only intercourse y'know. ;) There are other sexy times you can give him if he's really in the mood, but chances are he's going to be as tired as you are for awhile! Recovery from birth wasn't so horrible for me, even with an episiotomy. Witch hazel pads were my friend, and I was a bit sore, but seriously that was gone in a week or two. Go take a vacation if that's what you want; at least a weekend away or something. Enjoy the time with your hubby. Your life IS going to change, I'm not going to lie, and not all of it's going to be easy, but you and your husband will adapt and get to see some new things to fall in love with all over again. You'll have a new life to fall in love with too and you won't believe how much you just want to kiss on that baby instead of sleep when it's sleeping. My advice? SLEEP! lol
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Oh gals, today is an ok day hormone-wise for me, but I know the bad days can just fall out of the sky and it seems like you are powerless to stop it.  I'm so sorry for those of you having bad or worrisome days.  I do look forward to the days that we can look back on this and giggle/sigh, but right now being in the trenches seems like there is no way out.  Soon enough, we will be feeling better, promise!  My theory is that the human gestational period has evolved to 40 weeks for proper growth of the baby (without getting too big), but also, for adequate time for emotional preparation for the parents.  It is so important to run the continuum of feelings about pregnancy and parenthood, and in a way, I think your body has evolved to do this.  Sorry for the anthropology lecture, just speaking from my personal experiences.

TravelMumma-  I think that it's wonderful that you have the foresight to think of potential barriers for the future, especially for your first baby.  Not to say that you will encounter all of those issues, if you do in the future meet some of them, you will be ready!!  I know it's a cliche, but having a baby is a huge adjustment.  It changes every aspect of your life, including your relationship with yourself and your DH, in positive ways!  My confidence as a woman has greatly increased since becoming a mother.  At first, I thought that DD would come between DH and I, which absolutely terrified and angered me.  But the opposite has happened.  A whole new facet of our relationship has developed since becoming parents together, and we are more close than ever.  Your DH will be doing things he's never done before, like:  holding your boob while you get the hang of nursing, running out for witch hazel for your sore bum and cream for your nipples.  And like Nosreves said, the best part of the deal is that you will have the sweetest little baby you have ever laid eyes on!

P.S.  Our sex life got better after baby, once we got back into the swing of things love.gif

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