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weekly chat june 18-24

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gettin us started over here! I wish it were not monday.. But I only have 3 more mondays until I'm done with work!
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whow..madimamacita is on a ROLL this am smile.gif. good morning ladies. i'm at my ob office right now for the glucose screening. i already downed the drink and now i'm waiting. time to read smile.gif. last night was better than saturday night. no cramps, no contractions, all good. baby is all over the place but having a good time in there.
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monday morning and I happened to wake up earlier than my alarm.. during the week I don't normally get a whole lot of time to post and you guys must all be out doing fun things during the weekend! It was so boring in here yesterday!
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UGH, MissE!  You just reminded me I have to do that damn test this week. And I lost my orders for it so I need to get those faxed from my OB's office. Good times. How am I supposed to fit in the hour-plus that that requires with all the summer fun we have going on???

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I decided to wave the glucose screen, my midwife said that if I start getting any symptoms of diabetes I can always take the test later.  I like that!


I strained my back yesterday and now I am so uncomfortable.  I finally called to schedule a massage (living social coupon i bought months ago!) and I am just waiting on them to call me back.  I don't have an osteopath appointment for another week and a half.  I may call to see if they can fit me in this week.  My back was bad the entire pregnancy with DD, amazing that I survived the pain!

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Spending the morning trying to get the boys to focus on getting out to the pool. It is the hottest day of the year, and it didn't cool down last night, so I have to suck it up and use the A/C all day. At least we have it to use! Last summer was rough without A/C, and I wasn't even pregnant.

My midwife hasn't mentioned the glucose test. I did it the first time around, and while it was gross, it wasn't a big deal. Second time around, my midwives didn't really care, so I skipped it with no problems. Not sure what we'll do this time- I haven't had any concerns to that end.

My midwife is also not requiring a second U/S, which is a relief. She said the risk of the placenta moving lower is so incredibly rare, and it is currently only borderline low (as of 22 or 23 weeks). I'll do one if my husband is concerned, but I'd really rather not. After all, I'm finally tempted to find out the gender, which is a new feeling for me, and not having another chance makes that easier =).
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That reminds me, I need to call and find out when those results come in. The birthing center has never called me with test results. It's annoying. Come to think it, I've never gotten calls about tests from any doctors (why don't they do that more??). Honestly, the drink wasn't bad. It tasted like slightly concentrated orange soda. Wouldn't drink it everyday, but not horrible.

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When I did the glucose screen with DD I did the pancake breakfast option - you basically have to pour half a cup of REAL maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles.  YUM!  I got an appointment for a massage this afternoon, can not wait!

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It is hot as Hades here, too, help007!  And I am forgetting to drink my water, so I feel like crap. I'd usually be at the pool, but I am wiped out.


ascher--I've recently been told by every darn doc that they'll only call if the results are "bad". I'd much rather know either way. And I hate that you have to drag details out of them. I want numbers and reference ranges, darn it! I also do NOT want the nurse's opinion. Just give me the facts and let me discuss it with my dr!


Ava's--Hope you get some relief! My last pregnancy I got lots of massages at the end, and it was fantastic. I felt SO good.


glucose screening--I feel better taking it because I have had 2/3 high results (both my girls) and have a family history of diabetes. This time I am AMA though, and I did decline the first tri one. Two years ago with my DS, my 1hr was only in the 90s, so I am quite sure I don't have issues when I am not pregnant! I just hate taking the time to take it since my lab has you come in, sign in, wait for them to call you THEN drink the drink THEN wait your hour. It takes forever, and I usually fast before mine and do it first thing in the morning. For whatever reason, the one I took in the afternoon was by far my highest. I WILL NOT do the 3hr if I fail, though. It's awful. I'll test daily instead.

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phew. My results were good. I don't have GD and my blood levels look good. Thank goodness!


Ava's Mom: that rocks! What I wouldn't give for an excuse to eat pancakes!! I wanted french toast so badly the other day.


MissE, I forgot to comment about your trip to hospital: I'm glad everything's ok and you're feeling better.


Crystal: Unfortunately as a newbie I'm not very learned in most of what you were describing, but I'm sorry it is causing you such distress.


Help007: It has been nice and hot here in FL, too. I've noticed that if I go out into the heat (even if I'm just riding in the car or walking for 5 minutes) then go into A/C, I get dizzy. Yesterday I had to lean on a shelf in Sur la Table until the room stopped moving. I said to my husband "I'm getting dizzy" and he just nodded and then left me there feeling dizzy while he went to get a free espresso sample. ?!?


Turns out I thought I was 27 weeks last week. Nope. I'm 27 weeks today. Wishful thinking! lol.gif

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It's supposed to be above average temperatures here this week too. Luckily we just got the AC fixed, because I cannot handle the 70-80% humidity days. I can tolerate 90F if the humidity is low. That just never happens haha!


