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Travelmumma- Sending the hugest hugs ever your way hug.gif!! I wish we lived closer! I hate to sound cliche but as nosreves said this really will pass...it is crazy hard sharing your body with a new little person, especially when the side effects can be so difficult. I wish you were having an easier time, but I believe that it means that you will be blessed with the most awesome baby ever luxlove.gif. Sleep is scarce (I am so there with you!) but once your sweet babe is born it will all seem worth it. If your bum is still sore post babe I will send you some great butt balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby :), and we can totally get you this shirt to ward off touchers http://www.cafepress.com/evilgeniusstore.135832905  :)

I know that it's different for everyone, but with our first babe, we didn't even wait a whole week whistling.gif before we um got back to business....

It is going to be so crazy-terrifyingly beautiful-hormone crazy-never knew you could feel love like that-incredible that all of the yuckiness will melt away mama! Just hang in there!!!!


And we should totally start that thread, although I doubt it would be entertaining to anyone but us, lol


pm me if you ever need to talk! *hug* *hug* *hug*

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Hi Everyone - I was on vacation for the past few weeks and didn't have much time to keep up online.


TravelMumma & everyone else who is having an emotional time of it - you definitely need a hug!


I'm excited to hear people are starting to feel better. I'm feeling better most of the time. 


Speaking of feeling... I think I've been feeling the LO for a week or so. I feel these tickles from the inside of my belly. And sometimes other flutters. But then again it might be gas... LOL!  I can feel what I think is the LO from the outside too!

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Sending hugs to everyone having a rough time - Travelmumma SO normal to be having all these thoughts & feelings! It's been said - but it really really will pass! And then you will have another moment/day/week of unsure-ness. And then that one will pass, too :) Everyone has already covered the details (bleeding nipples, sore bottoms, etc), but really - we will all still be here for advice/comfort/listening when those things come up. Some of my besties are people from my DDC 11 years ago, and we still communicate about issues from everything to kid problems to marriage issues.


AFM - I feel SO much better - can't remember if I mentioned my crazy food allergies in last week's thread, those are really a b&tch, but I should be able to get a few of them cleared up tomorrow. So excited to eat some fruit again! Baby actually WOKE ME UP s/he moved so hard the other night! It was crazy! I'm 14 weeks today, and look about 20 lol. Looking like Friday is the MW appt.


I've been super busy getting my old house ready for some renters - the last renters we had really did NOT take care of the place. And it's not a little $800/month place - it's 6600 sq feet, and I've had to clean the whole thing essentially alone in the last 2 days. I definitely got my exercise, but feeling like I may not get out of bed again for a week! I start my "summer of weddings" on Friday (have 4 to attend this summer, fortunately my biggest role is 'sister of the groom' lol, so no work on my part!). I bought a really cute dress to wear to them all, so I won't feel dumpy lol.

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I had two weddings the last time I was pregnant - one of them was at 35 weeks on the other coast and I had my DD TWO DAYS after we got home (at 36+4).  I will NOT be doing that again!  Fortunately, we are about out of obligatory weddings, at least for a while.


I'm 13+ weeks now and I feel like it's so random whether I feel good or bad.  Today was a great day.  But yesterday was awful.  I have no idea what was different - except that about the hardest thing for me to do is take care of my kids by myself, which I did have to do yesterday, but didn't today.  That sounds terrible, but something about the kind of attention they require (as normal, healthy 2, 6, & 8 year olds) just Wears. Me. Out.


Travelmumma, I so agree with esp.  You are doing a great job doing the work of worrying, which is important work for mamas to do - especially first time mamas.  When you've worried about something, you either have some idea what to do when it happens, or it doesn't happen.  On the other hand, sometimes it's good to make sure you take breaks from worrying and just stay in this moment and take care of yourself in whatever small way you can.  I also totally agree about the 40 weeks of gestation being a great length of time for parents to adjust to the huge transition that is happening!


