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June 18th-- weekly chat, its that time!

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you know the routine.. lets do this :)

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Hi!  Happy Monday everyone!  I've been pretty quiet lately since I've been working absolutely insane hours to the point that I was terrified that all the lack of sleep and stress was going to push me into preterm labor. And I thought I was going to have one more week of ridiculousness, made even worse by the fact that my husband is in trial too.  But, yay!, our mock trial that was supposed to be next weekend just got postponed last night until August.  So, while there would have been something nice about getting it over with, I'm really excited just to have a moment to breath.  And really happy for my daughter too, who has been having a hard time with how much I've been gone lately. 


So now this week is looking like it should be a good one. I've got a routine OB appointment today and then dinner with the whole extended family, an old friend is going to be in town on Tuesday, and on Thursday we are doing our refresher birthing class which I am super excited about, since neither my husband and I have focused on the birth at all yet, and I'm really hoping this gets us in the right mindset.  And best of all, on Friday, I get to cancel the babysitter, and actually spend a full day with my daughter!

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Just had my 33 week prenatal appointment.  Measuring in at 34 weeks, babe's heartrate was a leisurely 130 (I think it was asleep), and everything looks good.  I was relieved to hear the heartbeat, because this is a lazy baby.  I just don't feel dramatic movement and after I workout, the baby will basically sleep for like an entire day.  Ugh.  At any rate, everything else looks good!


We finally finished all our home improvement projects, so now it's just a matter of cleaning some things up and getting back on my writing schedule.  I have to finish this project before this baby gets here.


Otherwise, this week is looking nice and calm.  I'm almost fully recovered from horrible bronchitis last week and am hoping I get some energy back soon. 

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Good Morning everyone! 

How are you feeling Ithappened? I noticed in the last thread you mentioned some spotting, and I woke up this morning wondering if you were having your babies soon?

Rebecca, glad you will get some R & R with your dd. Wish I could go to dinner with all of my family but they live too far!

Lily, sounds like it should be smooth sailing. Glad all the housing projects are done. thumb.gif


We had a great father's day yesterday. My dd loves daddy so much, and it was fun to be happy about him all day. 

Kind of on the weird side though, I am almost embarassed to say this, but I have been losing bits of mucous plug. No blood or anything, but definitely not looking like the other 7 months. I can't remember with my first if this is normal or not yet. Anyone know?

I am getting so excited for my little dd to be a big sister. I cannot wait for her to lay eyes on her baby. Sniff, sniff. So excited, and weepy all the same. 


Anyways, thinking of you all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. 


Intime, how is baby Crosby?? 

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Hi everyone! I, too, have been gone for a bit. My mom was here all of last week, and we kept pretty busy. It can feel complicated to have her around. On the one hand, I appreciate her company and help so much; on the other hand, it's physically and emotionally exhausting! She requires a lot of attention and patience, and then I feel guilty when I feel frustrated and just want to be alone for a while. Anyway, overall it was good. But I'm glad to be back to normal life this week. We have so much to do. We are so much farther behind anyone else that I know. It's starting to stress me out.


It got up into the 90's over the weekend, which is kind of hot for our little 1-bedroom apt. with no AC. It made me re-evaluate how I'm going to survive the rest of the summer--I think I'm going to start going to the pool in the afternoons. Once I find a swimsuit, that is. And on Wednesday I'm going to try to get to LLL meeting. Has anyone been going to those/gone in the past? My midwife appointment last week went great. Everything looks good and normal still. I can never hear the heartbeat through the fetoscope though, even though my DH can, and this time my mom could hear it loud and clear too. I don't know what's wrong with my ears!


Rebecca--it sounds like you are ready for a quieter week, and time and space to focus on the baby and birth. Hope you have a great week!

LilyTiger, ugh, bronchitis! That's miserable, even when not pregnant. Glad to hear that things are looking up though, and that your house is returning to some semblance of normal. Good luck with the writing!

Poppylove, so nice that you had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to seeing how this baby grows up and hopefully loves his/her dad just as much as yours does. 

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Sarah, good idea about the LLL meeting.  I have been while pregnant and it was good to go.  How are you so much further behind?  I might be able to make you feel better about that! 

Poppy, not sure on the plug.  Glad Fathers Day was good.  

LilyTiger, congrats on getting your home improvement stuff done.  That must be feel fantastic! 

Rebecca, hope this week is great!  Sounds like it has been super stressful lately.  