I'm still debating the glucose test. I really don't want to pay for a test I don't need, but the part of my brain that likes to worry about everything is saying "what if??" I really have no reason to think I have GD though so why waste my time or money? Gah. I'm switching care providers and she's pretty open to discussing it with me, so hopefully we'll figure it out at my first appointment with her. She did tell me that she is in favor of the glucola test. The research behind other methods of testing (jelly beans, other foods) shows that's just not as reliable. I have a friend who writes an incredible blog about the research behind some of the standard American methods of care, evidencebasedbirth.com, I think you all would really enjoy it. The article on GD is awesome (well, ok, they're all awesome)! She's a nurse with access to some of the best reviews and research, so I really trust her posts, they're very well documented.


I'm getting ready to place my first Etsy order. I'm trying some natural, simple ingredients skin care. It's much cheaper than the Earth Mama Angel Baby I had been planning on using. I've been using California Baby lotions, but I don't really want to continue to support them after the recent ingredient change faux pas situation. EMAB gets excellent EWG reviews, and is entirely vegan. But, there aren't many stores that sell it in town and it's so expensive. And I feel like I've tried a dozen different natural shampoos and haven't found one I like so I'm venturing into the bar shampoo world with this etsy product. Really, really hoping it works! If anyone has a natural, vegan shampoo/skincare line they want to recommend, I'd love to add it to my list of back ups!

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I'm glad that the heat wave we had a week and a half ago is hopefully not coming back soon.  We've been having low 80s here. It's a bit warm, but it does not wear me out when I ride my bike.  

I have not been online for a while since DH got a full time temporary (hopefully permanent) job in mid-may and we had to put our DS in a daycare and on top of that work was crazy preparing for a big conference out of town that a large group of my co-workers are attending now. I am glad that I did not get to go and have this week be kind of slow.  I did the glucose test, which was to drink 10oz welch's grape juice an hour before the midwife appointment and two hours after not having food or drink.  Not that bad. The numbers were good.  Aside from that, when I had my anatomy ultrasound they found a "tumor" in the placenta, which is basically a group of blood vessels that got together and had some blood flow to them.  The doctor said that they will need to check every 2-4 weeks.   We did not really want more ultrasounds, this was the only one we chose, but the midwives consulted with the doctor and we found that checking every 4 weeks will be enough since it is small(3cm). As of a week ago it had very little growth and almost all the blood flow had stopped which is very good :).  I still have to go back in four weeks though.  We are positive that it would not grow = affect the growth of the baby or his heart.  One good thing was that the doctor was very supportive of a home birth and said that ifeverything is well with the baby she would not recommend me going to the hospital.  

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This past week has been going soooo slowly for me. Still suffering from the baby's father disapearing... Trying to figure out whether or not to ask him to sign off our son to me 100%... It's hard... Also, I always thought of Nico coming at "the end of summer" which seemed so far away... then I looked at my calendar this morning... IT'S THE MIDDLE OF JUNE! Summer is waaay past starting... Our newborns are going to be here in NO time. I'm stoked



I didn't know that NIco's father has disappeared. I'm so sorry about that. You seem very collected about it though. All the best to you.

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Wow, Anyarose, I missed that in the last thread too. (Thanks for reposting Evi!) That must be very hard, but you sound like you are dealing with the situation well. It's a tough situation to be in. I totally get wanting him out of your and your baby's lives completely, but at the same time, it seems to me that that would let him off the hook as far as any parental responsibility.


Anacaro, I'm glad the placenta is looking good and that you seem to have a great non-alarmist doctor!


Artificial Red, I'd love to tak a look at your friend's blog if you don't mind posting a link. It sounds interesting. I'd love to know what you think of your Etsy products. I love Earth Mama Angel Baby but they are so expensive. My diaper and skin cream of choice for DD has been one made by All Things Jill called Smooth as a Baby's Bum Balm. I also like one called Abundance that our local drug store carries. They are both Canadian made though, so I'm not sure if they are available elsewhere. Neither of them are cheap, but they are a bit more affordable than EMAB. My MIL made a diaper cream for us once that was fantastic too. It was basically Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Calendula, and I think a couple other things. It worked great, but she lives about 1000 km away so I haven't been able to have her make any more.


Ascher, glad the results were good! But sorry you're a week behind where you thought! lol


Ugg, I had other replies too, but my mind is shot and I can't remember what I was going to say. Sorry!


I'm having a very pregnant day. My hips hurt, I have heartburn, I'm sulky because DH is out of town for work (just for a couple days) and I keep running into little roadblocks as I try to get DD's birthday party organized for next weekend. So basically I'm whiney. On the bright side, I'm super glad it's not as hot here as some of you are dealing with. You have my sympathy!

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MissE and Carlin (and everyone else),


He left about a month or two ago... Long story short was that he was extremely excited to be a daddy (complete with having baby apps and constantly asking how I was)... then all of a sudden, he flipped a switch and told me to abort (late term at 18 weeks)... When I told him I couldn't, he left me homeless and penniless in NYC after being in the USA for less than a month. Luckily, I called my sister (who I hadn't talked to in over 6 months) and told her that she was an AUNT and asked her for help. She was the only person I knew in the USA! So, she flew me out to Ohio where she was going to school and I've been working it out here since! 


