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judybean - your girls sound amazing, lucky mama!

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Judybean  - Sorry to hear that you have unexpected expenses.  That is the worst! 


Ava's Mama - hug2.gif.  It's so hard to leave our kids, isn't it?  I hope your DD had a wonderful day at preschool. I still get a twinge of sadness every single time I drop DS off, and sometimes I still cry and he is in the same place he has been since 4 months and I LOVE it there.  It's just hard. 

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Originally Posted by MissE View Post

whow..madimamacita is on a ROLL this am smile.gif. good morning ladies. i'm at my ob office right now for the glucose screening. i already downed the drink and now i'm waiting. time to read smile.gif. last night was better than saturday night. no cramps, no contractions, all good. baby is all over the place but having a good time in there.
Oh good! I'm glad everything worked out with the L&D trip - that certainly sounded scary.
Originally Posted by Ava's Mama View Post

When I did the glucose screen with DD I did the pancake breakfast option - you basically have to pour half a cup of REAL maple syrup on your pancakes or waffles.  YUM!  I got an appointment for a massage this afternoon, can not wait!
That is awesome smile.gif I didn't mind the flat-7-up flavor my doctor's office offered too much, or I'd campaign for this option for sure.
Originally Posted by Monkey Keeper View Post

I've recently been told by every darn doc that they'll only call if the results are "bad". I'd much rather know either way. And I hate that you have to drag details out of them. I want numbers and reference ranges, darn it! I also do NOT want the nurse's opinion. Just give me the facts and let me discuss it with my dr!
I actually get an email with good news and a phone call with bad news -- it's too bad you have to call and ask and then deal with a random nurse on the phone. Is there some way they could note in your chart that you need to be notified regardless of result? Or is that not an exception you think they'd make?
Originally Posted by ascher21 View Post

phew. My results were good. I don't have GD and my blood levels look good. Thank goodness!

Crystal: Unfortunately as a newbie I'm not very learned in most of what you were describing, but I'm sorry it is causing you such distress.
That is good news about the GD test -- such a relief.
Thanks very much for the kind thoughts -- and I'm impressed that you made it all the way through my novel of a post! I'm feeling okay about things now -- and was somewhat overly emotionally reacting at the consult. I don't do very well contradicting authority figures -- and this was a guy I didn't know. I'm very much a please-the-teacher firstborn type. It's something I'm working on.
Originally Posted by anacaro View Post

Aside from that, when I had my anatomy ultrasound they found a "tumor" in the placenta, which is basically a group of blood vessels that got together and had some blood flow to them.  The doctor said that they will need to check every 2-4 weeks.   We did not really want more ultrasounds, this was the only one we chose, but the midwives consulted with the doctor and we found that checking every 4 weeks will be enough since it is small(3cm). As of a week ago it had very little growth and almost all the blood flow had stopped which is very good smile.gif.  I still have to go back in four weeks though.  We are positive that it would not grow = affect the growth of the baby or his heart.  One good thing was that the doctor was very supportive of a home birth and said that ifeverything is well with the baby she would not recommend me going to the hospital.  
That is great about your supportive doctor, and also that the follow-up u/s was reassuring. I'll be thinking good thoughts that your remaining follow-ups also show no growth (maybe just 3 more, right?)
Originally Posted by AnyaRose View Post

He left about a month or two ago... Long story short was that he was extremely excited to be a daddy (complete with having baby apps and constantly asking how I was)... then all of a sudden, he flipped a switch and told me to abort (late term at 18 weeks)... When I told him I couldn't, he left me homeless and penniless in NYC after being in the USA for less than a month. Luckily, I called my sister (who I hadn't talked to in over 6 months) and told her that she was an AUNT and asked her for help. She was the only person I knew in the USA! So, she flew me out to Ohio where she was going to school and I've been working it out here since! 
Oh, no! I'm glad that you are building a support system here. Are you going to stay in the states?
Originally Posted by mole View Post