I was admitted to L&D this weekend.  Still in a lot of unexplained constant pain but the babe is doing great in there.  LilyTiger, like yours my baby isn't really what I would consider all that active.  But is active daily at random times and I will feel kicks/punches but mostly does a lot of just hanging out and I guess sleeping, sometimes I feel little taps, shifting positions gradually.  I hear a lot of people talk about how they can't even sleep sometimes due to the activity or how their baby is crazy in there and non stop.  That is not the case here. 

Ithappened, have you been seeing any more blood?  It is getting close for us!  But even closer for you since you have twins.  

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Hi Everyone!  


ItHappened - how are things w/you?  Hope all is well in your corner of the world....

Rebecca - nice to hear that your schedule is getting some relief!  Enjoy your week and your time w/your daughter!

LilyTiger - glad you're starting to feel better, rest up!

Poppylove - ohhhh boy, the mucous plug!!!  One of those big markers that birth day is coming (although I can't predict how soon that could be in your case!)

Sarahdb - the pool sounds like sweet relief for that hot weather.  I'm also hoping to get to an LLL mtg before this birth, I'd love to hear how your meeting goes this week!  There are only 2 mtgs a month in my area and I missed them for June, so hopefully I can make it next month....

Sol - oh dear!  Hope you're doing ok!!  Glad to hear that Baby is fine though....


AFM - this is my 34th week!!  I cannot believe that means 6 more weeks (at most) to go here.... 3 more weeks to being "full term" !!  I'm really starting to focus on when that big day might arrive.  DH is away again for 10 days and he has 2 more scheduled work trips in July before my due date.  Needless to say his later trips will worry me more but I'm holding off from vocalizing my concerns or being "needy" about his presence until after the baby's birth - when I'll really need his help around the house!


My Mom is coming to visit this week (from MA), which is a big deal as she never travels, especially alone.  I haven't seen her since Christmas.  I had to send her a 3-page insanely detailed instruction sheet on how to get from point A to point B including obvious things like "charge & turn on cell phone" and "adjust your watch when you connect in Chicago".  We have a very strange relationship - no deep conversations or emotional feely-stuff.  She's more of a task oriented person, so I'm getting a bunch of freezer meal recipes together to keep us busy this week.  As odd and unbalanced as we are together (Sarahdb, my patience will be tested too!), I'm still really looking forward to having her here!!

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rebecca10 yah for a week off! I am looking forward to the end of this month because I'll be officially done for the summer with my work and able to (I hope) get a week or two off before the twins come. Do you have any fun plans for the Friday with your DD?


Lily- sounds like you're in the home stretch of the to-dos? and glad to hear you are almost/finally recovering from the bronchitits..


poppylove welcome to the mucus plug club! :) I never had this with DS1- but then I carried him till 42w without a single sign of labor until I went into it (and he was born 6 hours later)


Sol a weekend in L&D.. eek! How are you feeling now?


NewMum- yahhhh! thats great news your mom is visiting and you have some time to prep for her task.. I hope you can leverage her to-dos and get a lot of help one way or another..


sarahdb I hear you on how exhausting but nice having family around is. I often feel like after my family visits I need a few days to sleep/recover.



AFM- Sunday I had some bleeding and mucus--  just enough to panic me a little but not enough to make me go to the hospital to have it checked since it was just one incident then stopped pretty quickly and I had really overdone it over the weekend so Im wondering if that had something to do with it.. . I kept thinking 'no I can't go into labor tonight I haven't finished my to-do list!!'


In a way it felt very real though, DH and I had the discussion that if I went into labor that night, I was going to take a taxi to the hospital alone and he'd stay here with DS.. so the reality of birth alone really finally hit home.. shake.gif. I am ok with it but a bit sad..


I have an appointment on Thursday morning for my every other week check..  so if there is any more changes/blood before that I will head in but today (other then really um.. 'soft' stool the last 24 hours) I am feeling more or less fine. I went swimming and that really was a lifesaver- the heat wave here is so bad right now and Im not looking forward to the summer in this studio apartment with no AC or relief other then some ice packs and wet towels..


What else.. My parents also are coming-  - they booked their flights for the end of July (so I will have just given birth most likely). I have really mixed feelings about their visits as they tend to end up being much more exhausting then helpful and being in a country where they don't speak the language means they depend on DH and I for everything ... I had asked them to come in August to help but at this point I will take what I can get and recognize it won't be perfect which I'm not the best at 2whistle.gif

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Newmumjoy, I understand about making it clear what type of help you will need and that is a good thing.  I have heard bad stories about people who come under the guise of being helpful and it so stressful for new moms.  Glad your mom is coming, the 3 page of instructions sound quite involved, that was nice of you to do.  

