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Hubby felt baby moving!

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I was trying to get to sleep last night but the baby kept moving.  I swore I could feel it on the outside but maybe it was just so strong on the inside I thought I could.  I must have run downstairs 4 times, flinging myself onto the couch and grabbing his hand to feel my belly but to no avail.  Finally (FINALLY!) there was one giant kick and he was absolutely floored.  :)  It's awesome when I can share it with him - makes it more "real" in a way.  And again so early this time - benefits of an anterior placenta, I suppose?

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Wow isn't that the best!?  Our little sprout is not delivering the knock out punches and kicks just yet.  I've just barely felt them so hubby surely can't just yet.  Can't wait though!

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That's amazing smile.gif Can't wait for DH to feel this LO too! No matter how often of hard he kicked, I loved feeling DS move in me.
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DH got to feel our LO on Saturday for the first time.  We were just relaxing on the couch and watching tv- the baby was squirming quite a bit (I can't feel kicks usually, but shifting pressure/squirming) and the baby just happened to give a big ole kick right where dh's hand was.  That is the best!

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I've felt 2 external kicks since last Friday. Both times hubby was too late. Baby kicks so sporadically, that I have no idea how to bring on more kicks so hubby can feel. I've tried drinking cold water and juice, laying in certain positions,exercising... oh well.In time the kicks will get stronger and more frequent smile.gif
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How exciting! love.gif We've been feeling the baby moving around here too! Last night we listened to the baby's heart beat with the fetoscope. Ah, so sweet! luxlove.gif

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