I bought a bottle of the Dr Bronners unscented baby soap that will be an ingredient in our changing-the-diapers spray-bottle and my mom bought us a bottle of the Aubrey organics baby soap if the baby's bum needs more washing than plain water can do. 

re: diabetes test- they don't do it in Norway unless there are symptoms of diabetes or the mother is over 38 years old. My midwife says a lot of the routine tests in the US are profit-motivated and not better-health motivated.
I'm a fan of Dr. Bronner's, too - though we mostly just use it for our homemade wipes solution.
Bwahahaha about the profit motive. Sometimes I'm not sure what the motive is at all with some standard policies in the US -- when they appear to neither be in people's best interest as far as health goes or something that makes money (NPO, for example, or continuous vs. intermittent monitoring -- NPO doesn't make the hospital any money ... and intermittent monitoring isn't any cheaper than continuous ... so what gives? Just a lot of panic about babies?)
Originally Posted by Lazurite View Post

No aches or pains here either. Well, a little hip soreness first thing in the morning. All in all, I'm really enjoying pregnancy. It's weird how the first 17 weeks of morning sickness seam so distant. At the time I was like, "I will never do this again" and now I'm like, "I love being pregnant." 
yeahthat.gif Exactly
Originally Posted by Ava's Mama View Post

Yesterday I think I felt finger nails scratching down by my cervix, not too comfortable! 
Oh, man, this is NOT a pleasant image!
Originally Posted by judybean View Post

my only problem with etsy would be that many of the diapers I've made thus far were intended for personal use and have no size tags or labels ( I am an approved seller of the Fattycakes diapers, which is what all the pocket dialers are), plus, they're slash-and-dash lazy pockets wink1.gif I guess they could be listed at such (and discounted for that), but I feel like they're not up to my selling standards like that (I lean heavily towards perfection when selling goods). So... it's tricky :S
And... as an update on my birthing ball... I was totally humbled shortly after my earlier post. I was moping in my room over the loss of the ball when I heard the older three whispering (always piques my curiosity!). They were combining their funds and looking on Amazon to see if they had enough to buy me a new ball. Melted my heart. They may be destructive... but my kids have awesome, kind hearts. And that's far more important than any "stuff".
I think you should just describe them accurately (no need to be disparaging! They're what you were going to use yourself, right?) And take lots of pics. I think Etsy and Craigslist are good options, depending on how active the Craigslist is in your area.
Too sweet about your girls -- that's very thoughtful of the. (Craigslist might be a good place to find a cheap birth/yoga ball, too smile.gif )

AFM - DH and DD are gone to a family reunion in Arkansas for the next few days. I helped load up and pack this morning before work, and then they were gone when I came home and it's LONELY! I've planned out all kinds of projects and things to do while they're gone (get a manicure/pedicure at the beauty school - so cheap!; dinner with a friend; water aerobics every morning) but right now I'm just waiting on him to call and let me know they made it okay.
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Oh my, 3 pages in. There is no way I can catch up.


Had a midwife appointment today. Measuring 30 cm (I am 29.5 weeks so that's awesome). Blood pressure good, baby's heart was good although again he booted the wand and tried to get away from it - but there is less and less space for him to hide now. He is head down! Yay! Midwife says he's pretty low so it's unlikely he'll flip but who really knows...


So this appointment I brought my DH so he could hear about all the horrible things that could go wrong at our homebirth. He is currently reading the Father's Homebirth Handbook so he wasn't really worried about any of it. 


I finally declined the GD test for good. I was back and forth on what I was going to do but I decided not to. 


Heartburn has been kicking my ass for about two weeks now. It's daily and I can't get through the night without searing pain. Not cool. 


I hope everyone's week is going great or is getting better. It's almost the weekend!