Ithappened, I am physically the same but emotionally I am relieved since baby is good.  I just have to attempt to take it easy, which isn't really my strong point.  The trip also made me and DH comes to terms with this is very real and despite lots of constant work on the lists we aren't prepared quite as much as we wanted to be at this point.  I am so sorry that you have to take a taxi alone.. I do know you said your DS1 isn't really at an age where the hospital would be a good place for him to go, plus you have a dog at home that needs attention too, and it has been hard to work things out.  This might be far fetched but maybe DS1 could fly to grandparents house for 1 couple of weeks and come back with them when they fly back in July?  Just trying to brainstorm here so you can have the support you need for a twin birth and have a chance to recover as peacefully as possible in your situation.  

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the problem with flying to the grandparents Sol is that its a 23 hour flight (one way) with 2 layovers and DS is not even 2.5yo.. so he can't fly solo-- he is still some days in diapers. I have literally asked everyone I know here if they are available but most everyone is away for July. Our closet family member is 4 hours away but we are not on very good terms with them and I am not sure I would trust their judgement with DS.. anyhow.


I have for the most part come to terms with the fact I will birth alone and I think I am at peace with that -- I acknowledge that having DH there means having DS1 there which will be more stressful for me then to be there alone. I will be so worried about DS1 that I will be sidetracked during the birth because I will keep wanting to make sure he didn't run out of the room, or he is massaging and eating things out of the trash can or or or.. DH just isn't good, ok, he sucks- at multitasking and so I'll just be there trying to give birth while juggling my needs with the twins needs with DS1 needs..

I just have to attempt to take it easy, which isn't really my strong point.


I am horrible at this too-- any luck finding ways to do it?

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Hi ladies! I kept meaning to respond to people over last week, but it seems as though I can only manage to write on the weekly threads once a week. :(  But I still read along.


Good news on a more manageable schedule, Rebecca. I agree you deserve it and I hope it helps you feel better.


Lily, great that you are feeling better and things are calmer! I'm in a similar boat with some of my work projects and am making great progress, but I always feel as though I will never be done.


Poppy, I have no idea about the mucous plug, but I do seem to be having a bit more discharge in general. As a first-timer, I have no idea if I would know the difference, but I'm sure you do.


Sarah, of how I can relate to the mom stuff. I really need to remind myself over and over that I can't change her and just have to grit my teeth sometimes. I feel so bad about it, but usually we get along fine, it's just the anticipation and the memories of the unexpected blowups that have me on edge about my parents' visit after I give birth. On the fetoscope, I have one and found this thread really useful in explaining how to use it.


Sol, it's not clear to me from your post if you are staying in L&D until the birth? Or you were just there over the weekend? Thinking of you and I hope the pain decreases.


NewMum, happy to hear about your mom's visit! That's a big deal and I love that you wrote her such detailed instructions! My dad had his first plane trip when we moved here, but he got to go with my mom who's done more flying. Now they are pros at traveling, but I still have to buy the tickets because it's too overwhelming for them (even if they are taking trips that don;t involve visiting me!?)


Ithappened, it does sound like you are close, but what do I know? I am glad to hear that you are at peace with the birthing alone, but I wish there were another viable option for you to have your dh with you. 


AFM, my ob appt is tomorrow and I'm doing fine, I think. We'll see about the weight, so far it's been totally unpredictable in my 2week appointments. Dh and I cleaned out the closet in the nursery and things are looking better, but there is still baby stuff I have no idea where we will store.


I have more pain in my tailbone and pelvis area, and am again having hip pain after sleeping, which are the more constant symptoms. Other than that, just slight heartburn, my hands swell when I take my walks (then it goes right away), and my feet ache if I am on them for too long. Case in point was Saturday when I went for a 4mile walk, made 2 dishes for lunch, dusted, and then washed the floors after dh vacuumed. My legs were achy but not swollen, so I just put them up for several hours and felt better. I can imagine that there will be a point of no return for the aches, though, which I am not looking forward to. 

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I can imagine that there will be a point of no return for the aches, though, which I am not looking forward to.


Its possible it won't happen. I had no really 'forever' aches with DS1- really I would be a bit sore or stiff for a few hours but nothing 'chronic' even in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with him

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Hey Everybody - Quick check in here - Wow we are really moving into the homestretch. Everyone's getting big, tired and stressed ;).  So normal and so so so meaning we are almost ready to have these babies!!! 


