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Anya--you go girl! I am amazed by your resilience.  I had some strange things like that happen when I was a baby, so I fully connect to your story. My biological parents were not hard-working, dedicated, positive, and nurturing like you are. I'm so glad you were able to find support. I can understand not wanting to deal with someone who is so inconsistent. Sometimes that makes it less worth it to drag out all these issues with child support, etc. The beauty of all this is that we can emerge from such dire difficulties with such strength and power, knowing we have the ability to change things for the better! joy.gif


Ava's Mamma--I had a prenatal massage and the woman attacked my shoulders. They were sore the next day, but it went away. I think sometimes our bodies do ache after a massage because they are not used to being in the new (better) position. Or, in my case, when I took Alexander lessons (spinal alignment) my body was challenged to use those muscles it hadn't for so long, since my back was now in the right place. I've also switched to a pilates ball. For the most part I like it, because I can practice spiraling and hip sways on it (good exercises for labor prep).


I'm so proud of all of us.

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Oh, a birthing ball, I still need one of those. I had one with DD during labor but she wasn't too crazy about it. It's not that she was doing bad but her heartrate kinda got stuck at 120, which the nurses didn't like. It didn't change with contractions or anything, not up or down and I guess that was a concern. Once I was in a rocker the heartrate would change with contractions. Still, the ball felt good at home, even if it was just for hanging over it, belly down LOL. Speaking of belly down. We bought an INTEX pool a while ago (just the 'small' one 10'x30") and DS chose a rocketship floatie thing with a bottom (it's for babies). I had DH cut out the bottom part of it lol, so now I can lay on the rocketship, belly down in the water haha. It's heaven. It feels good on my back and I don't have to get wet ha. It's a win/win situation.


I must say, pregnancy is still treating me very good. I have no pains whatsoever (I just jinxed myself, I know it), my hips feel good, my back and feet feel great. I have no swellings and minor braxton hicks (except for that trip to L&D on the weekend). I'm surprised cause with DD around 28 weeks or so, I started getting bad back pain. Well, I'm not quite there yet, maybe it all comes at once when I'm further along. 27 weeks tomorrow.


Can I brag some more, since we were talking about parents and childhood. I think I had a great childhood. I wish my kids could grow up like I did, climbing on trees, eating cherries off the tree, knowing where milk comes from first hand, stealing eggs from a hen etc...ahhh. My parents have been married for 31 years (today is their anniversary btw), we never moved, I went to daycare with the same kids I graduated with etc. It was great, so stable, so comforting to know everything and everyone around you. Of course there were those teenage years when I was bored to tears but I think I was an easy teenager, never rebelled, never took drugs, never smoked, never skipped a schoolday etc. I now know to cherish even more, having kids in this crazy world where you have to be worried about them being abducted and raped and not treated well etc. Argh.

I'm sure they feel like they have a great childhood too. We try to make it great. My DH only hobby is his boat and fishing from it. I never had the 'luxury' of going fishing with my dad (just because there's no big water in central Europe lol) so that's something that they'll always remember. My  husband is so outdoorsy, he takes the kids shoot BB guns or hunt (when DS is older) or fish etc. ah, I guess they won't know any different and think their childhood was great too. I sure do hope I'm doing everything possible to make them aware of their surroundings, the beauty of nature, even when you're in a city or on a man-made hiking trail. Vent end. sorry...that was an emotional outbreak :)

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Thanks Ascher21. You just have to learn to go with the flow in life, but keep your own heart steady. Nothing else can be done!


MissE I'm SO glad you had a great childhood!!! I hope that has given you such a good example for your own kiddos. (: I haven't felt any pains at all either... 


In fact, I totally dweeb'd out and watched a bunch of my-week pregnancy updates on youtube this morning... lol. EVERYONE was talking about how rough the pregnancy felt... Nothing's been painful or bothersome at all about mine. I'm still sleeping the same, I had no morning sickness, I enjoy his bouncing around... Heck, I even did a back flip on a friend's trampoline the other day! Haha. I feel extremely lucky though, because even if all those pains started now, I'd still be getting out of this pregnancy "lucky"! (; 

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ascher, you are probably right, I am maybe just sore from the massage.  The area that hurts the most now was the most tender during the massage.  I actually feel a lot better when I am standing up, but I am in the office all day!  I guess I will see how I feel tomorrow.  I did buy another coupon for a massage, so I will use that again if I continue to feel bad prior to my osteopath next week.


We need to go grocery shopping so bad!  I am such a weirdo pregnant lady, I have no appetite and it is even worse when we don't have a variety of foods at home.  I just had a PB&J for lunch, blah!


DD starts preschool partime tomorrow, wish mama luck.  I am a bit nervous about the transition, but I am sure she will do great and I will be a wreck!

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Anya - I read through your blog. Your letters to your baby and videos are lovely! Such a sweet gift to little Nico! 


No aches or pains here either. Well, a little hip soreness first thing in the morning. All in all, I'm really enjoying pregnancy. It's weird how the first 17 weeks of morning sickness seam so distant. At the time I was like, "I will never do this again" and now I'm like, "I love being pregnant." 

