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Tall/thin = easy labor??

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Has anyone heard that before? A couple weeks ago I visited a CNM (until I can figure out who I am using for my HB). I was telling the CNM that I have had quick, easy-breezy kind of labors (not that they didn't hurt but you know...).

She said that was not surprising since I am tall and thin. confused.gif Has anyone ever heard that before? On a side note I am very average build....5'7 and wear about a size 7/8...not exactly tall or thin?? headscratch.gifThough I do have a long torso.

 Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of your build leading to a less difficult labor?? In all my reading about labor and birth and reading hundreds of birth stories I had never heard this theory. Anyone else heard this or know it to be true?? This was new to me.


Also, my mom is only 5'4 and definitely "curvier" than I am. She had 6 kids and her labors were much like mine...fairly short and easy. So, I thought maybe it was more genetics?? We always joked that we had baby-making hips.

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Hmmm. That doesn't ring true for me. I am not tall/thin and I had what I would consider an easy labor with my DS (6 h from first hint of a contraction to birth, no serious pain or drama). Both sets of midwives I have worked with say it is more related to how open your hips are, which makes a lot more sense to me! My hips are super open, just because that's how I am and from decades of yoga practice. Sounds like that may be the case for you, too.


It is an interesting theory, for sure. I just can't think of why it would make sense anatomically....

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I don't think so... labor has more to do with pelvic shape, baby's position, and a whole mess of other factors. I know tall thin women that had miserable labors, and a short fluffy mama that had quick labors. I'm short and thin (or, I was thin winky.gif) and my MW never indicated that my size  would play a role in L&D. 

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What TheDevineMrsM said:) I have short (5'4) and rather fat and have had short easy labors. 

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Tall & thin, but posterior with #1 and boy was that not what I would call easy! I wonder if it has something to do with positioning, maybe it's easier for baby to maneuver to head down if there's a long torso? Not sure this one holds true!
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NOt at all. I think that emotional/spiritual aspects have WAY more bearing on what labor will be like for mama than on physical shape and size. I am tall and was thin with my first labor and had a 70 hour active labor--nothing about it was easy.

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This sounds like someone with some issues around weight and size, to me.  Like when someone assumes the this fit girl is going to be the better athlete or "more yogi-like" because they look more like what's on the cover of yoga journal.


kind of infuriating actually. 


I'm short, curvy, and have had a brilliantly easy birth while fat, and one while moderately fit. 


My sister is 5'9'' and size 4 before kids, and her first birth was 10 times more difficult than mine.  her second was way faster and easier.;  You just can't (and shouldn't!) judge a birth by the shape of the mama.  Dangerous path, that one.

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I'm tall and fluffy...I've had pretty easy labors though.  Well, the first was the toughest for me though really when I started dilating I went from 3 to complete in four hours or so.  The last three were quick and the most recent being an accidental UC.

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never heard that before either!  have heard wide hip bones / pelvis make it easier though.

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