I am just about 32 weeks and doing fine - but I'm pretty exhausted.  I haven't had a day off in two weeks.  I also have a cold (the one the rest of my family had last week - thankfully I didn't get it when I was working 16 hour days ;).  I'm starting to reach my max - both physically and mentally - but the work on the homefront and in my job is not letting up. 


The good news is that we are moving back to the US (Pennywhistle - last week you had asked where - we're moving to Michigan) - and we are flying home on July 16.  I'm very excited, although nervous for all the change ahead.  I want to close out of my job and leave things in a good place, and I also have to help my family transition across the world after living here for 4 1/2 years.  Yikes!  My to-do list is dizzying.  


My baby is doing great - moving lots - very sweet... I'm just now getting excited to meet this little mystery person ;).  It's been too busy to fully appreciate the fact that there's a little human inside of me!  The miracle is not lost on me though - as tired as I am and as much as I'm looking forward to NOT being pregnant anymore - this reality is truly breathtaking - from the tiniest of cells multiplying all the way to a beautiful new person - Wow!  


Enjoy the week everyone!  Sending good thoughts and vibes everyone's way.

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Rebecca - What a nice unexpected break for you! Have a great friday w your daughter.


Lily - Glad you're feeling better. Bronchitis is no fun! :P Glad baby is doing well in there and you can start to settle into your nice 'new' space.


Poppy - Your Father's Day sounds so sweet w your Daddy's girl! About the mucous plug - its not unusual to loose bits of it over time, it can also regenerate. Its when you start to see the 'show'/blood that really indicates you have changes happening in there. :)


Sarah - "We are so much farther behind anyone else that I know. It's starting to stress me out."  I could probably help you feel better about this. We still have almost nothing arranged for this LO. You are definitely not alone! bigeyes.gif


Sol - I hope you're feeling better! Glad baby is doing well in there.


NewMum - I hope you have a great visit w your Mom! It sounds like you have a great plan in place for your time together. When my parents visit I have to do the same thing. Not so much the detailed instructions but the list of tasks/activites. Otherwise they'll just hang around asking "so, what do you want to do?" over and over and over...! My Mom is so defferential. She's lovely but it can drive me crazy. She won't make a decision! All that travel for your DH would have me nervous too. But you seem to have a really good perspective on the situation. I hope he'll be able to be home w you more in the fall.


ithappened - Wow! You might be the next to welcome your LO's from our group. Sounds like you are experiencing some changes there, its always hard to tell how significant the signals are. But the blood/mucous combined w the loose stool definitely sounds like you could have some dilation/thinning happening. You could have your OB check when you go for your appt if you want to know. Even if that's the case, it can go on for weeks. A friend/client of mine started dialating 6 wks before she actually went into labor. I'm glad you're at peace w possibly going through this labor on your own but I'm sorry that you're really facing having to do it. Be sure to let us know here, we'll all be w you in spirit! grouphug.gif


"I had asked them to come in August to help but at this point I will take what I can get and recognize it won't be perfect which I'm not the best at" I have really been struggling with this through this pregnancy, too. I'm so detail-oriented and its so hard for me to let go of all the little things I want for this birth. I basically have had to let go of everything that I wanted that isn't essential due to budget/timing/circumstances. Ultimately i know its about giving birth to a healthy baby, I'm just trying to find a way to be content w feeling so out of control and seeing all of the things I envisioned this time to be slip away. I just need to find a way to appreciate it for what it is and be grateful for all the good stuff because there is a lot of it. Bit of a tangent...sorry!


Lizbiz - Your prespective is a breath of fresh air! So glad that the plan is coming into shape for you. But, wow, that's going to be a crazy couple of months! You are my hero!


I've been house hunting online like crazy trying to prep for this move. We're going to head down to Norfolk this weekend to scope out neighborhoods and look at a few places. Hopefully we'll be able to get something lined up quickly so we don't have to be uprooted longer than absolutely neccesary. This move is definitely bumping baby prep to the back burner, which has me stressed out. I'm just so nervous that this baby will come and we will not be prepared AT ALL. Sigh. I just keep telling myself that we have time but its flying by so quickly and pretty soon 9 wks is going to be no weeks...it will all come together, it will all come together, it will all come together...my mantra these days.

