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Going on four

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My daughter will be 4 in sept, ec'd since 4 months old, and is still having misses on a regular basis. Mostly just pee, but also the occasional poop miss (always if I don't catch the body language and usher her to the toilet or potty- when I know she won't make it to the toilet). She will willingly use the toilet if we offer (most of the time), but will often only initiate if she wants something (which is strange since we've never used bribes or rewards).
Does anyone else have this problem? I don't know what to do with her anymore. And I am TIRED of helping her clean up the mess (I always try to get her to clean up her own mess, and she does, but the inconvenience factor of stopping what she's doing to clean up doesn't seem to phase her. She also only seems to do this at home. I don't remember the last time we had a miss outside of the house (although she still won't initiate).

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My DD is younger but I have heard good things about using a timer as a reminder to go potty. There are even potty watches out there so you can set it for an interval and it will remind DD to go potty. Maybe she needs a bit more time before initiating clicks. From what I have read, that is really the last piece of the puzzle for most kids. Just a thought, I could be completely off the mark.
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Oh boy, that sounds really frustrating.  I'm sorry!  Would she be motivated by a start chart kind of thing--like every day you get yourself to the potty all day, you get a star?  Or something?  My older dd (5.5yo) just asked me to do a start chart for her for something totally different, but it was interesting to me that she was interested in it since it's not something we've ever done before.  Maybe that would help your daughter?  What does she say if you ask her about it?

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