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I keep reading all sorts of scary stuff about every single type of sunblock.  Anyone have a handle on this stuff or can recommend a good article that summarizes the choices and risks? 


So far I've been covering the baby up and not using sunblock on her but that gets harder as she gets more alert and interested.  She loved a baby pool last weekend and we're going to the beach for a week in July and I'm hoping she'll love the waves as much as her mama.  Even in a sun hat and full coverage swim suit we still have some sensitive skin exposed... 


With DD1 we didn't use sunblock until she was 1+.  She was still a babe that first summer.  Then we used Aveeno Baby with crazy high SPF but after using it for a few years she and I broke out in a itchy red rash this past spring when we were on a trip to Florida.  I read later that that itchy rash seems to be associated with the Aveeno Baby.  So I bought a Mustela infant sunblock for the babe to use.  And then I heard that physical blocks are bad. 


What do you all think or plan?

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I did a ton of research about this since we're in San Diego. My friend asked her natural path and she said that using sunblock this young is better than getting a sunburn, especially where we live. So I looked at the EWG site (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/) and choose this sunblock wipe from Super Goop http://www.supergoop.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=11 for her body and the California Baby super sensitive sunblock stick for her face. The stick is nice because its more like a paste and doesn't run into her eyes. I also put a sun hat on her and only use the sunblock at the beach (about once a week) vs. using it everyday. Badger is supposed to be another good one.

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I picked up the Badger unscented SPF 30 for my little guy but have only used it on myself so far. He has crazy sensitive skin so I'm holding off for as long as I can. Is the mustela stuff scented? I bought some mustela baby lotion a little while ago because it said it was hypoallergenic but it is so perfumey I can't even use it on myself.
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No way do I put sunblock on my LO, I don't even want it on my 2 yr old! I make lotion using shea butter and coconut oil as the main ingredients. Each can provide SPF of about 15! So I put that on them, though the baby is almost always in the sling or wrap and can wear a hat. It's kinda a mute point here, I don't hang out in the sun much with him since it's around 110 here in the desert;) I also don't want to expose him to chlorine so we don't do much swimming! 

I will say DS1 has never been even pink and has only worn conventional sunblock about 3 times in his life...the shea and coconut work!!

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IMHO, sunblock vs the sun is the lesser of 2 evils. And actually "Sunblock" is going to be a think of the past. The FDA is making some serious changes. 


Sunscreen and water resistant are going to be the only words allowed to be used. "Broad-spectrum" has stricter guide lines and wipes and sprays don't usually meet these. This means if you want to make sure you are protected from UVA and UVB you need a Broad-spectrum in the form of a lotion. Additionally, please be reminded that no matter what the weather, time of day, or season is, UVA rays are out. 




Also look for ratings PA+, PA++ and PA+++. It's a good, better and best rating for sunscreen. Anything over SPF 30 is usually just filled with trash. 


Hats, swim shirts, muslin blanket, beach tents, parasols, etc... Use them.




Signed the mom with the see through child! LOL

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Maternalove, I agree that sunblock (which I use to mean sun screen but the old word is stuck in my head :) is the lesser of two evils.  I've read enough to make it clear that protecting my kids (and my own skin) now is one concrete thing I can do to protect them from cancer when they are older.  I also read an interesting article about how building good sunscreen habits as young children is highly associated with continuing good habits and preventing those bad burns that put people at risk for melanomas when they are older.  I have always hated sunscreen but I see it as a necessary evil. 


Atomicrocket - We used the Medela cream on the baby yesterday (her face, calfs and feet).  It worked great and didn't have a noticeable smell (and I'm super sensitive!)  DD2 used the California Baby stick and really liked the feel of it (she's super sensitive and sunblock makes her scream and cry).  It seemed less slimy than others we've used. 


Anyone have any info about the risks of physical blocks compared to chemical blocks? 

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