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bicornuate uterus or however its spelled

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ok so i am on my fourth pregnancy i have two wonderful children and third preg. we lost dec.2011 we are now preg. again and i just found out that i have this condition...apparently my dr who i used for the last 5 yrs didnt see fit to tell me of this condition...but i have swithced drs for this pregnancy and he told me of the problem.....i dont know much about this at all and could really use some insight...dont really wanna worry myself to death for i know it could be bad for baby...i am currently 11 wks . preg. and seem to be doin great baby had good fast strong heart beat...i feel normal just this past week been really startin to feel the stretching out of uterus a little sore in abodmen but feels like my first two pregnancys did feels very normal...my first ultrasound was done at 4-5 wks. showed good big egg and baby seemed to be on bigger side of uterus...dont really look like the heart shape internet talks about looks more like the left side is big and round where baby is and right side is more up and down and thiner....please tell me if there is anything i should know....so worried....due jan 7 2013....thanks god bless.....

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As you have had two successful pregnancies and only one miscarriage then I'm guessing that you have a fairly mild version. The problems with a bicornate uterus tend to be associated with getting pregnant and staying pregnant. There can also be an increased chance of foetal malposition ( such as breech) or premature labour but again, if you haven't had a prOblem so far your risk is probably similar to anyone else.

When your doctor told you about it did he mention anything specific that he was concerned about? I'd be inclined to ask him next time you see him what the implications are for you specifically but it doesn't sound like its too much of an issue.

Congratulations on your new baby.
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Ditto what the previous poster said.  Also, I wanted to add that this can be difficult to accurately diagnose through an ultra sound n pregnancy.  I was told I had this condition at my 20 week appt during my first pregnancy...A bunch of worry, ultrasounds to make sure my cervical length was fine and fan fair later....I don't have it (confirmed during my c-sections).  So while I can't tell you that you don't have a bicornuate uterus if it hasn't caused any major issues so far I wouldn't worry about it.

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When the female reproductive structures first form they start as two separate units. There is a fallopian tube, uterus, cervix, and upper vagina on each sides. These gradually fuse in the mid line and the parts in the middle fuse and become one structure. By the time most girls are born there is the anatomy that we expect, two tubes coming off one uterus with one cervix and one vagina that was formed from the two different sides. For some women this does not fuse completely. This can lead to the most mild case, heart shaped uterus, all the way two completely separate uterus, cervix and upper vagina, one on each side. You like have something in between.


The worry about this condition is that it increases the risk for preterm labor and abnormal fetal presentation (breech, transverese, etc). Since you have had normal term pregnancies in the past you are unlikely to experience problems with this pregnancy. Everything should be fine. It is important to find out exactly what the configuration of your reproductive system is as it can have ramifications for other things. For example if you have two cervixes it will be important that both get sampled when you get a pap.


In short, I feel you have a very low risk for complications from they way your uterus is shaped and I would expect you to have a normal uncomplicated pregnancy.



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