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MamanFrancaise -- hooray for good mifewife visits, boo to heartburn! Maybe you've tried all these, but here's my list of remedies. First, I wear a hazel wood necklace at all times. I swear by it. Next, for somewhat mild heartburn I take papaya enzyme tablets. If those aren't cutting it, I'll make sone Bragg's ACV tea (about a tablespoon or two in some hot water with raw honey). For extremes, I'll do baking soda in water (maybe a teaspoon? Two at the most). I leave the baking soda as a last resort because I've seen cautions due to the super high sodium levels. But seriously, when I feel like my whole freaking mouth is simply swimming with stomach acid, I do what is needed.
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MamanF - Yay for a good appointment! Boo for the heartburn. It's really snuck up on me over the last couple weeks too.


Judybean - Thanks for the list of remedies! I found with DD that a Tbs of ACV once a day was great for preventing heartburn. I need to get back in that habit. Oh, and your girls sound  like amazing kids! You definitely are doing something right.


Crystal B  - I hope you enjoy your time alone, and don't get too lonely. No matter how nice it is to get some time on our own, I know I miss my DD after a few hours too, so I totally get it!


AFM, I'm 27 weeks today so almost in the 3rd trimester. DH's been away most of the week and I've been running around getting things ready for DD's birthday party this weekend, so I haven't been too focussed on baby stuff, but I'm definitely starting to feel the urge to do some nesting so next week I'm hoping to at least get all our birth/new baby plans nailed down. I need to collect all my newborn stuff from the various people it's been lent to over the last couple years too!


Totally off topic, but is anyone here no-poo? I'm using shampoo at the moment, but plan to get back on the no-poo bandwagon once the baby arrives. I've mostly used Baking Soda and ACV but might experiment with lemon juice or tea rinses this time. DD is 3 and has been water only since birth (except for a couple incidences that needed a bit more cleaning power - like when she dumped a bunch of Olive Oil on her head.) Her hair is soft and totally un-greasy and her scalp looks awesome, but I've noticed her hair has a tiny bit of a odour when it's wet now that it's summer and she's getting sweaty and dirty. It's very minor, and not there once she's dry. Does anyone use something on their toddlers for a bit more cleaning power without messing with their scalp pH or natural oils? I definitely don't want to go to a shampoo regularly, and she doesn't need anything like baking soda as she's definitely not oily.

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Carlin, I am, but for curly reasons, which translates into no-poo but lots of moisture. Not sure if this would work for your daughter, but I wash with conditioner- not necessarily amped-up cleaning power, but could help with smell? Some curlies also use shampoo bars, which are really mild. No personal experience with those but they may be a good option for you.

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Carlin: I swear by ACV. Plus eating a little every 2 hours (I like snacking better than full meals anyway).


Well, this seems to be the week of weird things happening to me. Although, anything can be weird to me, since I'm a FTM.


Soo...during one of my midnight bathroom sessions, as I was finishing emptying my bladder I got what I thought was round ligament pain on my right side. It was terrible, but I practiced my breathing techniques and it mellowed out (so yay, practicing breathing) but his morning, anytime I bend back too much, anytime I stand up, anytime I basically try to use the muscles in that area, I am still sore. Feels like I pulled something. Sometimes it goes around to my back a little. Normal or should I call my MW? I'm thinking I will anyway, because it's been a while since I experienced RLP and not sure it should keep coming back like this?




Maman: glad your MW appointment went well. I should find that father's handbook. DH has already read the father's section of Birthing from Within and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.

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Hyde- That article is *awesome*. Thanks so much for linking to her!

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Originally Posted by hyde View Post

Carlin, I am, but for curly reasons, which translates into no-poo but lots of moisture. Not sure if this would work for your daughter, but I wash with conditioner- not necessarily amped-up cleaning power, but could help with smell? Some curlies also use shampoo bars, which are really mild. No personal experience with those but they may be a good option for you.

I have a no-poo method that I have been really happy with. I tried the wash with conditioner method, and it was ok, but after a while I found my hair really dull and starting to look greyish.

