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Midwives in Atlanta

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Hello, we have interviewed a few different midwives in Atlanta and have been leaning towards Sarahn Henderson. I just can't find anything about her online though and was wondering if anyone had any experience. We also spoke with Claudia and Brenda, but did not really jive with them personality wise. Thanks!

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Not sure why you deleted, but thanks for the info. Seems like no one has any information on her, which is sad :(


We may end up going with Brenda only because we can get references from some people that have used her.

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What about Kay and Debbie? or Debi Thomas?



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Feel free to private message me if you have any questions...Just got nervous, although it's probably just me being paranoid.  The midwives I use do practice openly and have a website as well.   Georgia homebirth politics just suck, although it's better than it used to be.

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Sarahn hereself can probably provide you references. She's much more under the radar than other midwives in the area. I personally vote for Debbbie Pulley and Kay Johnson, a CPM and CNM with decades of experience between them, and they've been going to all their births together so far, which is awesome and not what other teams usually do. Feeling a connection is really important though, and if you felt Sarahn was the right fit for you, I'd listen to that. I think there is a provider review on Sarahn on the ICAN of Atlanta website.

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I love Beth & Rachel of Birthing Way! Thier web site is www.birthingway.com

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I started my research today. I fell in love with Debi Thomas' bio even though I have yet to interview her. For those who know her or of her, would you recommend her?

Would you recommend Debbie Pulley (gamidwife) and her team more?
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The ICAN of Atlanta message board has reviews on Debi, Debbie, and Kay.

I am currently seeing Debbie and Kay (Kay attended the birth of my first child) and have been thrilled with the care I've received. I'm full-term and just waiting on baby to arrive.
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Originally Posted by GracePlus2 View Post

I started my research today. I fell in love with Debi Thomas' bio even though I have yet to interview her. For those who know her or of her, would you recommend her?

Would you recommend Debbie Pulley (gamidwife) and her team more?

I had my second dd with Debi Thomas 7 years ago. I loved her! The whole experience was amazing. She is very sweet and caring, very mom-like. I interviewed Debbie Pulley as well. There was nothing wrong with Debbie! I just meshed better with Debi T. smile.gif
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I believe Debbie Pulley trained Debbie Thomas many years ago (maybe 25 or something). One nice thing about Debbie Pulley is that she has a back up doctor in case there is any need of a transfer. I used Ruth Cox, who was also trained by Debbie Pulley and I LOVED her. Ruth also uses the same backup doctor that Debbie Pulley uses.

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I had a phenomenal experience with Sarahn Henderson and will definitely use her again in the future. Her energy was perfect for our birth. Not sure if you made a decision yet or not, but if you have any further questions please feel free to PM me

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I had my first child at home but I lived in a different state where my CPM was able to openly work with an OB back-up in case of emergencies. I have very high anxiety about going into the hospital setting but am confused by the GA laws. I was given a recommendation to contact Kay and see what I think but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Since I have recently started trying to conceive I figure I should get on it sooner than later. I have gone to the Meet & Greet that Intown midwifery does, and it was nice. I suppose a hospital is a hospital no matter how you cut it though!I am still unsure about what to do. confused.gif

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My personal fav CPM in Atlanta is by far Charlotte Sanchez. I am familiar with Sarahn as well. Feel free to message me on either one if you have any questions.


For those confused on GA Laws.. It is currently legal to have a home birth in GA, It is legal for a midwife who is licensed by the state of GA to attend that bith.. however, the state has not made the licensing avail to CPMs. That being said.. if you choose a CPM.. YOU are not at fault. YOU having your baby at home is perfectly fine. Even still.. several midwives in GA work with OBGYNs if the need should arise.

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Not sure if you've already decided, but I wanted to recommend Debi Thomas. I talked with Sarahn on the phone but wasn't as comfortable with her, personally. I really LOVE Debi and feel like she is a wonderful midwife. I found her comforting, reassuring, confident, and very knowledgable (she has many years of experience). I really have grown quite fond of her!!!

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I highly recommend Intown Midwifery. I had a water birth at Atlanta Medical Center 2 years ago. The care I received during my pregnancy was awesome! Dr. Brad Bootstaylor is their back-up doctor and he is great as well. I was able to go 16 days past my due date because of him and I FINALLY went into labor on my own! Good luck with your search. Let me know if you have any questions. 

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If you havent decided you might want to check out http://southeasternmidwifery.com/Southeastern_Midwifery/Welcome.html

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You can private message me, I would not recommend southeastern midwifery.
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