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Lazurite: yeah, it does seem distant! I didn't have morning sickness, but I didn't realize what a sickly, dizzy fog I was in until the veil was suddenly lifted during 2nd trimester. I guess since I didn't know what to expect, I didn't really think much of it or notice that anything was terribly different. Later I realized that passing out at 8:30 was probably not normal...ha!

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I promise to respond to everybody as soon as I can..... i've been reading, but only on my phone. Typing up long responses becomes tedious and inevitably I'll have a long one FINALLY typed out and then hit the back key or something and *poof*, it's al gone.


But... before I take time on the 'real' computer to respond, I'm trying to get good pictures of diapers, clothes to sell, etc. A long-time-ago bill came back to bite me (well, dh too) in the butt in a major, terrifying way... trying to scramble to come up with some extra money (and we haven't even paid the midwife this month yet *sigh*.. I'm hoping to work out a deal with her too)... I'm trying to sell a bunch of the diapers I've made thus far, but I don't have many local crunchy friends :/  And those friends I have who ARE crunchy, don't have little kids that need diapers.  Argh.  I'll try to figure out something.  Maybe even a garage sale this weekend?  Good excuse to clear out the junk and take care of business all at the same time.  (but gosh, the stress of all this is really taking a toll on my digestive system and really has me worried about the stressful effects on baby... I'm trying to just be zen and let it all roll just how it's supposed to... but... trying to and actually *doing* aren't really colliding.  I just hope to get everything resolved soon and be done with this... 'this' being money issues, not pregnancy ;) ).

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judybean - you could try selling the diapers on ebay :)  Just a thought!  I have sold a number of diapers on ebay over the years!  I totally know what you mean about stress and then worrying about baby.  I was completely stressed last week, actually had an anxiety attack I think.  It helped a lot of live by some positive mantras...one that worked for me last week were" I only receive GOOD news" because I kept spiralling out of control with "what ifs".  Anyways, hope you get a chance to sell some stuff!

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Judybean, money stuff sucks! I hate the stress too. I have a number of crafty friends who sell through facebook so that might be an option. (And whatever you decide to do, please let me know, I love the stuff you've made and wouldn't mind trying to get my hands on a couple. ;)

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Ugh, money issues do suck. I'm so sorry you're thrown into this situation at this time of your life. We struggle somewhat every month. I mean we can pay the bills ok and there's a little room for extra stuff but I'm tired of checking our account all the time, trying not to overspend. Please share a link of the stuff you make here.


My kids talked me into going to the zoo today LOL. DS was like "I haven't seen the dinosaurs in a looong time" and he had me wrapped around his finger. So we got to the zoo at around 1:30pm, the weather was holding up but dark clouds in the sky. About two hours into it we got rained on but it was warm still and the rain passed soon. We were back home at 6pm and I was BEAT. So were the kids. I could not get them to bed though. She just passed out around 8:30pm and I sure hope they'll sleep in a bit. My feet hurt now from walking so much but we sure had a good time. Tomorrow we'll stay home though. I wanna get to sewing and do some laundry. I got more babystuff from my friends that needs to be sorted and washed and sorted again :).

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Morning ladies...I felt something weird this morning, anyone else have this: I woke up to a sensation like my belly was shaking very fast...it's lighter than baby's usual kicks. Perhaps more like a vibrating? Then baby gave me three kicks in the ribs to wake me up! It almost felt like the gurgling I used to get when I had an upset stomach, but i felt fine. I wonder if this is hiccups? It didn't seem predictable enough to be hiccups, but I'm new to this. Perhaps he was just wriggling his way into a better position?

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MIght be hands. I get that quite a bit, very low. I can feel the head moving around and hands just right by it. I get it especially when I'm in the car. I can feel the butt back up by my belly button and get strong kicks left or right on my belly. According to babycenter from 27 weeks on we can chalk any little weird movement up to hiccups. So who knows. With DS I could feel hiccups, with this one I don't think I have felt it yetl, maybe I'm not paying attention enough though.


I woke up to ALL 4 2/3 people in our queen size bed. Mind you, my husband is a big guy and I have to make him move over quite a bit so I have NO IDEA how all four of us fit into this bed last night and we all got a good night sleep LOL. DD was laying on the end of the bed (it's a sleigh style so there's a footboard) and DS was between DH and me. Holy moly :).