AFM, three good things:  my libido is baaaack wink1.gif, my BFF (really, we've known each other since we were like 6 months old) is visiting today, and WE HAVE A SHOWER!  (We've been without one for about 8 weeks and could bathe/shower at my parents' houses a block or two away, but it is going to be SO NICE to be able to get clean AT HOME!)

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OH Mummas, thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luxlove.gif

Its just so tricky sometimes! I feel like I have never been told just how tricky pregnancy is. People warned me against first few weeks/months of bub but not this!! Betrayal from women world wide lol.

Who knew sharing a body would be this hard!

One thing that makes it harder is the fact that I don't have any friends in this situation. All of my friends are either partying drunk, or onto their 2nd child, and NONE of them approve of home birth or  AP.. sigh.. You Mummas are my saviours!


We got keys to the new house last night. My goodness its beautiful!!! HUGE backyard!! and a big front yard too!! DH  took Albi's cot over last night, and I am going to take a few toys over today :) 

Morning sickness + lack of sleep + moving = blargh.

One ?good? thing- DH has decided to decline his contract for the next 6 months, which means part time work at a great place nearby, and lots more time at home! Thank goodness! I just need him near me these days.


DarkBlue- haha I LOVE that shirt! It literally made me laugh out loud! Brilliant!! 

Sego- Can we rent your rental? Then at least I would be closer to you all lol!! It sounds huge?!?!?!!!!

Mamabeakley- hehe I read your last few comments as one comment, which sounded like "My libido is back so my BFF is coming over and we are going to have a shower." Lol whoops!



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Such a roller coaster we are all on! I too have been a little emotional, and finding myself a little crabby and snippy sometimes (perhaps the 95 degree heat isn't helping either).


Had an appointment with my perinatologist, and he was awesome. Very supportive of my plan to actually do fewer appointments, fewer precautions (like ultrasounds every other week, and bedrest at 24 weeks!), and just go with my gut. We both think that I am not likely to have a preemie again. Yay! Baby is looking great at 12 weeks, but they couldn't tell the sex, and for some reason, all of a sudden I REALLY want to know. I didn't know with my last one, and this time I am dying to know. What gives?


I attempted to watch my daughter's last softball game tonight with my toddler in tow, and it was kind of a disaster. We were there at the park, but I pretty much missed the whole game while following him around at the playground. And I thought, how the hell am I going to do this with a baby?? Kind of scary, lots of worrying. But the girls won again biggrinbounce.gif


Mamabeakley - haha! I know what you meanblush.gif. If I'm not exhausted, I'm interested, and after breastfeeding for the last two years (which is a libido killer), it's kind of nice.

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nhklh- We should meet up and have a sob fest redface.gif I understand your sore back!

This week is not my week either.

I have been having missed calls from a number i didn't recognise, all day.. i finally got onto them ....... greensad.gif It was my "new amazing doctor".... Dumping me.

A court case surrounding home birth has just exploded here.... Basically he can not take on "such a legal risk".... Apparently his lawyer called today and said "get rid of anyone risky and dump HB mummas tonight"


I called my midwife, and she is now going to act on my behalf and try and find some solutions.. Which may be heading to local hospital for some prenatal prescriptions etc etc

NOT my week...

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nhklh-I hope you feel better mama, I agree that it is totally unfair that care that would actually help you is more expensive than all of the pill-ridden 'solutions' offered conventionally.

travelmumma-I am soooo sorry mama!!! I'm not going to even get into how ridiculous I think it is to lump everyone into broad categories based on one scenario...I hope and pray that this is merely making way for some waaaaaaaaaaaay more epically wondrous care provider hug2.gif


Hope all is well mamas!!!

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Travelmumma and nhklh, it can be so frustrating sometimes to gain access to the care we know we need. Keep your chins up!

And Kel, I totally made rhubarb crisp; couldn't get the idea out of my head. I could take the whole pan with me to bed tonight.
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nhklh-what a hard day for you!  I'm so sorry.  I so wish I had words of comfort to offer except that you have every right to feel completely frustrated and upset.

