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Pediatrician near uptown charlotte?

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Hi, I have a two month old and two and  a half year old and I need a pediatrician that is AP friendly in the uptown/plaza midwood area? we breastfeed and delay and selectively vax and ds is intact so those are important. anyone have a good one close by?

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Hi, you are in the April DDC with my twin sister, Thursday Girl.  I'm right outside of Charlotte, and I've seen a couple of people on here recommend Carolina Family Healthcare for working with families re: delay/selective vac.  I'm due late August and my midwife recommended them as well, so I plan on meeting with them mid-July.   They have two locations, one in Weddington and on in Ballantyne. The doctor is Dr. Dino Kanelos.  I haven't met with anyone at the group yet, so I can't vouch for anything, but like I said, I've seen them recommended here on Mothering and they were recommended by my midwife.

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Here is a link to another pediatrician thread for the Charlotte area.  Chris Jenny is the guy that I will be meeting with and he was recommended by some others as well.

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Thanks so much and hey :)  I have an appointment already with Chris Jenny and have been told I can switch over to kanelos in the future, I was just hoping that there might be one a little closer. DD screams in the car and it is hard to go that far for us right now.  The appointment is in a month so maybe she will be able to handle it better? sure hope so!  Congratulations on your baby, hope the meeting goes well!

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