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I am sorta annoyed because I called my birth center this morning hoping to talk to one of my midwives and the owner (who is also a midwife) talks to me instead. I don't know what round ligament pain feels like, but I described what I've been feeling, on and off, since 2am Thursday morning. All I wanted to hear was "that's normal, yep it's RLP", and instead she told me to put on a belly band, drink a glass of water, and lay with my feet up and see if that helps. What if this is a gall-bladder issue or I pulled something? She didn't tell me it was RLP. Ugh. I rarely have issues, but this doesn't feel like a "normal" kind of pain, because I'm sore in varying amounts all day. She did say it's possible my baby had a growth spurt (um yeah, I gained 14 lbs in 2 months) and perhaps the ligaments are being stretched a lot right now. But I thought RLP went away? Only happened now and then?


Anyone else have experience with RLP around 27 weeks? Does it go from sharp pain to soreness throughout the day? Did you feel it more when you twist slightly or when you pee?


The belly band is helping a little, but I'm more worried that I have some other issues going on in there, not baby related, that might go unnoticed. This is the frustrating part of my birth center. They are very hands-off medically when all I want is someone to disprove the possibility of something major. I sure hope this subsides.


And now I'm done ranting.  I haven't gained any weight the last 2 weeks, so I guess it was a spurt.

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Ascher, I can't tell exactly where the pain you're talking about is, but I can say that I've had some pelvic pain on and off for weeks.  It does get worse if I twist, especially when I first stand after sitting a while, rolling over at night, and when I bend down to put on pants or undies.  Almost always subsides if I lie down for a while, comes back once I get up and resume activity.  It's never worse when I pee though.  I spoke to my midwife about it this week and she said it's completely normal, though not everyone experiences it.  Maybe that sounds like you, maybe not - I hope you start feeling better soon.

AFM, my blood work came back this afternoon - GD test and iron etc all good.  BUT my platelets are low - my midwife said I have thrombocytopenia, that something like 7% of pregnant women get it and that most likely it won't have any effect on my pregnancy or birth.  She said not to worry, and there's nothing that can be done in terms of diet or supplements but that we'll retest at my next appt. 

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Ascher, I had almost exactly the same thing around 23 weeks, and then again about a week ago (so 26 weeks.) It sounds almost exactly like you described. I think it likely is round ligament pain, but I sort of feel like it's all my abdominal muscles getting stretched, so it makes sense that they are sore and stiff for a few days in addition to the sharp pains.


I suspect you don't have anything to worry about, but I'm a big believer in following your instincts so if you think there might be another issue, don't hesitate to be the squeeky wheel and make sure you are comfortable with your care.


I'm sure it's not gallbladder - I have a bit of a family history of gall bladder issues, and while I've only had one attack, I can tell you it was totally, totally different and way higher up than RLP - more like diaphragm level than down low. I was actually a little bit worried about either kidney infections or appendicitis at first, but I'm pretty sure it was just stretchy, sore muscles (TMI, but it was infinitely worse if I was having gas issues too, which has been way too common in the last few weeks.)


In other news, my baby girl turned 3 today! It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny, helpless 6 lb 14 oz newborn, and now she's this big, independent, smart, funny 3 year old with a definite mind of her own. How does that happen so fast!

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Ascher I am 26 weeks and my RLP is just heating up I can't bend over anymore without making it worse and it can unfortunately last the whole pregnancy.  I also have a chronic gallbladder inflammation issues and if it is that there is nothing they will do unless you have a severe stone attack until you pregnancy is over.   Gallbladder pain is usually up high under your right rib cage and will be somewhat tender when pressed RL pain will ususally be lower to the right left or both down by your pelvis.  Boy my post was just a huge downer sorry.

If it is gallbladder drinking half a lemon in a glass of water morning about 1/2 hour before eating and at night about an hour after I'm done eating just before bed helps me a ton.

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Thanks, ladies. I guess it's time to face the facts that the cake walk of a 2nd trimester is over! Juicy, I didn't think it was a downer. I rely on all you ladies to help me keep my sanity while I go through something I've never done before. At least it gives me a chance to practice all these breathing techniques I've been learning!

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Ascher, the timing on this unbelievable.. I was just coming in here to worry about something similar. Yesterday I had really intense lower back pain all day--haven't really had back issues to this point--along with menstrual-like cramping/soreness (but not like BH, and not like RLP I've felt to this point). Heating pad, warm bath, and Tylenol didn't really do much. I thought it was weird for what might be RLP to be so persistent and not associated with movement or positioning. It was all day, no relief. I think I read the entire internet trying to figure out what was up. (ETA: I'm 28 weeks tomorrow. Not enjoying the welcome to the third tri..)


