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Before and After Photos of Our Son's Remineralization

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Here are some photos, I do hope they're found helpful. I started taking pictures because it's very hard to keep track of changes. The two front teeth were diagnosed with decay three months ago. Had a checkup today and no decay diagnosed in the two front ones.These photos were taken 14 days apart, the last photo taken about a week ago. We're using natural methods to cure decay.  The top shows decalcification. Notice how the teeth appear scratchy? See the darker lines running from top to bottom on the teeth? That's also enamel loss and decay. The icky tooth next to it started that way and went bad quickly. But, in the other photo you can see the enamel texture is much better, the dark lines are almost gone. Now, pay attention to the white lines alone the gumline in the first photo. That is early decay. Compare it to the other photo. Do you see the decrease? You'll notice some of the white lines in the first one are actually pointing downward. In the second one they're going away. I hope this helps. I know it helps to see pictures. Big changes in only two weeks!  mikey lip tie.JPGmikey remineralization.JPG




Here's a photo of his bottom molars. The photo is not clear, apologies. But, his bottom molars had big yellow cavities in the center and had decayed down quit a bit. They're now shorter than all his other bottom teeth and very jagged like canine teeth, but covered in new enamel. Decay halted. Note how much whiter it is than the rest of his teeth. Confirmed by dentist no more decay in these two teeth. 


mikey bottom molars.JPG

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Doh! I need to clarify the entire story from the beginning. My first comments leads one to believe the first two teeth were the only issue. In March of 2012 he was diagnosed with 7 cavities and 2-3 teeth decalcification. We had a checkup again yesterday and he now only has 4 cavities and no decalcification.


We're using naturals methods, but we did get a fluoride varnish yesterday, this is our first time using fluoride. We're also trying to find a dentist that does healozone on children his age or a laser pediatric dentist that will not put him under. We'd like to have one on file in case the more advanced decay does not stop, given how quickly it can get bad. We've seen a slow in decay on his upper molars and the two teeth next to his front teeth, but not a complete halt ( although the dentist did say his upper molars may have halted ). He has a significant lip tie, tongue thrust, and possible a tight buccal frenum. The saliva cannot wash away food or flow freely in these areas and we believe this played a big role in his decay. He's scheduled for laser revision of this July 13th and the dentist will not be using sedation as it's a painless or almost painless procedure. 


If your young child has decay on their upper teeth and is a nursling, particularly an all night nurser and and/or had reflux/latch/colic/food issues, please pull up their lip and check for a lip tie. Same applies to bottle babies. Good information can be found here under articles : http://www.kiddsteeth.com/articles.html . Revision can be extremely beneficial and you DO NOT need general anesthesia for this procedure when it's done with a laser. The only reason a child would be put under would be because they're wiggly and that's not a good enough reason for me. The dentist in the above link charges $500.00 for the procedure and that includes lip and tongue if needed and a follow-up consult. He rarely will use a very light oral sedative if he feels it would be beneficial, but tries very hard to avoid it. Our son is going to be using a dentist in Ohio because it's closer to us and his policies are the same and he charges $350.00 for tongue and an additional $100.00 for lip. His website is http://www.smiles4udayton.com/ . Both dentists will respond to email and look at photos without a fee for out of state patients. 

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What's a buccal frenum, is that another name for lip tie?


Ours was the same in Ottawa, $500 for both lip and tongue tie, including consult, procedure and follow up.

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Buccal frenum is the same thing, only it's from the cheek to gum. I know you can have at least 6 ties in the mouth, maybe more. His buccal frenum extends in front of the back molars. 

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