About 6 months ago I started washing with Baking Soda, water and tea tree oil, followed by a rinse of apple cider vin, water, and vitamin E oil. I have never been happier with a hair care regimen. You have to play with the amounts a little bit to get a formula that works for your hair, but it is so worth it. If you have too much baking soda the hair ends up a little dry/frizzy and if you have too much vin the hair can get oily looking. I tend to use a pretty small amount of baking soda and a pretty large amount (like almost half and half) of vinegar/water. I just mix them up in water bottles and keep them in the shower.
This is where I got the recipes : http://simplemom.net/how-to-clean-your-hair-without-shampoo/ (I add TTO to my wash and Vit E to my rinse, but you don't have to)
The vinegar is a crazy detangler- like I can be on my way to dreadlocks in the back of my head and what would normally take me 20+ minutes to wash out with even super strength commercial conditioner takes around 2 minutes to brush out with the vin rinse. it is insane.

ETA: just scrolled up and read the post this was replying to.. sorry to repeat info you already know!
You could try some water and a tiny bit of tea tree oil to cut the smell.. the ACV could also work alone. is it sort of a musty smell?
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Just wrote out a long post about no 'poo and lost it to that deathly keyboard combo that deletes everything and sends you back to the previous page. 

Hyde, thanks for the link, it's a goodie!

Carlin, maybe this natural coconut bar soap (have to scroll down, 2nd item on the page) from Tropical Traditions is worth trying?  Based on how it's written, I think the only difference between what they call 'bar soap' and 'shampoo bar' is the scent.  I haven't tried it yet, waiting for my next visitor from the US to mule it over for me because overseas shipping is way too much - but I can say that I currently use their deodorant, tooth cleaner/paste, and coconut oil (for food and for bodycare) and have found the quality to be exceptional.  Best natural deo I've ever used, actually.  If you get on their mailing list there are ALWAYS coupon codes for free add-ons, free shipping, etc.  Sounds like I work for them but I really don't. 


Hit 28 weeks yesterday, so I'm quite pleased about that!  My mom hasn't been that sold on the cloth diapering, but I had my new diapers sent to her house (she'll bring them across when she visits this September) and she has completely fallen in love with them.  She has actually been carrying one around to show my SIL and a couple of her friends how cute they are - HA! She is still sending me these name idea e-mails, even though we told her that we've decided on a name.  Moms!

I'm feeling great, except for that last hour before bed - I inevitably feel so tired by then that I feel like I'm always on the verge of meltdown between 10 and 11pm.  Actually had a private little crying jag a couple nights ago because I found that, starting this Saturday, instead of being gone for 4 nights (like I thought), DH is going to be away in Indonesia on business for 8 nights - spanning two entire weekends. I felt really down when he mentioned it but now have turned it around a bit - I'm going to get our office and nursery organized (two big tasks that we've been putting off) with all the time I'll have while he's gone. As a little surprise :)


Having the urge to color my hair, been thinking some bright pastel strands at the bottom - maybe violet like this - I haven't colored my hair in about seven years.  Also just painted my tootsies hot pink (first nail polish in at least a year), and want to make some bright friendship bracelets to wear.  Been wearing all of my biggest & brightest earrings lately.  I'm on a color streak!

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I also meant to ask, has anyone used a big pillowcase as a crib mattress cover?  Is there anything unsafe about that, as long as it's snug? 

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Sorry I never got around to making my lick clicky- so here it is: http://evidencebasedbirth.com/


I've been reading along all week, yet I've never gotten around to responding. But there were a couple things I meant to respond to.


Mole- thanks for the info and link, I'll be checking that out! I'm also looking at the other shampoo links posted too. I hope my etsy order gets here soon, I'm really hoping the bar shampoo is the answer for my curly hair.


MissE (and others) On the birth ball subject, is there any reason I can't buy a normal yoga ball? Is there something specific about a birthing ball?


Judybean- I totally understand where you're coming from with the money issues. Things never seem to work out the way we expect them too and consequently money is way tighter than we thought it would be when a baby was on the way. I can easily get dragged into a downward, woe-is-me, spiral if I let myself so I try really, really hard not to worry about it (outside of the necessary planning and budgeting of course). I definitely think you should list your diapers online somewhere, just be honest about the quality if you're worried about it. Will you have any time to make others that are more along the standards you would prefer to sell?