(I guess this part is my AFM--) Today I don't have the cramping, but the lower back issues were starting up again. Luckily I was able to get into the chiro this morning (first time ever, what a weird experience, but great!) and that seems to have resolved the lower back stuff.. But now I'm sore around waist level, and I'm worried about that. I don't know if it's related to the adjustment or to stretches I tried yesterday for relief- my worry is that the UTI I've been treating this week somehow got up into my kidneys. That seems unlikely because I'm not experiencing other symptoms, aside from bladder discomfort when I first get up--talked to mw yesterday before things got bad and she said if I wasn't dealing with blood/burning/urgency things sounded good--but I think the prospect is just kind of scaring me because I know it can have serious consequences. I've got a mw appointment on Friday.. wish it were sooner. Guess I'll just watch and wait in the meantime. :\


Carlin- happy birthday to the 3yo! :)

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Okay, I'm going to swoop in and not comment, but I'm needing some lovin' right now. Got the call from my OB's office


 - FAILED my 1 hour GTT

 - Hemoglobin = LOW



I declined the 3 hour test and declined the iron supps until I talk with my OB at my appointment Wednesday.  But UGH.  My GTT results were 140 vs a cut-off of 135, and I was stressed and super busy the day before--my dinner consisted of 2 scoops of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and a chili dog! I'm sure that had something to do with it. I'm going to request to monitor my blood sugar for a week because I took the 3 hour GTT with my 1st, and it was AWFUL. (I have never had GD but have failed the 1hr with both of my girls.) I also cannot take iron supps because they wreak havoc on my stomach AND keep me from having BMs. So, yeah, no. I'm going to go sell an appendage to buy some Floradix and tell my OB that is my plan. *sigh* Awesome.

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Monkey - My iron (ferretin) came back very low also.  I'm taking the iron supplements right now and as long as I eat something small with them they don't upset my stomach too much.  The other was already slow going (pun intended) and I haven't noticed it changing in the week I've been on the supplements.   I will say I'm starting to feel like I have more energy than I did a week or so ago, so maybe they're helping. 


I'm noticing a lot of RLP too, rolling over in bed, etc. 


I haven't posted much lately, I got behind and just got caught up reading everything. 


Our trip went great, I didn't buy much baby stuff, mainly because I didn't find anything that either we needed or I just loved.  There was lots of cute stuff, but I have a shower coming up in a month, plus we have a really great thrift shop here where every Wednesday is $2 a bag for clothing size 6 and under.  I've got some really great quality stuff there and it's hard to pay full price for something new that's only going to fit a short while unless it's just something that really catches my eye.  I've got so much stuff there, I need to sort it all by size and figure out if I need anything and what I have too much of and give it away.  I know several people expecting a month or two after me so I should be able to pass it on to somebody who can use it. 


This weekend I hope to make some progress on the baby's room.  Hopefully I can motivate dh to help strip wallpaper tomorrow.  Sunday is a full day with lunch with my parents for a late Father's Day, Dh is a pallbearer at a funeral in the afternoon, and the youth group at church is having a bbq, dd has volunteered to bring a dessert.  It's for the whole family, not just kids, but I'm not sure if I'll go or not. 


I've had two appointments with my new Dr.  I'm really loving him!  He takes time to talk with me and explain what's going on and he just seems to be more genuinely concerned than my old Dr.  Now that I have something to compare it to, I feel like the old Dr. was more of an assembly line than a patient. 


Finally, I think maybe (fingers crossed) I found somebody to watch dd when I go back to work.  My cousin's wife watched my DD1 and she was wonderful.  But, her kids are older now and she's not wanting to do child care any longer. . . I really don't want to just leave her at a daycare full of kids either, but I can't afford to stay home.  There's a woman that goes to church with my parents, her dd is about 18 months old and I knew she had done some child care in her home, so I just asked her if she was interested.  She is very interested.  Watching her wtih her dd, she is wonderful with her and I suspect they could use a little extra income.  I hope this works out as I'm running out of options. 

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Originally Posted by crystal_buffaloe View Post

We do have ours set up with a sheet, waterproof pad, sheet, waterproof pad, sheet so that we can just pull off the top layer and there's clean bedding beneath[...]

This is hilarious Crystal. I imagined you throwing off dirty sheet after dirty sheet with a look of glee on your face. *laughs* But such a good idea. I will copy this. (:


I've been feeling great! I drink WATER constantly. Before I was pregnant, I would never drink water... literally about a glass of water all day. If that... but with this whole baby deal, I've been drinking about 8 water bottles full each day. And I have this new thing where I love ice. *chuckles* Regardless, I'm not sure why I have been drinking so much. Have you other ladies noticed this? Could it be that I really am lacking in water? What's the deal? Haha. 


