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cell salt for cavities, advice needed

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Hi. I'm trying to halt my daughter's cavities between her baby molars. I have been giving her cell salts, in addition to Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend, brushing with Living Clay, and modifying her diet for about 6 weeks. I'm at the end of the cell salts bottles so I have several questions on how to proceed. 

Based on her weight of 60 pounds, I've been using 4 of each of these, 2-3 times per day of the Hyland's brand: 
#1 Calc Fluor 6x 
#2 Calc Phos 6x 
#8 Mag Phos 6x 
#12 Silicea 6x 

I'm wondering if I should continue to give that same dosage or if I should cut back? 

I'm also curious if you would recommend sticking with that brand or going with another? She likes these, but I'm open to switching if there is a better one out there for tooth decay. 

I'm giving them to her after she brushes to swish around her mouth. Do you know if this is the best time? 

I wonder how long I should give these protocols before having her teeth rechecked - do you have any advice on that? Her 6 month exam won't come due until 9/23/12, but I'm not sure if waiting that long is a good idea in case her cavities are getting worse instead of getting better? (Hopefully the chances of that are very small). 

Thanks for your help, 
- Sarah

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Hi Sarah, 


My son's been on cell salts for three months now along with some other things and we're seeing success. He's 25.5 pounds and he gets three each, three times a day without fail of 6x : cal fluor, cal mag, silicea, and bioplasma. I give them to him with his fmclo, butter oil, calcium phosphate powder, and d3 drops. We use Hyland's brand and are pleased. We also don't feed him 30 minutes before or after giving it to him, but sometimes we flub it. 


I've started taking photos of my son's teeth so I can keep track of them. It's really difficult for me to keep track of it otherwise. I find this is the best way to realistically gauge if it's better or worse. You may want to consider doing the same. We're planning on doing dental checkups in three month intervals. 


I just posted some recent before and after photos under dental, take a look. 

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