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zenquaker, that is wonderful news! I wish you all the best.


beaglesmuggler: I can relate on the 3WW. Sometimes it seems like my waiting to O is harder than my 2WW, like I'm anxious to actively do something about getting pregnant. The 2WW is a more passive time since there's nothing that can be done anymore so all you have to do is hang out...


AFM: just O'd so I'm officially in 2WW. Actually excited and very hopeful for this cycle. Also have the specialist appt scheduled next week. Hoping that it'll be completely unnecessary but won't know until beginning of August. Taking a quick trip out of town this weekend and hoping that'll keep me distracted.

So lots of hope...

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zenq -- congrats! joy.gif perhaps the two of us can enliven the peaceful pregnancy thread! i haven't been brave enough to join the ddc yet. lol.gif

pickle, I love, love the lotus blossom meditation. thank you!

daki, i find trips to be wonderful remedies to waiting. enjoy!

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Congratulations zenquaker and writinglove!  I have been out of town and I am just catching up now.  I'm so happy for you.  I hope everything goes super smoothly for you both!


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Thanks for the congrats, everyone. I am trying to enjoy every second I'm pregnant. It's early and anything can happen, so I'm practicing living by the moment as much as possible.


New thread up for a new moon!



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I got through my 2ww okay except for the day that had me focused on the loss of my sons. I'm now back to waiting to O, so I'll be coming to visit later. Hubby and I will return to the RE when we get back from our vacation, so that's a load off (except financially, of course). We'll be gone for 2 weeks and it will be during my fertile time, so maybe I'll have to cancel an appointment. Still refusing to temp even though everything was confusing last month. My stress levels are way down. I have incorporated a "just-for-me" day each week too which makes a huge difference.

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Hello Ladies!


I have been lurking on the boards for while.  I have 4 girls and DH recently decided we would try for another, or so I thought.  I had an IUD in place for about 8 years and I actually removed in myself because I could not get an appt. to see my MW for another 3 weeks. After removing it I kind of had a moment of doubt.  With in the next day things literally changed and the future did not look as it did just hours before.  Situations with income not personal.  At this point we decided maybe and IUD would be better after all.  My MW is on vacation until Sept. and well things happen...so we actually DTD on ovulation day and used the withdrawal method, I know not the best.  DH says he pulled out early, but I swear things feel strange.  Not to get in to too much detail...:)


Which brings me to this thread.  I really like the concept of it and I think its great. I have flip flopped with the idea of pregnancy all week.  Sometimes Im ok about it then sometimes fearful.  Im expecting AF next Friday so we will see.  I will be testing midweek next week just to confirm what it going on.


Take care all




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