Other news, a stranger who reads my blog sent me something in the mail... Turns out she is the owner of some baby company called, Cocalo (http://www.cocalo.com/)... She sent me a FREE years worth of cloth diapers (they are just starting to carry them) and a FREE complete bedding set! I have never been so shocked in my life. It was SUCH a gift though... I am so thankful. (:

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I'm getting a cold, and my midwife missed our appointment today. I can only imagine it is a birth, because her student also didn't show up, but I normally get a phone call when that happens. At least we have very few plans this weekend, so I can mostly just rest and do laundry, and perhaps send kids+husband out to the science or play museums.
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It is too early atm to form coherent responses to everyone.  But, I am reading and keeping up to date on what's going on.  

I figured i'd post something so i'm not the strange lurker and all.


I had a bad dream about an car/bike accident and premature labour and a 3lb baby.  NOT cool.

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Katt, for bad dreams, help007, for the cold, Monkey Keeper, for the disappointing test results: hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif




Talked to my mw yesterday and given the mid-back pain she suggested I go to my family doc to get my urine tested.. it was positive, and I was prescribed a 10-day course of abx. Didn't want to have to go there, but definitely didn't need a kidney infection, so I'll let the pills do their thing and go nuts with the probiotics when they're done.


Hope everyone's having a good weekend. :)

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I get RLP if I stand up to fast from sitting, or don't get out of bed carefully enough. it usually hurts for a few seconds and then goes away. but if I'm not careful I can get it several times in a day. it is a pretty sharp pain but doesn't normally linger or feel achy. I feel it down super low in the area right above where your leg attaches to your abdomen (hip bone area?) and mine is typically on the left side, but sometimes on the right.

I have felt sort of pains peeing, mostly when I have been holding it for too long. Not sure if that is the same as what you are talking about.
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man, lots happened while I was away for a day! 


I'm sorry about the test results, monkey.

Anyarose, that is amazing and wonderful! How nice for her to help you! Also, we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, at least, so your body is telling you exactly what it needs. Water helps in all the major work that is going on in your body. It also flushes your system, is great for skin, and helps to reduce the pain of cramping. I was reading that craving ice chips may be a sign of anemia--have you had your iron levels checked?


As for the RLP stuff--I drank a ton of water yesterday and today I barely feel anything. I'm also learning how to get up without straining those muscles. I need to be completely on my side in bed and push up with my hands while moving my legs over the side of the bed. And when I get up from sitting I lean farther forward than I used to and then I use my legs, not those ligament muscles. I didn't realize how much I was using those muscles for no reason until they were very sore.


hyde, sorry about the uti! 


Wow, this was quite a week for all of us!

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Floradix did wonders for me last time. I hated the taste and the cost but once I saw the results, I knew it was worth it (I was at a 9.1 before taking it, up to 13 or so after 2 weeks of Floradix). This was a good reminder that I probably should pick up a bottle and start up again. My MW hasn't tested me yet, I think she will next week when she tests my blood sugar though and I don't expect it to be great although we are eating more red meat now that we have 1/4 of a cow in the deep freezer so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. 

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Floradix did wonders for me last time. I hated the taste and the cost but once I saw the results, I knew it was worth it (I was at a 9.1 before taking it, up to 13 or so after 2 weeks Thank of Floradix). This was a good reminder that I probably should pick up a bottle and start up again. My MW hasn't tested me yet, I think she will next week when she tests my blood sugar though and I don't expect it to be great although we are eating more red meat now that we have 1/4 of a cow in the deep freezer so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Thank you SO MUCH for this!  Mine always is borderline; I think it was 11 last pregnancy, which was *just* high enough. It's been hot here so I've been eating mostly veg. I have very little appetite, actually!  I'm glad to hear that Floradix worked sooo well for you. I'm going to buy a bottle tomorrow and start and then ask my OB to test me in a few weeks if she is skeptical.  I was a 10.2 which a lot of MWs are okay with at this point of pgcy as long as it comes back up, I guess. My OB is a little more conservative.

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I have been gone all weekend and feel totally out of the loop after not having internet for TWO WHOLE DAYS :).


My glucose test results were in too, I called on Friday and it's all good. I don't know how they measure it but the lady said the cutoff number was 130, mine was 74 so I guess that's real good.


@Anyarose: That is awesome about the diapers.

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