It's been really tough. But, all of my life I've had to be adaptable and this is no different. I went from dating a millionare (he was well off) to applying for food stamps and medicaid on less than a week's notice. But you know what? I've worked through it and I have gotten SO much support from people world wide. And honestly... it's much much more saddening for my son's father... because he's going to miss out on SO much. Our son is so incredible and he hasn't even taken his first breath. It will be both of our first born and I think if he doesn't regret it now, he certainly will later in life. And that's sad. (this is what a lot of my blog is about, btw... there's a video explaining all this called, "The Week I Almost Lost You" posted a few weeks ago). 

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Oh wow, that is heartbreaking. I'm with carlin though. Having him sign Nico completely off to you makes it way easy on him. But then again, he doesn't seem to be interested so it's up to you if you'd want to establish a relationship with him and NIco after all. Ah MEN..sometimes I just don't get them. I'm glad to hear though that you are doing well, baby is doing well and everything is getting back in order.


@Anacaro: A tumor sounds scary. I'm glad to hear it doesn't seem to be developing in anything bigger. All the best to you.

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for those of you who are having difficulty getting test results in a timely manner, ask your care provider if they have an online service.


My MW has all my records online, password protected etc... , so I can read everything in my file, all her notes, all our e-mails, all my test results, everything, whenever i want.  


It might be an option.

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@Artificial Red- I absolutely have my favorite products! But of course every product is body-and-local-water dependent. I have thick, curly hair that frizzes if it isn't catered to exactly right. What works for me now is a filter on the shower to remove minerals (not a chlorine remover- an actual filter that removes Ca and Mg), Giovanni smooth as silk shampoo and conditioner (despite the name it is vegan, no silk), and Aveda be curly style prep. Some vegans are boycotting Aveda now because their parent company (Estee Lauder) tests on animals in China (where it is required by law). I'm still using product from before I learned this so I haven't had to make a decision yet as to how I feel about buying it in the future. For my face I use Sante cleansing milk http://www.naturaleurope.com/ne/S-41002.html?id=bWPUQDkH (again despite the name, vegan, no milk) and Beauty without Cruelty facial lotion SPF 15. I'm not particular about the brand of my shower gel or soap or body lotion (I just buy unscented). I made my own stretch mark cream which seems to be working very well. For our little one we are planning to use olive oil and coconut oil for everything lubricating-related, and only buy products if it becomes necessary. I bought a bottle of the Dr Bronners unscented baby soap that will be an ingredient in our changing-the-diapers spray-bottle and my mom bought us a bottle of the Aubrey organics baby soap if the baby's bum needs more washing than plain water can do. 


re: diabetes test- they don't do it in Norway unless there are symptoms of diabetes or the mother is over 38 years old. My midwife says a lot of the routine tests in the US are profit-motivated and not better-health motivated.

about me: I may have been exposed to fifth's disease (Parvo virus) by my friend's child who we are very close to and spend a lot of time with. So I went to go get my blood tested yesterday and I'll find out in a week if I have immunity and if I have the virus now. I'm certain I'm being overly cautious- all risks to the fetus are said to be prior to week 20 (and I am 29 now). But still, may as well have the blood test- if I'm immune, no worries at all :). My back is hurting a lot, I really don't know if the chiropractor visits are helping. After my appointment yesterday I felt good for about two hours, then had horrible pain the rest of the day. Luckily my body reacts to the back pain by putting me to sleep- I slept 12 hours last night! I feel so sorry for people whose bodies respond to pain with insomnia, that really, really sucks. My fetus is so active lately! 

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Ugh, I have a UTI. :\ I swear it came out of nowhere- in retrospect I think I had mild cramping during the day, but everything else was normal until 6:30 last night, and then.. ouch. We went out right away and got capsules with D-mannose and cranberry, and my mw told me to add a high dose of vitamin C to that and cut out almost all carbs (in addition to tons of water, of course). Last night was a bit rough, but it seems a bit less hateful this morning. (Knocking on wood..) Fingers crossed that this stuff works; mw says if it doesn't do the trick in 48 hours I'm on antibiotics.


The last two or three nights I've woken up with some numbness on my upper left leg/hip area.. just now putting together that this may be the back sleeping. So baby complains about side sleeping, my leg's going to fall off if I sleep on my back.. I have a feeling that by September I'm just going to end up hanging upside-down like a bat, because my options are getting pretty limited here. ;)

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Anya - You are such a strong woman, your son is very lucky to have you as his mama!


I got my massage yesterday and felt awesome, but today I am having worse pain mostly in the right lower back/glute area.  My DH blew up our yoga ball so I am usin that as my office chair to see if that helps.  Trying not to panic.  There is so much that I need to do around the hous, inside and out and right now anything agitates my back.  I am buying another groupon for a massage.  I tried to get into my osteopath sooner but no openings unless I want to drive 1.5 hours round trip.  I could go to my chiropractor, but I feel guilty because I switched to an osteopath for this pregnancy!  Also contemplating calling my acupuncturist, but that costs $$ too.  I just took for granted how good I was feeling!

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