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I did forget about those of you who are moving yet before your little ones arrive.... you definitely have me beat on that! I wish you much strength and peace of mind as you navigate that AND getting ready for baby. I was probably being overly dramatic in my statement that I feel so unprepared. It's just that we have hardly bought anything yet. Someone gave us a bathtub, and we've been given a few outfits, but that's all we have. Last night we picked up a stroller/car seat system, and that's been our first real purchase. It just feels so overwhelming since we're in a small 1-bedroom apt. and the stroller already takes up half the living room! Where is everything else going to go??! I don't think we're having any showers either (no family around, and we haven't lived here very long), so it's mostly up to us to get a lot of what we need.


LeAnn--that's a good mantra. "It will all come together." I think you're right, and we just need to keep repeating it. eyesroll.gif

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Originally Posted by LeAnn A Doula View Post

Poppy - Your Father's Day sounds so sweet w your Daddy's girl! About the mucous plug - its not unusual to loose bits of it over time, it can also regenerate. Its when you start to see the 'show'/blood that really indicates you have changes happening in there.

Awesome, thanks for the info. It certainly doesn't feel like anything else is going on so Good to know it could be regenerating, which makes me feel kind of squeemy, haha.
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The power of positive thought! Right, Sarah?!? praying.gif



Going back to the chocolate zucchini thread...I just had to share my afternoon of baking. I made these...




...with this on top!




I made a few changes to the muffin recipe and they are soooo good! I used whole wheat flour, cut the oil down to 1/4c and added 3/4 c applesauce, cut the sugar by 1/2, added another 1/2 c of cocoa (I used hershey's special dark cocoa), addeed 1 c dk chocolate chips. Topped w the chocolate coconut milk frosting, they are to die for! 


Happy Tuesday!

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I have tried to reply to the group twice and lost it, I give up for now.  

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Hi ladies,

I apologize for not doing the indv. messages to folks, but my brain is just not firing on all cylinders right now.  


I didn't realize so many of us were moving.  The latest on our move is that we've found a house to rent and put down a deposit.  The only downside is that we may not be able to move in until July 23rd.  We were hoping to be moved closer to the beginning of July, but the house, location and price were right.  Now we just need someone to rent our house.


I had my first appt. with my new MW today and really liked her.  One of the best things about moving is that the hospital the new practice delivers at has tubs for water birth.  So next week I go to the 2 hour class the hospital requires in order to use the tubs.


In other news I strained (or sprained or pulled?) my round ligaments.  Holy OUCH Batman!  The beginning of the day is ok, but by bedtime it's very painful.  It feels a lot like a pulled muscle just above my pubic bone at the base of my belly.  I over did it today and just about came to tears in Target from the pain.  This is gonna force me to slow down.  Tomorrow I'm heading to my sister's and I'm gonna camp out in the pool.  No cleaning, no packing, nothing but relaxing and catching up with my sister.

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ithappened - boy it sounds like you're getting close... I can imagine the excitement/emotion/anxiety when you had to ask "is it GO time?"  Cheers to you for being able to accept & conquer your many challenges, with DS, DH, logistics, visitors, help, etc.... try to focus on the taxi as the solution rather than the compromise.  I'm also trying to warm up to my very possible solitary taxi ride to the hospital next month.....soooo not what I ever envisioned for myself, but......


LizBiz - sounds crazy over there for you - hope you can rest up and feel better soon!  What part of MI are you moving to?  DH is from the northwest part of the state - very nice up there - and we lived in East Lansing through most of last year...


LeAnn - that recipe looks awesome... and I've been LOVING chocolatecoveredkatie's blog!!!  She has such yummy decadent (yet healthy!) recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth....mmmmmm


KristiDi - So glad you're liking your new MW and hospital!  I soooo wish we had tubs at mine.  R&R at the pool sounds fabulous!!!


Good luck this week to you ladies planning and working out your big moves (KristyDiLeAnnLizBiz) !!!  We move quite frequently, so I know how much work is involved w/relocating, researching neighborhoods, house/apt hunting, leaving your old place, financing, deposits, packing, moving, unpacking, ahh!!  And you've got your babies coming, on top of all that!!  Even though we're not moving until October 1st (thus we won't have to worry about all the birth logistics) I'm trying to get a head start on things now as I don't know what condition I'll be at 8 wks postpartum.  I almost wish that we were relocating while still pregnant because at least LO would be safe and sound and portable - and I wouldn't be slowed down by things like pp recovery, sleep deprivation, learning to nurse, changing diapers, and generally adjusting to motherhood....


"It will all come together" - yes how fitting for us all, LeAnn!

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