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Badish News

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My fetal medicine Dr. called this morning with the news that my risk rates were elevated at a higher than normal level. This was the results from my first trimester blood test along with the nuchal neck count. I'm trying very hard to not freak out. My husband and I have decided to have the amnio done but can't do that until July 9th. I'm sick with worry. I can deal with Downs. My husband can't. I'm trying to remind myself that it's just a screening and that there is a big chance that everything is normal. But I can't stop crying. 

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Oh, sweetie. (((big, big hug))) I say cry when you need to and then breathe, breathe, breathe. You're absolutely right; nothing is conclusive today. Many prayers for insightful news come July 9th, and for peace between now and then. (((more hugs)))

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~hugs~ Remember that there are a lot of false positives with this test and keep praying & thinking positive thoughts. It's a long time to wait when we want answers right now, and I'm so sorry for how hard this has to be. :(
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That is super stressful! In case it helps... If I remember correctly, you're in the over 40 group (like me) and what I found out in my research is that when you're this "old" it is very common to have a higher risk just due to your age. But remember there is still a very high chance of having a baby without down syndrome.


I ended up declining this test for this reason. Although my hubby and I decided that we would be ok with whatever baby we get. So decided the additional stress of the test was not worth it.


Hugs to you!

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(((hugs))).  Take it just one day (one hour) at a time.  It's good you know where *you're* starting from - and remember that your DH doesn't have to stay where he is.  


My cousin has a son with Downs.  He was born when she was in her 20s so they had no reason to do testing and hadn't.  So it was a surprise when he was born.  My uncle had always had a really hard time with the idea of a child with any kind of mental disability, and I remember family being worried about how he would react.  He came around really quickly when faced with his vulnerable, sick, grandson in need of love.  He is Quinn's biggest fan.  And their second son's biggest fan, too - who has Aspergers verging into autism.


Will be praying for you, your husband, and your family to find wholeness and healing no matter what.

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So sorry to hear that you are having such a stressful time. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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Being in our 40's, it's a risk we run. I read today that the initial screen is only about 70% accurate- keep your thoughts on that 30%. I know it's hard to think of anything going 'wrong', so have yourself the cry you need, and we are all here for you!

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Just want to offer some reassuring words -- I am a nurse and an NP student, actually working now in an OB setting, and I see these tests all the time. Please remember that an "elevated than normal risk" is really a VERY general thing, and that this test just gives you your *odds* of having a baby with Downs (or the other 2 trisomies it tests for).  If your normal odds based on your age are 1 in 300, for instance, and this test comes back saying your odds are 1 in 299, that counts as a "positive screen" with an "elevated risk".   I'm sure your doctor also probably told you what your actual odds were, but keep in mind that even if your odds are very high -- even 1 in 10, which is a rare finding, that still means that you have a 90% chance of your baby being just fine.  With a more typical screening finding with higher odds, your chances of everything being fine are even higher.   So it isn't that this test has "false positives" exactly -- they aren't false positives because the test isn't designed to give you a yes/no answer, just to give you your odds based on some blood levels and the nuchal translucency.  The vast majority of the time, even with a "positive screen" and elevated risk, the baby is still genetically typical.   Of course, an amnio will tell you for certain, and that may be what you need to ease your mind or give you clarity.  In the meantime, I would highly recommend the book "Expecting Adam" to anyone who is concerned about their chances of having a baby with Down Syndrome. It is a wonderful book, and quite a look at one family's story of expecting a Down's baby. 


Big hugs and hoping you get reassuring news soon!



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Thanks all. It was a very high risk 1 in 5 when the risk for my age would be 1 in 50. There are a few factors that I am wondering. Confusion over my due date being one of them. I'm going to talk to my midwife tomorrow and see if they have the test results yet. I really want to get all the numbers and talk to them about my options. I'm very very nervous about the amino. My dh had a very tentative talk today Down' s and that has helped some. We are scared of course because we already have four kids one who is quite young. But I told him "Look we'll worry about it if it's going to happen. Until then let's just be open okay?" And he agreed.

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An inaccurate due date can definitely be a cause of an abnormal first-trimester screening!  Fingers crossed for you guys. 

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Well not a vegetarian here:P But I think due dates are more of a concern.The Dr. is pretty insistent that the four days won't make a difference but I'm not convinced. I'm going to do the amnio because I just really need to know. The Dr. is very experienced with this so I feel confident in his ability. But it's going to be a long few weeks waiting to find everything out.

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Wendy - great information - thank you.


GreenTea - Lots of hugs to you, and like Wendy said - even with the high risk screening, the chance of your baby having down syndrome is still low.  Hang in there.  xoxoxo 

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It's so hard to wait for news. Sending strong and peaceful thoughts your way, but when you need a good cry go for it!
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Thinking of you, and hoping that you get a reduced risk back so that you can relax a little. It's so tough, because even without any risk there's no way to know that any of us will have a baby without health issues--or that things won't pop up down the line. All you can do is enjoy this pregnancy and know that no matter what, you will get to share a life and bless/be blessed by this child. That being said--doesn't make it any easier! Sending you warm hugs and prayers.

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