Well...we were supposed to be running a half marathon, but now we've changed to walk/running.  I suppose from how our training is going that we'll probably run about 1/3-1/2 of it.  I have strict instructions from the midwife not to push it too far.  I tend to get really competitive, so my DH is going to keep me in checkthumb.gif  Plus, my body just refuses be pushed.  So we'll be power walking in the rain with a fanny pack full of snacks.  Not quite what I had in mind, but it will do.  At least my DH and I will get a few hours alone to talk!

I hope you feel better soon!  hug2.gif

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cieloazul - luckily any time I make a dessert, there are six other mouths in the house to help eat it!  Unluckily, at least three of them keep baking cinnamon rolls, cookies and cupcakes and I have 0 willpower when it comes to homemade sweets.

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ESP, were you in a marathon TODAY?  Hope it went well, if so!


Travelmumma, I'm not so worried about backup care for the pregnancy because my MW seems to have a good relationship with a clinic of CNMs who can get me into the 'system' if need be.  But I'm dreading finding a family practice for myself and my kids since we just moved and are changing insurance.  I hate having to establish a relationship, and I'm on the 'edge' enough to make some of my choices not popular with most doctors (homebirth, for one thing, and then they tend not to like it when I won't give any vaxes until kids are weaned . . . at 2.5 - 3 yo.)  Good luck!


Sorry for those of you in pain.  That sucks.  I feel so lucky that my hips and such have been pretty good this pg so far . . . last pg I was having pubis symphisis symptoms by NINE WEEKS.  But if it gets bad this time I have no idea where we are going to pull them money from for chiropractic so I can function.


My dad told me today that the baby is a girl . . . unless it's twins in which case it's one of each.  !!!!!  He's been right for all 6 of his grandchildren so far.  Really I think twins are very unlikely.  But . . . yikes.

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I'm doing a bit better today, thank you so much everyone.


Travelmumma, the HB climate is shit here too.  My birthworker is at the centre of a media shitstorm here once again.  I've heard of the Melb case too.  It's bloody ridiculous, and it's the reason I am Just Not Telling People exactly what I'm doing.  My friends know, of course, but they also know my birthworker, and they know the truth.  I won't be telling family, esp not MIL.  


I had some weird stressfulness on Monday when the IVF clinic called me out of the blue.  They'd said they'd call me at around 20wks to see how I was going (this is strange enough, they didn't do that last time).  The nurse asked me how my 12 week scan went, so I told her I hadn't had one, and wasn't going to.  This is the same nurse I spoke to when I declined their 8wk scan.  She wanted to know who my care provider was (I didn't say, uttering my birthworker's name would be like dropping a bomb), so I just said I was investigating private midwifery care, and that I had my GP who I'd be seeing in a week or so (to re-check my previously low platelets).  I felt so icky after that call - it was so intrusive!  I immediately called my good friend/doula, and later spoke to my birthworker about it too.  The conclusion we've reached is that they didn't get their info for their stats from me when I didn't do their 8wk scan, so they're (inappropriately) chasing that info.  Both advised me to not answer the phone once I'm around 20wks ;)    

So sorry that you are stuck up in this too!! How do you go about not telling people?

As far as the IVF clinic goes, I would be hanging up on them. It seems way too nosey for me! They aren't part of your care anymore are they?


Esp- how did you go with your marathon? Did you end up leaving your DH far behind with him shouting "The midwife said not to push it!!!" lol Tell us tell us tell us!

Kel- Please send me some delicious homemade things this way! I can finally stomach eating things but just not making them!


AFM- I am just dealing with the same legal battles as nhklh here too. Gotta love the Australian Government irked.gif...... This morning we also had a house inspection. For those of you who heard about my vomit run in with the land lord you can guess why! (For those who don't know, last week or so the landlord randomly peered through my bedroom window in the middle of the day, and saw me in bed throwing up in a bucket!) .... My guess is that the landlord asked them to come on over and look for vomit stains! Grr and haha at the same time!