MamanFrancaise- I'm kind of glad to hear that someone else has declined the GD screening. I'm still having the worst time making up my mind about it. As someone else mentioned, I wouldn't even be considered for screening in other countries, but but but! The guilt! The what ifs! But anyway, I'm glad your appointment went well!


Hope everyone is having a great first full day of summer!

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DD did have a good day yesterday at Preschool.  The woman that runs it emailed me a couple times and Ava even wrote me a letter (via email) which was touching.  Drop off was better today, she was still sad, but there were no tears.  I was able to sit and read her a book, put sunscreen on her etc.  I still cried a little when I got the the car.  She just looked so small and vulnerable.  It is just a different sadness, not a tantrum or total freak out, just sad face, like "mama, how can you leave me".  I know she will love it and I am happy that we are able to ease her into it (she is still 2 days at day care and 2 days at preschool).  She will go full time in September!


It is pretty hot here (I live in Maine) and I have been sweating my buns off!  Even with AC in my office, bedroom and car!  Today I had to show a couple houses and my pit stains (in tank top) were down to my bra line! Gross! 

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Thanks for all the no-poo suggestions. I'll do some reading and see what we come up with. I'm not in a huge hurry to change anything because it's really a very minor issue. I literally have to put my nose right in DD's wet hair to smell anything. lol, I hate to say it but it's a little like a very, very mild wet dog smell, or the smell that hats get if you don't wash them often enough but super mild. The key might be to just scrub a little more and rinse better but stay water only. She doesn't love having her hair washed (but what 3 year old does?) so sometimes I do a pretty sketchy job and just dump a cup or two of water over her head. I'm so hesitant to change anything because she's got really fine curly/wavy hair, and what we are doing works so well. It barely tangles, it doesn't get greasy or heavy, or frizzy for that matter, the curls have great definition, and I barely have to brush it. It's actually sort of amazing to see how virgin hair behaves when we don't mess with its pH or natural oils.


I'm actually excited to get back to no-pooing my hair too. I stopped at about 12 weeks pregnant because my skin was doing really funky things and I just didn't have enough energy to research how to tweak my system. Now that I've done some more research I think I was probably using way too much of everything .I have a very nice natural shampoo that actually works great too, but I think the BS/ACV leaves my hair nicer for longer. It's funny, too. I ended up using a little bit of someone else's shampoo not too long ago, and I swear I could taste and smell the chemicals in it. I'm so not used to that anymore!


It's sort of funny though, as a family we sort of cover the spectrum of no-poo. I use BS/ACV, DD is Water Only, and DH uses Bar Shampoo on his dreads.

Hyde, MMC and Miranda  thanks for the links! It's always great to have a little more information!


Ascher, I'd be tempted to talk to your midwife too. It's probably normal but it can't hurt to give her a call just to make sure. I was having some pretty good RLP before my last appointment that sounds pretty close to what you are saying and my midwife said it sounded pretty normal but it can't hurt to be on the safe side.


Miranda, I'm glad you're feelling more positive about your DH being away for a bit. I think there's an instinctual need to keep our mates close as we get closer to the end of pregnancy. DH should be back from a 4 day work trip today, and I usually deal with these short absences pretty well but I was feeling pretty sorry for myself this time!


I love the idea of getting some bright colours on your fingers, toes and hair to perk you up! I'm supposed to go get a pedicure with my SIL as a thank you for some babysitting I did in the spring but we need to get babysitters lined up for the munchkins. I tend to go with something a bit subtle as I have weird toe nails but I'm totally going for bright colours this time!