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Morning ladies...I felt something weird this morning, anyone else have this: I woke up to a sensation like my belly was shaking very fast...it's lighter than baby's usual kicks. Perhaps more like a vibrating?
yes I had that a few weeks ago it was very odd! It was in the middle of the night and I'm not sure if thats what woke me up or if I woke up and then felt it. It happened twice in a few minutes and then not again, that I have felt! I started to worry that it was a seizure or something... I have no idea.
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Twice last night I felt odd movement as well- felt like a string of firecrackers going off in there on baby a's side. Seemed a bit violent and sudden for hiccups, but I can't figure out what in the world could be going on in there. I've felt it before but much fainter. Is it possible for fetuses to have seizures?? Or maybe shes just a total spaz smile.gif
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Its probably hands or hiccups :)  My baby gets hiccups a couple times a day.  Yesterday I think I felt finger nails scratching down by my cervix, not too comfortable!  My back is feeling MUCH better today, so ascher I think you were right, alot of my aching yesterday might havve been soreness from the massage.  I brought DD to preschool for the first time today.  I was a little nervous because she has been at the same daycare for 3 years now.  I purposely emailed the woman that runs the preschool on Friday to make sure we were all set for a smooth transition.  Then when I got there today there was only one care provider there and she wasn't expecting a new child.  So, that made me uneasy and my DD was crying so I totally lost it and have been crying most of the morning.  I emailed the woman that runs the preschool to check in and Ava is fine, but it was still a little nerve wracking.  DH is picking her up tonight because I have a meeting and I just can't wait to see her.  I feel like it is the first day of bringing her to daycare ever, I am just as upset now as I was when she was 12 weeks old!!  Poor mama!

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Judybean - You could also try opening up an Etsy shop. It's pretty quick and easy and I think very cheap to do. You're stuff looks very cute and well made so I'm sure you won't have any trouble making sales. 


Ascher - I felt some frantic vibration movements the other day. No idea what causes it but I felt it with DD too. I was worried that it was some sort of seizure, such a crazy fast movement, but DD is fine so I'm not worried this time. I wonder if it's the baby startling and then shifting to get comfortable again. 


Ava's Mama - I hope the rest of her day went well.  

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I've gotten that weird feeling-like-your-baby-is-shimmying-or-seizuring feeling with all my babies. Definitely weird, but completely within the parameters of what I know as normal anyway!

More good news! (I'm feeling super sarcastic today ... bleh). My exercise ball (that I got as a birth ball) has a bad leak. One of the kids took it upon themselves to poke an earring in it... or an earring was left out and got rolled on (while they're messing on it like I've encouraged them NOT to do). And yeah, no money means no new ball. I'll get over it ... but I'll mope a little first.
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Presenting the September 2012 DDC in... The Mystery of the Vibrating Fetuses. ;-p This sounds like what I was getting late last week when the babe was spazzing out if I turned to my side to sleep- way more frenetic than her movements normally are. Whatever it's about, it's always nice to hear that a number of us are experiencing it!


Evi, no hiccups felt yet here either, I don't think? Sometimes I get my own pulse pretty strong for a minute or two. (Also- four people in a queen!! I've been wondering how ours will ever feel like enough room for even us and an infant, but I have a feeling the bed might magically expand again once I'm no longer pregnant. That sounds like a sweet surprise for you, anyway.. something about it gave me the awwws :) )


Judy.. hug2.gif It sounds like it's a rough week. I'm sorry. :\ Joining the chorus- wherever you list your stuff, make sure you share the link with us.. too cute to miss out on, and I'm betting a number of us would rather buy from you than just anybody. 


AFM- that weird numbness that I'm getting, just on my left outer thigh? It's totally a thing, with a name and all: meralgia paresthetica. Due to a specific nerve being compressed. It apparently can be painful, but so far it hasn't been for me.. I'll say it again, though: pregnancy is so weird.

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Hyde -- I get a weird numbness on my right hip/thigh area... nearer the groin area I suppose.. just to the inside and a bit lower of where I feel my pelvis ... it happens with every pregnancy and is exacerbated by laying on my side sometimes. The numbed area is dependent on how I'm laying, but can be as small as a quarter, to as large as a tennis ball. In my first pregnancy, I also experienced quite intense sciatica in my right hip... no pain now, just odd numbness! Pregnancy *is* pretty weird wink1.gif

As for selling stuff, I'm humbled by those who have shown interest in buying my stuf (and helping me in the process!)... but my only problem with etsy would be that many of the diapers I've made thus far were intended for personal use and have no size tags or labels ( I am an approved seller of the Fattycakes diapers, which is what all the pocket dialers are), plus, they're slash-and-dash lazy pockets wink1.gif I guess they could be listed at such (and discounted for that), but I feel like they're not up to my selling standards like that (I lean heavily towards perfection when selling goods). So... it's tricky :S

And... as an update on my birthing ball... I was totally humbled shortly after my earlier post. I was moping in my room over the loss of the ball when I heard the older three whispering (always piques my curiosity!). They were combining their funds and looking on Amazon to see if they had enough to buy me a new ball. Melted my heart. They may be destructive... but my kids have awesome, kind hearts. And that's far more important than any "stuff".
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phew. I figured it was normal. It can't be seizures if so many of us have experienced it.


Judybean--I'm sure you can sell those. They look amazing. I would buy some, but my friend gave me all her kissas and covers so I'm set. I'm thinking craigslist or you could try etsy...their startup isn't too hard, not sure how quick someone will buy on there. Someone mentioned WAHM mall on some message board I'd been reading, but I don't know enough about that place. Do diaper swappers have a handmade section? I know they sell pretty quick.


hyde--hope it doesn't get painful! Isn't it amazing what we learn about our bodies when we suddenly neurotically focus on them for 10 months straight?

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