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Anyone from this group suffer from migraines? Are they better or worse with pregnancy? With my other 2 i only remember getting migraines in my fourth month...This week ive already suffered from 2 :(

Any tips or remedies?

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I get them randomly-- usually twice a year, sometimes more, but sometimes I'll go a couple years without getting one. Haven't had to deal with one during pregnancy yet, although I've had three already this spring due to allergies (it's a trigger for me). I had my first one with kids when DS1 was 3 months and I had to be with him all day. That was brutal. I can't believe I ever complained about any type of illness I had before kids!


So I can't take harder meds that tylenol anyway (so this doesn't change for me during pregnancy) so my migraine go-to is lying down in a dark room, calling whoever I can to watch my kids, heating pad on my head/neck, lavender oil on my face and trying to fall asleep. 

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I usually get really bad headaches about once a month or so.  It may be cycle related but I've never pinned down exactly at what point in my cycle they happen or if there really is a pattern.  I usually take 3 ibuprophen for them, so that's out during pregnancy.  But I didn't get them AT ALL during the second half of my first pregnancy.  I don't remember at what point I stopped having them, it might have been as soon as second trimester started.  I was also totally headache free during the entire time DD was nursing exclusively (no solids), and they've still been less regular since then too (she's still nursing 3x day).  So my headaches seem to be somewhat hormonal related.  I have heard that some women start having more headaches when pregnant - there are so many different causes for different people's headache issues.

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Actually I do remember getting one or two headaches later in my pregnancy, because I took advantage of the headache to practice my labor pain management techniques!

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Mine always seem worse during pregnancy. :(

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With my last pregnancy I was on Topomax for my migraines and had to be taken off for the baby, so my ob sent me to see a neurologist and he suggested that I take Vitamin D and Magnesium to help ward off the migraines.  Also my OB gave me Firocet (technically it is for tension headaches) to help with the pain during a migraine.  So far this pregnancy I haven't had a migraine yet, but I still take the vit d and magnesium.

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