Today I am trying to relax, which is proving really hard!!!! Im also seeing my counsellor (i do every 2 weeks to deal with "family issues") today, which should provide some relief, but really I just want to sit in bed and drink lol


Edited to add- TheMothership- you mentioned that you had to chat to someone about "residual issues from your childhood" before you truly felt good about your pregnancy/LO... Could you explain a little more? Sorry if that is a private question.. I just think that you have hit the nail on the head, and I am having troubles with the same thing

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Travelmumma- I didn't necessarily have a "bad" childhood, but more of a case of indifferent parents, so I didn't know how to be the loving attentive parent that I so wanted to be so it left me feeling detached.
I started Shen therapy http://shentherapy.info this time last year and it has changed things for me. It isn't a traditional form of therapy, but it has helped me a lot. It looks like there is a practioner kind of near you. If you want to know more about it just let me know and I can send you a message

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To the Aussie mamas : I feel your pain! When my 10 yr old DS was born, all of the midwives here had either gone underground or stopped practicing. There was a HUGE legislation thing going on, they were trying to outlaw homebirth and all of the DEM's. I was fortunate to eventually find one of the few 'underground' MW's who was willing to do some births, but pretty much told I couldn't tell anyone who she was lol. It is really crazy how much the government in so many places thinks they have the right to decide what we get to do with our bodies!


TM - if the renters tomorrow don't come through, it's all yours lol - do you need 660o square feet for the 2.5 of you lol?


ESP - waiting to hear about the race like everyone else! I hope you didn't push it too far :)


nhklh - I agree - don't answer the phone!!!!


sunseeker - I am dying to know, too, and I won't be finding out, lol. I want a girl SO bad (3 boys already!), and I just want to know NOW if this really is one. And I am sticking with my guns and not finding out.

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It's such a bummer to hear that some of you have trouble with access to homebirth, such a shame!

Hehe, the marathon is Saturday.  We did our last training run today, which went pretty well.  I'll keep you posted!  

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I'm 12 weeks and haven't had any morning sickness - which is normal for me, but just in the past week have been starting to feel ill in regard to a bunch of foods.  Couldn't eat mushrooms or green peppers in the roasted veggie mix dp made this morning, or the avocado that was supposed to go on top.  Have not been able to eat a lot of veggies lately, unfortunately.  And smells are worse than ever.  I've even starting sneezing occasionally when a food I've just tried eating is really grossing me out.  (With my first two pregnancies I did feel sick in the first trimester - but whenever I thought I was about to throw up, I'd just sneeze instead!  evolution?  haha)  Nothing major or anything to complain about in comparison to some of the morning sickness I know the rest of you gals have gone through - but it does seem kind of funny that my body is just now deciding that foods are gross! 


I'm also very obviously showing now at 12 weeks and need to tell my ex! and my kids, but we're all going through so much right now - my 12 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with anorexia and it suddenly looks like I'm going to be heading to Portland with her and the other 3 kids for the summer so that she can go to the Kartini clinic there - figuring out housing and finances, etc etc - and leaving town in as soon as a week without any prior knowledge that we'd be doing this!  So, I guess that means I should get off the computer and go clean a bit or do some yoga before work!

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I've been super busy getting my old house ready for some renters - the last renters we had really did NOT take care of the place. And it's not a little $800/month place - it's 6600 sq feet, and I've had to clean the whole thing essentially alone in the last 2 days. I definitely got my exercise, but feeling like I may not get out of bed again for a week! 

Sucky, mama! We have a rental, too, and it is one of those tiny houses, (about 800 square feet.) That thing took a week to get back up to par as our last renters were awful, too. I feel for you! That's is such hard work!! 


There's so much going on with all of us mamas. Hugs to all of you beautiful ladies. I'm starting a penpal thread so we can all start sending eachother some love through the mail. Maybe some little gifts will help lighten all of this stress? 


I think it's totally starting to feel real now, making me have to actually start doing some work and preparations for the baby around here. I'm pulling up more carpet today. Yep- totally pregnant over here. The nesting has started. 

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