About the pillowcase as crib sheet - I think it would work, as long as it's snug. My only concern would be that if you need to change it in the middle of the night due to a blow out or leakage, it's going to be a bit of an undertaking - you'd need to pull the mattress out of the crib, slide of the pillowcase (which might have interesting messes on it, lol) put on a new one, all while juggling the baby. What if you take the pillow case, cut it into two and add elastic to the corners? It doesn't have to be super pretty, if you're like me and have iffy sewing skills, but it would give you easy to use fitted sheets.


ArtificialRed  - thanks for the link. I'll definitely take a look at that. I'm a bit of a research junky. lol. I managed to keep my full access to our University's online libraries and journals for 3 years after I stopped working there, but they've just changed up there e-mail system and my access doesn't seem to work any more. So sad!


Oh, and I'm another one who declines the GD screening. I'm happy to do it if I start exhibiting some signs that blood sugar might be a problem but I don't like tests that carry high risks of false positives so I avoid it unless there's a reason to do it.


Ava's Mama - glad pre-school is going well! It's so hard to leave our munchkins even when we know they are going to have a great time as soon we're gone!


Wow, I'm chatty this morning! Hope everyone is having a great 2nd day of summer! I just realized about three quarter's of our DDC's babies should be here before the first day of fall! :D

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MamanFrancaise - Ah! I had forgotten about heartburn! Knock wood - it hasn't been an issue (yet?) but I think I went through something like 2,000 Tums last time around.

Carlin - I've toyed with the idea of going no-poo before. I think I'm going to dive in whenever our current shampoo runs out or when I stop working, whichever comes first.

MirandaM - I don't think there would be any safety concerns about a snug pillowcase as a crib (bassinet? pack and play? co-sleeper?) sheet. We do have ours set up with a sheet, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet so that we can just pull off the top layer and there's clean bedding beneath, but I actually don't remember many/any middle-of-the-night whole bedding changes when DD was little-bitty (ah - at least once there was a massive amount of spit-up everywhere, though, but that was in our bed). You could do the pillowcase as the bottom layer and then a pad and a fitted on top maybe. A lot of the time before she was mobile, I'd just lay a prefold underneath her, especially if she was in our bed, but sometimes just on top of the co-sleeper bedding.
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ArtificialRed - I don't think there is a difference between a birth ball and excersize/yoga ball it's just what it's being used for.  The only thing you need to worrry about is making sure you get the right size for you and I was told not to inflate it as full as if you were excersizing enough to keep you straight and supported but with a little give.  Hope that helps. 


OH and I find them even more helpful after birth my babies don't like rocking so much as they like a gentle bouncing on the ball it has been a LIFESAVER for getting a super fussy baby to sleep swaddle and bounce!!

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Nothing big here - I am just excited and wanted to post because my friend just emailed me and is sending me her moby wrap because she is finished with it.  YAY!  I can't wait to learn how to use it!  I still think I want an Ergo but I can use the Moby right away, right?  As long as I get the hang of it! 


Oh, and I guess I am a little nervous - baby's movement has really decreased over the past 2 days.  I do think he moved waaayyy down again.  But I liked the near constant fluttering and had gotten used to the constant reminder.  I hope it starts back up!

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Jend- my sweetheart and I tried out our ring sling yesterday. It's definitely going to take some practice! We need to wash it every time we do laundry and try to distress it so that it will be softer/more pliable when the wee one arrives. It's a double-layer linen, so it is quite stiff to pull through the rings now. I hope you start feeling your fetus more, too. 


I just thought of a new maybe-we-need-to-buy item- Do we need a waterproof mattress pad for our bed? It seems like, yes? 

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I would suggest a mattress pad, definitely. I got one a while back, don't know if it's waterproof though. I bought a waterproof one way back and it was all plastic-y, I couldn't stand it, it was hot and humid and I sweat my butt off. I went with a towel instead. Maybe you can find something more breathable, greener than what I had.


Babygirl has been CRAZY in there, Oh my Word, she's been kicking like crazy since last night. I woke up to her kicking me and she's all over the place. She's head down, back on my right (when I look down on me) and feet on the other side. i'm glad to see she's so active, she reminds me sooo much of DD1.

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