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In answer to your question, Peggy, yes.  I am an outreach worker for a harm reduction organisation whose clientele is entirely comprised of persons with HIV AIDS and/or Hep C.


Very curious why you ask. 

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Originally Posted by kaylee18 View Post

Peggy, the AIDS denialist organization, Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives, which was founded by Christine Maggiore, still lists you as a member of their advisory board: http://www.aliveandwell.org/ (if you click on "about us" and scroll down, all board members are listed). Are you still a board member? What is your position on HIV/AIDS denialism? What is the position of Mothering.com?


i, too, would like a straight up answer to these questions. 

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Me three! Tell us, please.
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Perhaps some sort of rhetorical question?   

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Originally Posted by Peggy O'Mara View Post

Have any of you tested positive to HIV? Do you know any mothers who have? 

Yes! I do as well.
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I haven't. Both my clients and I have been fortunately all negative until now. However it's certainly possible that I could have a + client in the future.

I'm also curious as to why you ask :-)
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For what it's worth....I live in Kenya and DH works for a maternal and infant health program in nairobi's slums. HIV moms are encouraged to breast feed unil 6 months, then wean quickly over the course of one week. This is the current WHO protocol but it changes periodically. They want moms to breast feed bc the babies need the immunities, and bc it's a virtual guarantee they'll become malnourished otherwise as poor moms can't afford formula and typically resort to cows milk, rice, water etc. The quick weaning is meant to protect babies from contracting HIV, unless they were exposed during birth, but is not a guarantee. Still, commonplace belief is that breatfeeding and taking the risk of hiv exposure is preferable to severe malnutrition. Which i find interesting....sort of a lose-lose, regardless. Im not trying to hijack this thread, I just thought some people would be interested by the developing world take on this.
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Yeah, it's based on studies that show mixed feeding is the most dangerous in terms of HIV transmission.  So they want the kids either only breastfeed or only on formula/other foods not both at once any more than can be helped. 


But that's in areas where the risk of not being able to access a steady supply of formula or the risk of formula mixed with dirty water outweighs the risk of HIV transmission.  In developed nations clean water and social problems to help supply formula to those who can't afford it on their own, the risk of HIV transmission greatly outweigh the benefits of breastfeeding, and the recommendation is absolutely to bottle feed.  This generally means formula, though donor milk is also an option to those fortunate enough to have access  to a safe supply of it.  

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Curious about mothering's stance as well...

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this really deserves a straight answer

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I am also awaiting a response.

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I think we are being ignored here.
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I have seen these questions asked and not answered here before so I think we're being ignored too but I'm not really surprised. And it leads me to draw my own conclusions.
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No one is going to call themselves an HIV/AIDS "denialist", of course.  They will deny that some or all of the HIV tests work correctly, or at all, or that the virus exists, or that AZT works, or say that AZT causes the symptoms associated with HIV/AIDS, and dream up alternative reasons for why people who refuse conventional treatment often die exactly the way mainstream medicine predicts they will.  And we can draw our own conclusions that way.

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I do not think Peggy has to answer.  She is hardly on trial here.  We know there were a series of articles written on aspects of mothering and HIV/AIDS.  I remember reading one or two and thought they were fascinating reads.  She is listed as a board member at Alive and Well.  If these are things you cannot live with, then perhaps you need to decide if MDC is the right place for you.  


Edited to add:  my above post was not directed at anyone who just discovered MDC's history of questioning mainstream HIV/AIDS. I would understand their demanding answers.  

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i'm not so concerned with whether the answer is yes or no. the answer dodging/ignoring is very suspicious on its own, and I expect a lot more from this magazine.

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Originally Posted by lvvq View Post

i'm not so concerned with whether the answer is yes or no. the answer dodging/ignoring is very suspicious on its own, and I expect a lot more from this magazine.

Yes, as an old timer here.. I agree.
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What is going on here? Why can no one get an answer for this simple question?
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