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Kel~ I am keeping you in my thoughts. I hope everything goes smoothly and that your daughter's recovery goes well.


I agree with Purposeful~there is a lot going on with us all, I hope you are all doing well/better. I'm 14 weeks and a day and am freaking myself out because I haven't felt Button wiggling as much the past couple of days and I am soooo worried, but what with the UC'ing I am just trying to relax. DH says I freak out every time, lol, so it must be the pregnancy amnesia that keeps me from remembering that it is always like this, lol.

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Oh Kel, what a journey for you all (emotionally).  I have a lot of experience in the anorexia dept.  I used to volunteer for the National Eating Disorders Association and the Kartini Clinic comes very highly recommended.  What a relief that you are able to support your daughter in this way.  Your involvement and this type of intervention gives her such high chances of a good recovery.  I admire you so much mama.

Well, the half marathon did not go as planned today, meaning, I did not run greensad.gif.  The weather was rainy and 50 and the thought of being wet and cold on top of everything else was just too much for me to handle.  DH still ran, and after he was in so much pain that I'm actually pretty relieved.  I'm honestly not sure I could've done it without pushing my body waaaaaay to far.

This pregnancy is the first of my 3 in which I have felt like I'm really missing all the fun.  I do realize that I am the lucky one who gets to carry this sweet baby every day.  We planned so many things to do before we knew, so I'm just taking some time to get over having to miss or postpone all of the cool activities.  I think the short time in between these two babes is a contributing factor too.  I had a nice long tantrum/pout session last night to try and get over it.  I'd really like to get this issue resolved soon so I can go on enjoying what I presume to be my last pregnancy.

Hope all is well with everyone!

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On a great note, I hosted my first "mama blessing" tonight for a friend. It was wonderful and everything that a typical baby shower is not. Among the yummies to eat and drink were the appropriate cold raspberry leaf tea, and my friend even made this amazing placenta cake complete with a red velvet inside. Kind of morbid, yes? yummy.gif (This mama is a placenta encapsulist, so this was a must!) 


Our activity we did while I gave the mama a manicure, (I used nail stickers, as they last for weeks! This mama is "due" tomorrow and usually goes about a week late, so I know she will have pretty nails for the birth :))  was this: I cut out pieces of paper, about 2X3inches and punched holes in the tops of them. I then had everyone there draw a picture on one side and write down a birth affirmation/birth advice on the other side. Then I strung it on a piece of yarn and made it into birth garland! It turned out so great and even had some of us tearing up with what some of the mamas wrote down on it. The mama going to have the baby is going to hang it up in her bedroom where she plans to give birth. 


Then we did henna on her belly and while it dried, we told positive birth stories.  She also opened a few gifts that were mostly for her and some handmades for her baby. 


Everyone helped me clean up and it was just a very relaxing, calm night. We had a ton of fun and I can't wait until this mama has her baby!! (I'm her doula, btw.)


I will upload pictures of her cake and belly for you ladies to see tomorrow. They both turned out really neat! 

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purposefuldoula--I attended a mama blessing a while back, when I was pregnant with my last.  We were about as pregnant as well...very cool and touching.  It was the mom's first out of hospital birth after a traumatic cesarean and a good though frustrating vbac.  It was wonderful seeing all the positive energy and thoughts that encouraged her to have her homebirth.



travelmumma--Oh my, I'm so sorry in so many ways to hear what's been going on recently and that it's been a difficult time.  Not only were things emotional, but now having to deal with birth attendant drama....that is NO fun.  If anything, us pregnant women need stability and reassurance in this respect.  I went through a little bit of that with my third when my midwife who I felt highly connected with got in a car accident a month before my birth.  A pretty major one.  It did wind up that I was one of the first births she came back for (on crutches and hobbling around).  But I remember the stress during the scrambling when nobody thought she'd return in time.  And the thought that I'd possibly wind up having to have a birth other than at home was very difficult.



Like a few others here, I too had a nasty headache earlier this week.  The major blessing with that was that my mom was here...she helped immensely.  But it was so severe I was barely functioning. In my case it was definitely sinus related.  I wound up doing the nasal rinse 6 times and finally it knocked it out (it was helping initially but would come back full force 3-4 hours after the rinses at first).  I suck at controlling the nausea during these headaches!  I threw up all over the place, including at a bus stop.  Had to tell one of the neighbors as they saw me throwing up outside.  LOL.  Thankfully my aim was good...but I had thrown up enough over a couple of days they couldn't find a vein at the mw's office!  Woops! 

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