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TTC after BCP - How long did it take you?

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Here's my story:


I went on BCP due to a series of cysts that formed and then subsequently burst, all on my right ovary.  My gyne advised me to start on BCP to prevent this from happening, and put me on a 42 day cycle - 42 days on BCP, 3 days off (so 3 day periods every 42 days.. it was sweet.)


Now I met with my gyne mid-March to review a recent ultrasound, and she confirmed that the cyst had shrunk significantly, and I asked if we could start TTCing, and she said yes!


So that night before bed I laid out the pack of BCP and a pack of prenatal vitamins my gyne had given me and asked DH which I should take, and we both agreed to take the prenatal vitamins.

I stopped taking BCP mid-to-late March, and I got a period on April 4 that lasted for 4 days.

I then got a period on April 19 that was much more regular, and I assumed was me "going back to normal" with my periods.. next period was May 18.  Through these two cycles I haven't noticed much EWCM (I used to get A LOT when I was on BCP.. why is that??)


Wondering for those ladies out there in a somewhat similar situation how long after you went off BCP did your fertility cycles return to normal and did you conceive?  Do you think that being on a 42 day cycle for almost a year will negatively affect me and cause me to take longer to go back to a normal cycle?



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Everyone has different reactions to BCPs, so it's hard to know until you have a few more months of charting your cycles.  I would suggest charting your temperatures to make sure that you are ovulating, and that your luteal phase is long enough.  BCPs caused my luteal phase to be too short (7-8 days when you need at least 10 days for pregnancy).  I first tried Vitex to correct this, but after 6 months and no change, and decided to stop taking it and take Vitamin B6 instead.  It immediately turned my 7 day LP to 10 day LP, then the next month it was 11 days.  I also noticed more EWCM during this time.  I conceived within a couple months of the B6, but miscarried that pregnancy.  I then conceived again 2 months later and am just starting the third trimester.


I hope you are like most and that the BCPs didn't affect your fertility/cycles!  Good luck with TTC!

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Thanks for the tips!  I think I may start taking B6 right away.. can't harm any, can it?


What dosage did you take? Did you take with meals?

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I would start out with 50 mg of B6, and take it with your Prenatal so that you are getting the other B vitamins at the same time.  I personally took 100 mg of B6, but that's pretty much the maximum to take so I wouldn't start out right away on that, especially if you're not sure your luteal phase is even a problem.  Make sure you also look to see how much B6 is in your Prenatal so that you're not going over the limit.  Mine only had 2 mg of B6, but some can have up to 25 mg.  After I got my BFP, I slowly decreased my dosage (many doctors recommend 25-50 mg per day of B6 to help with morning sickness so I slowly decreased down to 25 mg).


I hope others chime in too to see what their experience was TTC after going off BCPs.  Wishing you a quick TTC journey!

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I was on BCP for more than 10 years, including about 5 years of 90 day cycles (3 packs at a time of active pills, then one week of AF .. now that was great!) I came off the pills at the end of Dec and we have been TTC since. Before going on the pill, I was a regular 28-29 day cycle. My first cycle off the pill was longer than that, but has since stabilized. I've been 26-19 days since them - more variable than before the pill but I'm not sure if that is due to the pill itself or the fact that I'm a lot older now.


I second the recommendation to temp and take B6. It sounds like your cycles may be stabilizing but temping is the only way to know for sure if you are O'ing. Many women on the pill develop a vitamin b deficiency, and since it is required to make progesterone and sustain a viable LP, this can cause trouble TTC. I started taking a B complex last month and it has definitely made a difference - I went from an 11 day LP with 3 days of pre-AF spotting (which NEVER happened before I went on BCP) to a 12 day LP with almost no spotting. This month with the B vitamins just "feels" more like my old cycles. I have definitely ovulated the last two months, with no BFP yet despite good timing, so we'll see how much difference there is from "normalizing" to conceiving. I would call this last cycle my first "normal" one.

Good luck!

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Thanks ladies!  My first "normal" (?) cycle was 29 days, and this most recent one was 32 days (my normal used to be 31-32 days), so it sounds like I'm getting on track again (yay!).  I am CD2 today, and going to go buy a bbt thermometer today after work, to start taking temps tomorrow morning!


Here's hoping for a quick and easy BFP.. I don't know why, but I really have the feeling that this will be the month we conceive.. I guess we'll see if I'm right in 30 days! =)

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